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  • Brother's Bane - Tyr
    "Honour your brother's name, unarmed or blind Let me aid you in your aim, don't stay behind let's Maim immortality and death to a deity There's no reason to defend, nothing can harm him Let's say it's just"
  • Hereditary Bane - Aborted
    "Hereditary, force-fed trauma Subconsciously enslaved to this pattern wrought ... From the day of conception ... This immaculate deception Thy retina bleed, to the sights I see Can one be conceived with"
  • Wyje wyje bane - TEDE
    "Piszą do mnie, pytają: "Co jest, co robisz? hejka, siemaneczko, może gdzieś skoczymy coś, jakaś imprezka, może potem wpadniemy do Ciebie?". Kurwa nie mam czasu, zarobiony jestem, rozumiesz? Ja robię"
  • The Greatest Bane - The Ocean
    "We are divine. We are divine. Deities of the modern age. The sentinels of humanity's cage. We are divine. Captivators of the greatest bane: We're the phantoms you'll never see watching over your sleep. We"
  • Down With Bane - Shael Riley
    "When the weekend comes, every time, sure enough, someone's like "Yo, Shael. You wan' go to the club?" Nah, I got something to take care of. "Man, you talkin' 'bout that Gangrel Sheriff." I came to roll"
  • The Bane Of Giants - Folkearth
    "Hear the distant thunders Calling my name in awehigh up in the skies I was born Tempests compose my glorious ode I defy the giants of frost Alone I have faced their hordes! At the hour of my wrath"
  • Answerphone (ft. Yxng Bane) - Banx & Ranx + Ella Eyre
    "I’ve been talking yo tour answerphone something tell me you don’t want to know when I call you, you don’t answer phone you don’t love me, you should let me know yeah! I got a feeling I’m over thinking"
  • Dreams (ft. Yxng Bane) - Ella Eyre
    "Don’t know much about you But i heard about you for the longest time And i see you round Whenevre i go out whit some friends of mine And i remember when i saw you standing in a different light It’s funny"
  • Storm Of The Lights Bane - Dissection
    "Morning oh dreadful dawn, spread your pale dim light Reign for your last time over lands once so bright But your energy shall be weak, and soon to die So die in pain my dear, expire, goodbye... Ages has"
  • REW - UnsraW
    "Ganjigarameno Kiraino naka Sanjini michita zaishouwo toe Nanji sabakino jujini kaketa Yuganda aini yumewo mita Gangigarameno kairakuno naka Kyozouno umide awaremi motome Nanji sabakino jujini kaketa Itamini"
  • Rew - Lynch
    "yurushi aeta no wa kusari kaketa omoide dare no tame ja naku hitori ga kowai dake na no ni yume wa mienakunari fukai mori to samayou futari dake de ikou kono mama ima wa kanashii kana kono te wo hanasanu"
  • In Pieces - Bane
    "No matter how much I say that I have learned life's lessons, the only way to know life's lessons is when it smacks you right in the face. Rubberband stretched to the limit, but still I cannot help but"
  • Count Me Out - Bane
    "I can still see the reasons that I opened my eyes to this scene in the first place I can still feel my beliefs growing stronger everyday I can still count the ways But for you it's all over the meaning"
  • Both Guns Blazing - Bane
    "I can't believe how tightly you can shut your eyes Mouth open wide your words say more than any text book could I've never seen nothing take up so much space Your wisdom rings hollow It's just some"
  • Superhero - Bane
    "she rolls her eyes and lights another "one day I'll quit these things, they're killing me." she blows her brains right out her fucking mouth I just don't know how you do it well, there is nothing in me that"
  • At Best - Bane
    "Searching, sifting, dying to find the worst in everything around you. All that's wrong is all that you fuckin' see because its all that you look for. But you won't wallow in your doom alone you've got"
  • Scared - Bane
    "You go without me I'll hold right here That gleam in your eyes it still fills me with fear the more you see that I'm not like the others the harder you try to take my hands in yours Cold grey and callous"
  • Forked Tongue - Bane
    "What have you done Look at, what you've done Screaming words of venom right in your daughters face Take the time to show her that all her thoughts were wrong Shape her in your image, just as somebody"
  • Every Effort Made/Lay The Blame - Bane
    "Holding this moment in the palm of my hand This thing still means so much to me Beliefs that have stood the test of time A force that surrounds us penetrates us binds us all together These days belong"
  • Fuck What You Heard - Bane
    "So for the first four months it was bad And certainly best for you that I didn't Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night And it was not her as everyone had thought But you, how easily you"

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