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Band Of Skulls Cold Fame

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Band Of Skulls Cold Fame

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Band Of Skulls Cold Fame
  • Band Of Skulls Cold Fame
    "What's the point of pain if it's been abused? What's a kid like me even got to lose? Here I am on your bed again-- its too big for the room it's in. Wash your face and mouth just a little bit, everybody"
  • Misfits Skulls
    "the corpses all hang headless and limp bodies with no surprises and the blood drains down like devil's rain we'll bathe tonight i want your skulls i need your skulls i want your skulls i need your skulls"
  • Archive Remains Of Nothing (ft. Band Of Skulls)
    "look in his’s smiling as it’s falling and your mission is failed is this his business in the .. all ..alone the truth was sent down for being eal controlling … to never hear no one to question the .."
  • Jawbreaker Skulls
    "(Misfits Cover)The corpses all hang headless and limpBodies with no surprisesAnd the blood drains down like devil's rainWe'll bathe tonightI want your skullsI need your skullsI want your skullsI need your"
  • Royksopp Skulls
    "If you want to ride with us tonight /2x We will be the hands that lift you up and we will be the hands that hold you high We will make you say our name forever, we will make you want another try If you"
  • Starlight Dragons Fame
    "Yeah, yeah Turn us up Yeah, uh-uh, yeah Bring that beat Yeah, that's it, c'mon Y'all ready? Let's go (Chorus) Fame, what does it mean? I don't know Why do people wanna be famous? Well, some"
  • Fame Factory Alone - Fame
    "Laying alone Hearing your voice from the pouring rain Missing your touch Will it never ever be the same again? Would I be through to you? Should I belong to you? I'm holding on It's all because of you Walking"
  • Eddy Arnold Band Of Gold
    "I've never wanted wealth untold my life has one design A simple little band of gold to prove that you were mine Don't want the world that have been hold for fame is not my line Just want a little band"
  • Fame Musical Fame
    "Baby, look at me, and tell me what you see. You ain't seen the best of me yet. Give me time I'll make you forget the rest. I got more in me, and you can set it free. I can catch the moon in my hand. Don't"
  • Zeromancer Two Skulls
    "You try it with me You had me in stitches And you wrapped me around your Little fingers Tease me and I please you Teach me and I beat you We're drawn together Flesh and heart Even death won't do us apart It's"
  • Frightened Rabbit Backyard Skulls
    "All our secrets are smothered by dirt, underneath paving stones Lying, waiting to be told Some stay hidden, while some get found Like a long lost soul, like a skull beneath the ground Backyard skulls,"
  • Benediction Painted Skulls
    "From the museum of sleep Unliving eyes see death's subtle jest In my sorrow they mourn the past Yet celebrate their eternal rest Relieving the worlds pain In a church of misery Dampening the lantern flame Upon"
  • Wolftron Sugar Skulls
    "We are blessed. I am cursed. I'm staying in the dark and drinking from my heart. And I, I'm feeling blessed but something in the air will drive me to the start. It's the same things, the same things that"
  • Envy On The Coast Sugar Skulls

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