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Barely Political

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Barely Political

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Barely Political
  • Spirit Of The West Political
    "I was tired of being put right down by myself for not being what you thought you found Pulled hard in two directions by a desire to learn and my old affections I tried to share my world with you you"
  • Halou Political
    "A loose grip on a thin line Leaves me trailing behind I know I've far to go But your steps are too small Now and again Take me down a peg You know I can get so lost Even if it's true From anyone"
  • Bob Dylan Political World
    "We live in a political world Love don't have any place We're living in times Where men commit crimes And crime don't have any face. We live in a political world Icicles hanging down Wedding bells ring And"
  • Pansy Division Political Asshole
    "Politicians passing laws Sink their fangs, sink their claws Seems so strange that they should care If you stick a dick up there Your asshole is political! Right-wing Christians, they don't care Trying"
  • Beata Przybytek Political fiction
    "I'm not your little girl I will not believe Those stupid faces You can see on TV I've had a few boyfriends I've tried a few tricks So treat me like a lady And don't lie to me Political fiction Your policy"
  • Vitamin X Political Prisoners
    "In the name of justice In the name of Uncle Sam Political prisoners Are fighting for their lives Waiting on dead row Trying to survive FREE/ FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS And you'll never see What"
  • Corey Hart Political cry
    "Politician's in the nightSleeping on the poor man's plightPolitician's running scaredStuff their bellies what's never sharedO de facto, coup d'etatHypocrisy of Shangri-LaThe king and queen, the knight"
  • Ryan Adams Political Scientist
    "He is drinking water from the faucet from the river From the tributary it comes through rusted pipes Outside his window he sees the water that's supposed to be clean By the chemicals polluted by the candy"
  • Full Scale Party Political
    "This party is political activity Back off when you're showing negativity Look to all your friends for some clarity 'Cause this party is political activity The democratic people got a war they didn't want yeah,"
  • Lucky Dube Political Games
    "How do you feel when you lie? Straight faced while people cry How do you feel when you promise something That you know you'll never do Giving false hope to the people Giving false hope to the underpriviledged Do"
  • Kevin Fowler Political Incorrectness
    "My truck has a rebel flag and a rifle rack There's a case or two of empty cans blowin' in the back Yeah I got an eight point buck strapped across the hood Exhaust pipe smokin' up the neighborhood These"
  • Pro-Pain Political Suicide
    "Well it's 6 am at the white house And the sun's just about to break Gonna go for a run with the C.I.A And talk shop with my boys in Kuwait We got ethnic cleansing in Bosnia While the Haitian's come in"
  • Solomon Childs Political Money
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Fuck it would have to be Trench runners, b-bonics (King of New York) Ain't nothin' commercial 'bout this (You'll like this) Come on... (Solomon Childs) Bout it, bout it to live"
  • Randy Newman Political Science
    "No one likes us-I don't know why We may not be perfect, but heaven knows we try But all around even our old friends put us down Lets drop the big one and see what happens We give them money-But are"
  • America Political poachers
    "Someone told me you got to be freeSomeone told me to stand in the rearKeep on searchin for kings in the streetKeep on cryin for something thats clearYou are one more posse to pass in the nightOne more"
  • Circle Jerks Political Stu
    "can you grasp the situation? or is it getting out of hand riots,killing in the streets over the color of a man everybody looks the same with their head stuck in the hand every one looks the same 'til"
  • Pilot Speed Barely Listening
    "Lying awake on this phone call She's dreaming of better days Flowers lie on the counter Remind her of better days She sends a prayer up to Jesus Ands she asks him for his strength The night will go on"
  • Pilate Barely Listening
    "I lie awake on this phone call, she's dreaming of better days Flowers lie on the counter, remind her of better days She sends a prayer up to Jesus And she asks him for his strength And the night will"
  • Big Wreck Barely Be
    "Barely be I raise a fire with you Wasting time with you When all the things are fine Undertold You raise a fire with me After I found some free When all the things seem good On your side Cause after"
  • Lux Courageous Barely Enough
    "We got these anxious hearts Screaming for a crowd of careful ears They're getting restless They're growing oh so tired now From a patience that they've never found Your palms now perspire just barely"

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