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Band - Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take

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Band - Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take

  • Rag Mama Rag (Alternate Vocal Take - Band
    "Rag mama rag, I can't believe it's true Rag mama rag, what did yo do? I crawled up to the railroad track Let the four nineteen scratch my back Shag mama shag now, what's come over you Rag mama rag, I'm"
  • Rag Mama Rag - Band, The
    "Band, The The Band Rag Mama Rag pre> -d- | -d- | -d- | -g- Rag mama rag, | i | can't believe its | true. -d- | -d- | -d- | -d- Rag mama rag, | a - | what did"
  • Rag Mama Rag - Band
    "-D- | -D- | -D- | -G- Rag Mama Rag, | I | can't believe it's | true. -D- | -D- | -D- | -D- Rag Mama Rag, | A - | what did you do? | I -D- | -D/C- | -G- | -C7- Crawled up to the | railroad track, let the"
  • Rag Mama Rag - The Band
    "Rag Mama rag I can't believe its true Rag Mama rag What did you do I go on up to the railroad track Let the 4:19 scratch my back Sag Mama sag What's come over you Rag Mama rag I'm pullin out your gag Gonna"
  • Rage - Savatage
    "I've been pushed out, but I'm back up on my feet, I've been turned down by every girl I meet I've done my sentence, I'm the one going insane Learn to live my life ________ I know, child, how to play the"
  • Rage - Blues Traveler
    "When the fire In your belly ain't been shrinking And there's nothing Laying around that you could be drinking Take no mind As that stranger tries to pass you Is he blind? Or couldn't he clearly see the"
  • Rage - Naked Aggression
    "If you've got no respect for me then I've got no respect for you Nothing that you say makes sense it isn't even relevent I slam my fist against the wall it doesn't seem to help at all I'm still filled"
  • Rage - Diesel Machine
    "you are the reason I exist won't stop until I get revenge I will ensure you don't persist cannot forgive, cannot forget RAGE! mother fucker, think you're bad? I'll take that smile right off your face how"
  • Rage - Blue Rodeo
    "Now that were wasted Talking disconnected I see that wildness in your eyes Proud and hollow Like theres no tomorrow You know you scare me sometimes Is it fear or courage That makes a man Live so close"
  • Rage - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay, Rocket Ritchotte and Michael Wilk Runnin' wild, trouble round the corner The story of your life You got your bruises livin' in the battle zone And now you're flyin' blind Searching"
  • Rage - Julia Volkova
    "I feel it in my bones You've never see me lose Losing my control like this before I've taken all I can You never understand I won't let you steal my life anymore I'm taking it back It's about time Sooner"
  • Harry Rag - The Kinks
    "Oh, Tom is young and tom is bold Tom is as Bold as a night of old But whenever he gets in a bit of a jam There's nothing we won't do to get a harry rag Harry rag, harry rag Do anything just to get a harry"
  • Harry Rag - Morrissey
    "Ah, tom is young and tom is bold Tom is as bold as the knights of old But whenever he gets in a bit of a jam There's nothing he won't do to get a harry rag Harry rag, harry rag Do anything just to get"
  • Solja Rag - Juvenile
    "] You 'bout dat paper? You on top? You handlin' business? You doin' swell? Down with yo' niggaz to da finish? Are you willin'? To hit da streetz up and make a killin'? Are you a villain? Pushin'"
  • Noodlin' Rag - Perry Como
    "A doodle de doo, a doodle de doo a doo doo doodle dee-ody ( Doodle de doo, doodle de doo ) A doodle doo, doodle de doo I love to hear a band that's playin' a doodle de doo A doodlin' to the noodlin'"
  • Sugarfoot Rag - Kenny Price
    "Gonna get out my sycamore and shine up my shoes meet my baby and tell her the news I bet my bundle on a swayback nag and I came home winner with a plenty o'swag One foot two foot slew foot drag swing your"
  • Rag Time - Boot Camp Clik
    "(Chorus) Come on everybody let's all get down Come on everybody let's all get down Come on everybody let's all get down What we bring to you, is the Boot Camp sound (Steele) So that nobody out there will"
  • Presidential Rag - Arlo Guthrie
    "You said you didn't know, that the cats with the bugs were there, and you never go along with that kind of stuff no where, but that just isn't the point man, that's the wrong wrong way to go, if you"
  • Mattie's Rag - Gerry Rafferty
    "Oh Mattie open up the door, that's right I'm home again You've got a big surprise in store, turn round and count to ten Wait til you see what I got you, well you'll say it's a magic thing It's like an"
  • Goodman Rag - The Tea Party
    "I went on down for a walk in the woods, and then I had to see to my dismay. I met a ripper, a mysteries ripper, something I'd have given away. I had to admit that I new it was somewhere, in the back of"

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