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Barbara Streisand-Woman in love

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Barbara Streisand-Woman in love

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Barbara Streisand-Woman in love
  • Silence Barbara
    "I reach to touch you but your smile risks to become untrue The blindman's sunlight That's you Accidently on purpose You let me drown in your "salt water kisses" You're whole when I'm in pieces I'll never"
  • Celine Dion Tell Him (Duet w/ Barbara Streisand)
    "Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love Tell Him (Duet w/ Barbara Streisand) I'm scared So afraid to show I care Will he think me weak If I tremble when I speak Oooh - what if There's another one he's thinking"
  • Joan Baez Barbara Allen
    "Twas in the merry month of May When green buds all were swelling, Sweet William on his death bed lay For love of Barbara Allen. He sent his servant to the town To the place where she was dwelling,"
  • The Everly Brothers Barbara Allen
    "Twas in the merry month of May When flowers were a-bloomin' Sweet Willie on his deathbed lay For the love of Barbara Allen He sent his servant to the town The town where she did dwell in Saying "Master"
  • Wilburn Brothers Barbara Allen
    "In Scarlet Town where I was born there was a fair maid dwelling Her beauty shone just like the sun and her name was Barbara Allen All in the merry month of May when green buds they were swelling Sweet"
  • Bobby Bare Barbara Joe
    "Will you be there in the courtyard Barbara Joe Will your honor be avenged with justice done When they cover my head over Barbara Joe Will you hide your face in shame for what you done You were always wild"
  • John Travolta Barbara Allen
    "'Twas in the merry month of May When green buds all were swellin' Sweet William on his death bed lay For the love of Barbara Allen He sent his servant to the town To the place where she was dwellin' Saying,"
  • Dolly Parton Barbara Allen
  • Colin Meloy Barbara Allen
    "It was round and about last Martinmas tide When the green leaves were swellin' That young Jimmy Grove of the West Country Fell in love with Barb'ry Allen He sent his men into the town To the place where"
  • Umberto Tozzi Barbara
    "Barbara Barbara tieni la mia immagine chiudila nei tuoi occhi a zingara Barbara Barbara il calendario taglier in giorni s e giorni nomangiando musica in questa estate che va a sud infatti non ti sento"
  • Georg Kreisler Barbara
    "Ich denke jeden Nachmittag an Barbara Obwohl ich niemand dieses Namens kenn Und jede Nacht trum ich erneut von Barbara Ja: Wenn ich nachts nicht trumen soll, wann denn? Am Morgen unterhalt ich mich mit"
  • Dolly Parton Barbara On Your Mind
    "(Dolly Parton) Last night you called me Barbara As you lay fast asleep And although I'm not Barbara You wanted me to be You whispered words I haven't heard In such a long, long time Last night you said"
  • Barbara Acklin Love Makes A Woman
    "Barbara Acklin Miscellaneous Love Makes A Woman LOVE MAKES A WOMAN BARBARA ACKLIN In the fire It was burning Sweetheart, I know I should have been learning But my pockets Were full of money, yes they were I"
  • Nana Mouskouri Barbara Furtuna
    "O Barbara Furtuna sorte ingrata A'tutti ci amolisci u core in pettu Pensendu a' quella liberta' passata E' po' ghjunsi quel ghjornu di funestu Abanduna' piac p li turmenti O diu ch tristu ghjornu f per"
  • Charles Hamilton Barbara Walters
    "I'm Mr. Misunderstood The kid from the hood is when that'll take all the lessons you get from the hood And spit until you listen This when you could Consider one of the niggas not blinded by color Dark"
  • Eros Ramazzotti Dolce Barbara
    "Sul davanzale di un tramonto dietro le foschie si affacciano sporgendosi le mie malinconie stasera dolce amica mia io sto pensando a te a te che forse stai sentendo me sul davanzale di un tramonto profumano"
  • Barbara Mandrell Woman To Woman (1978)
    "Barbara Mandrell Miscellaneous Woman To Woman (1978) Hello, you dont know who this is but the reason Im calling you is because I was going through my mans pockets this morning and I just happen to find"
  • Adam & Eve Sommernacht In Santa Barbara
    "Die Sonne ging schlafen als wir beide uns trafen; eine Nacht wie im Mrchen begann. Der Mond und die Sterne sagten leis' "habt euch gerne" der Roman einer Liebe fing an. Oh-oh-oh Sommernacht in Santa"
  • Barbra Streisand Woman in love
    "Verse 1:Life is a moment in space,when the dream is goneit's a lonelier place.I kiss the morning goodbye,but down inside you knowwe never know why.Verse 2:The road is narrow and longwhen eyes meet eyesand"
  • Barbara Mandrell Woman to Woman
    "Hello? You don't know who this is but The reason I'm callin' you is because I was goin' through my man's pockets this mornin' And I just happened to find your name and number So woman to woman, I don't"

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