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Bananarama - You're Never Satisfied

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Bananarama - You're Never Satisfied

  • You're Never Satisfied - Bananarama
    "I gave you everything but you still want more You just don't know what you're looking for You used to say I was all you ever need But now you're running 'round footloose and free You choose to play the"
  • Satisfied - Take That
    "Baby I'm watching you to see I don't like the way you've been treating me I promised you nothing and gave you much more Making love is all you wanted me for You're never satisfied, you're never satisfied"
  • Never Satisfied - Victory
    "Send "Never Satisfied" as a Ringtone to Your Cell You're the kind of girl who wants it all I'm telling you you're heading You're heading for a fall You take me for granted Give nothing in return And"
  • Satisfied - Rhona
    "c'mon CHORUS: You'd better let me know before I change my mind, 'Cause I just wanna show you (that) I can keep you satisfied. Don't wanna let it go, but this feeling's deep inside. I'm gonna, I'm gonna"
  • Never Satisfied - Michael Franks
    "Kid inside a candy store Sensation Temptation Always gotta have some more You love that sticky stuff Ain't no way you're lettin' go You tease me You squeeze me Well there's something you should know I"
  • Not Satisfied - Aswad
    "No, not satisfied no, oh no Situation is so dread people them baul and hold their heads Yes now and when they find Can't even make two ends meet hmm hmm But they must keep on living somehow Some say they"
  • I'm Satisfied - Bee Gees
    "With you, baby I'm satisfied, making my love to you 'cause you got me hypnotized And you came to me alone girl I was a heart that's made of stone girl And you broke it down in pieces And you took me for"
  • Satisfied - Ringo Starr
    "Ringo Starr - Satisfied Give me all the time you have Won't be satisfied I'm happy when you hold my hand Still not satisfied When you tell me is time to go I'll ask you for a minute more And if you"
  • Satisfied - Five
    "I won't be satisfied (x2) Going round in circles baby Trying to think how I'm gonna get with you I think about you all of the time And you know that you're blowing my mind I'm going crazy baby Tell"
  • Satisfied - John Miles
    "Satisfied, you should be satisfied. If it was all so easy through my eyes. Satisfied, you could be satisfied, And when you have lost it's too late to be wise. So before you put it down, There is one thing"
  • Satisfied - Richard Marx
    "Yeah yeah Whoa We work our bodies weary To stay alive There must be more to living Than nine to five Why should we wait For some better time There may not even be a tomorrow Ain't no sense in losing"
  • Satisfied - Prince
    "B4 we get started R we all alone? 'Cause eye'm about 2 get open-hearted It's time 2 send Ur company home and turn off Ur cell phone Baby, can't U c, eye just want 2 get U satisfied (satisfied) This is"
  • Never Satisfied - Living Colour
    "Starts from the back of your head Shifts to the front of your head because of the vibrations Ain't got no girl to kiss on, what I got Ain't got no face to sit on, what I got Ain't got no star to wish on,"
  • Satisfied - Paul Carrack
    "I'm still crazy for you, everything that you do Just wanna keep you satisfied Every trick in the book, girl by hook or by crook gonna keep you satisfied You've become an addiction, somehow I can't"
  • Satisfied - Imani Coppola
    "Satisfied When I become famous, I'm gonna get a fake accent, I'm gonna walk up his stairs with the tightest pants on and the tightest shirt on struttin' like a mutha fucka Mmm Hmmm, ain't it sexy ain't"
  • Satisfied - Keahiwai
    "It's always easy when you're feeling blue To write a song about the one who don't love you At least it seems that way but sometimes love's just blind Don't let it bring you down and make you lose your"
  • Satisfied - Rod Stewart
    "(Stewart, Taupin, Cregan, Savigar) It's a common misconception about a man's role in this world A provider and survivor and a winner who must never fail But oh how he needs a woman to reassure and give"
  • Satisfied - Ashley Monroe
    "I want him but he don't want me He wants somebody else that I cant be And she's got a man that she wants to leave Cause he cant seem to make her happy Does it have to be wrong to make it feel right Tell"
  • Never satisfied - Judas Priest
    "Where do we go from here There must be something near Changing you, changing me forever Places changes, faces change Life is so very strange Changing time, changing rhyme together There's no where else"
  • Satisfied? - Skunk Anansie
    "I never wanted you to go I only want to change the picture Should I deflate and suffer blows Now I've seen devil eyes within your bewitcher Should I stand by you There's nothing I can say To satisfy you There's"

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