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BarlowGirl Thoughts Of You

  • Thoughts Of You - BarlowGirl
    "Thoughts of You and how You changed me Fill my mind Without You where would I be So even though I've tried to express my thanks It never comes out how I hoped I want to say so much more so with these"
  • Thoughts - Nightfall
    "Sit by me, my friend Enjoy eternal life Listen to my words They might be wise... Why people cry for the end Why do they scare for death While they're believing in Eternal life which gives them the cance"
  • Fear My Thoughts - Fear My Thoughts
    "true to the metal -666- listen to the number of the beast true to the metal -666- Motorhead and fucking Judas Priest true to the metal -666- I tried to kill me many times but I true to the metal -666-"
  • Thoughts Of You - Changing Faces
    "I'm having these thoughts of you and i don't know what to do(i'm having these thoughts of you) i'm having these thoughts of you and i don't know what to do,i'm having these thoughts of you and i don't"
  • Thoughts of you - Barlow Girl
    "Thoughts of You and how You've changed meFill my mindWithout You where would I beSo even though Ive tried to express my thanksIt never comes out how I hopedI want to say so much more so with these simple"
  • Thoughts Of You - Dennis Wilson
    "The sunshine blinded me this morning love Like the sunshine, love comes and goes again I love you, I love you The sea air is flowing through my room again Like the thoughts of you fill my heart with joy"
  • Behind thoughts - Ace Of Base
    "And so you hide behind your thoughts The way to word is long You think that run is wrong Patiently waiting for the birth The ground is so unsteady Are you sure that you're ready? So let all the lights"
  • Endless Thoughts Of You - Sick Of Change
    "I saw you standing there. It was the first time I saw you, I couldn't help but stare. Could this be,has God sent an angel, from up above, to fall in love with me? Only time will tell what the future has"
  • Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts - Funkadelic
    "Travel like a king Listen to the inner voice A higher wisdom is at work for you Conqering the stumbling blocks come easier When the conqueror is in tune with the infinite Every ending is a new beginning Life"
  • Entertaining Thoughts - Over The Rhine
    "I've been entertaining thoughts Of what I wanna say to you I've been entertaining thoughts Of what I'm gonna do I've been saving what I got And wondering who to give it to I've been entertaining thoughts"
  • Pretty Thoughts - Henri Purnell x INNA x Nobody Cares
    "Now i got pretty No longer Feeling lost I thought the bad Times No they’d Never end But once you left I am having pretty thoughts again You’re used to clouding All my judgement Making me feel like I am"
  • Unquiet Thoughts - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
    "Unquiet thoughts, your civil slaughter stint And wrap your wrongs within a pensive heart. And you my tongue that makes my mouth a mint, And stamps my thoughts to coin them words by art. But what can stay"
  • Dirty Thoughts - Amber
    "The thought of you The thought of me The thought of her Such insanity The thought of of fears The thought of pain The thought of tears like cold and endless jagged rain Dirty thoughts Like a train that"
  • Ridiculous Thoughts - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Twister does anyone see through you You re a twister an animal But you're happy now I didn't go along with you So happy now But you re going to have to hold on Hold on Or we're going to have to move on Move"
  • These Thoughts - Christopher Blue
    "The sun, the sun It's a symbol for the one That gives you everything you need The sun, a gun It's a symbol for the one That gives you everything you need These thoughts only come around once in a while When"
  • Sexy Thoughts - Abdul Paula
    "Abdul Paula Head Over Hills Sexy Thoughts Day or night it's the way of life Whatever keeps me pumpin' Whatever makes me feel alright Well I've been tryin' to find myself I was in a trance but now I"
  • Stolen Thoughts - Funker Vogt
    "Every morning I wake up With a new identity With some new memories Of my former life All the thoughts I ever had All the memories I can recite Are just an illusion Implanted in my brain And even the"
  • Deep Thoughts - On Thorns I Lay
    "I speak to you like a frieland, a beck fray full of fame Flames of hesitation today we'll see Yearning after groans of pain I exult for me win a fad of sorrow is coming from future to you Blue horizons"
  • My Thoughts - Excel
    "Tired of all the excuses for not excepting EXCEL You're just waiting for some friend to lift off your shell The bitterness inside me gets stronger and bigger each year Now you sit down and tell me who"
  • Little Thoughts - Bloc Party
    "Been thinking little thoughts Keep on walking try to stay up Pay Attention to the details We go slowly, slowly down Been thinking little thoughts Keep on walking try to stay up Pay Attention to the"

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