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Bank roll

  • Bank Closed - Chief Keef
    "I got two chains on, I got two thang's on me Shawty gave me head like she got two brains on her Can't wear these trues no more, bitch I got food stains on 'em This nigga say he don't like me, this bitch"
  • Bank Robber Man - Lenny Kravitz
    "I was walking down the street today Just as somebody blew the doors off of the B of A Just then I head them call my name As I was thrown against the car I was being framed All units we've got our man We've"
  • I Check My Bank - Sir Mixalot
    "I'm peelin off domes with a baseball bat Forty four Magnum choice of gat Mercury tip fillin up my clip I can shoot him in the dome or I can get him in the hip but boom look at all the niggaz runnin"
  • Bank - Snog
    "Gnashing of teeth stamping of feet I'm on my way to the bank Crying in sleep borrowing to deep I'm on my way to the bank I'm on my way to the back country I've got to take out all of, all of my money I'm"
  • Bank - A Cursive Memory
    "The way it started, I had no doubt, Your lips were soft and I was down, Our fingers laced and our hands tied, Our lips were locked and it felt right. But suddenly you became the largest crook known to"
  • Bank - Kult
    "Moje ręce i dom, moja szynel i schronW którym chować się drzewiej lubiłemTrawa i las, brudne nogi i pyłKtóry z butów przyjaciół mi zmyłNoce i dnie moje zjazdy we śnie Moje czyste uczucie do ciebieZazdrość"
  • Bank - Włochaty
    "Banku Światowy, Któryś Jest W Waszyngtonie A Twa Potęga Mąci W Głowach Sprzedajnych Zdrajców Narodu Odpierdol Się Z "Pomocą" Dnia Codziennego Od Wszystkich Ludów Ziemi Przeklęte Imię Twoje Przez Cierpiących"
  • Money In The Bank (Freestyle) - Lil' Flip
    "Im Tony Fuckin Montana You Want A Piece Of Me! Haha Its Southern Smoke Mothafucka You Know What It Is Right I Got Money In Tha Bank 60 Dollars In My Tank Half A Pound Of Dank So Lets Ride I Got"
  • On A Bank Of Flowers - Robert Burns
    "On a Bank of Flowers (Robert Burns) On a bank of flowers in a summer day For summer lightly drest, The youthful, blooming Nelly lay, With love and sleep opprest; When Willie, wand'ring thro the wood, Who"
  • Roll On - Alabama
    "Roll on highway, roll on along Roll on Daddy till you get back home Roll on family, roll on crew Roll on Momma like I asked you to do And roll on eighteen-wheeler, roll on (Roll on) Well it's Monday morning,"
  • Roll On - Aaron Tippin
    "Roll on highway, roll on along Roll on daddy till you get back home Roll on family, roll on crew Roll on momma like I asked you to do And roll on eighteen wheeler roll on, roll on Well, it's Monday morning He's"
  • Roll Up - B.o.B
    "Sometimes I get high to free my mind Is that alright? Right right right right Sometimes I get drunk, to past the time Is that alright? Is that alright? Right right right right Let's roll up something,"
  • Let's Roll - Boot Camp Clik
    "(Louieville Sluggah) Aiyo, bank rolls, face swolls BD Boys move, cause they know it dollars when I say so Say no, if it ain't dough, right up front Because you still got haters right up front That's plottin'"
  • Roll Call - Chamillionaire
    "Attention, little kids I know, you're fans of his If it ain't no Cham, then it ain't gon jam I threw it, off a bridge And, if it hurts your ears And you're tired, of what you hear Homie have no fear, the"
  • Blood Bank - Macabre
    "Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah With His Combat Medic Skills Jeff Got A Job At The Local Bloodbank Milwaukee Blood And Plasma Inc. Was"
  • Data Bank - The Time
    "Data bank #2 (5:25) Ohhhhhhh! (chorus) Data bank - I feel like I wanna put you in my data bank. Data bank - I feel like I wanna put you in my data bank. If you got the love, I've got the time. Just give"
  • Data Bank - Prince
    "So, look here mama, umm I'm feelin' like I, umm I, umm, kinda want them numbers So, umm, I don't know Could I ... could I call U sometime? Ooh, ooh! Data bank I'm feelin' like I wanna put U in my data"
  • Bank Holiday - Blur
    "Grandma has got new dentures To eat the crust of pizza Bee taken out by daughter Because she thought she ought'a The kids are eating snickers Because they're so delicious Then there's sticky fingers And"
  • Big Bank - Kottonmouth Kings
    "this how society works.. I'ma tell ya .. He got beat-- He in ther stealin steaks everynight and stealin everythin else everynight... Gets beat down by, by some cops.. ya know He turns around an says"
  • Spank Bank - Goldfinger
    "I never felt as sick as I do now I never felt so alone The walls around confine me like a cell And so I feel like a dirty old man I gotta break away from Escape away from Just make my way right"

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