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Bars Qnd Melody

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Bars Qnd Melody

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Bars Qnd Melody
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Deadly Melody
    "I don't have the thought to care Its off, its my cross to bare Lost the cross i used to wear. i am cost aware Partnership with darkness, we're an awesome pair Sought position, wall facing office chair In"
  • Mihimaru GT ?????????melody
    "I believe in you melody This song for you uhhI still I believe in you melody This song for you ? ? uhhI still I believe in you melody This song for you I believe"
  • Ayaka Melody
    "Yukusaki mo mitsukarazu Ate mo naku aruiteta Aoi aoi sora no naka ni ukabu Fuwafuwa fuusen no you ni Nani wo shite ii no kamo Wakara nai hibi no naka de Totsuzen arawareta Music in my heart, Singing a"
  • The Rolling Stones Melody
    "Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Melody, it was her second name Came home one morning about quarter to three I'm banging on my door cause I just"
  • Steve Perry Melody
    "(Perry, Goodrum) Melody Even in my life's confusion I still feel you near In my dreams Telling me your not illusion You belong to me Melody I believe in you Melody In my heart Melody I still reach for"
  • Andy Gibb Melody
    "(written by Andy Gibb) You took me through the night Didn't think I'd last your ride And now I'm here alive And I'm heading for the floor You were part of all my dreams And you made them come to life And"
  • Blonde Redhead Melody
    "She knows I can't read She knows I can't write But these are the letters from melody Show me how to read Show me how to write These are the things you can do for me Why did you kill that poor old"
  • Cher Melody
    "Melody you're my oldest friend I can talk to you What a day it's been out there In the madden crush Another day's gone dying in the dust Melody, listen for the phone While I change my clothes He knows"
  • David Crosby Melody
    "(David Crosby and Craig Doerge) Melody You are my reason for being In my life's coldest season I I keep on seeing you melody I am such a patchwork of a man Out here trying to catch Every whisper that"
  • 175R Melody
    "Yume ni shibararete RITAIA sunzen Sai wa nagerareta kimeru no wa dare da Wakatteta koto sa eien nadonai Shoppai RIZUMU no ikareta daibensha Shizumu yuuhi ni sakebi tsuduketa hibi yo Mienu ashita ni"
  • Lunik Melody
    "raindrops are drumming in my head and I don't wanna leave my bed humming my melody will I ever feel the same way I did then? laughing madly into the sun stroking skin from dusk till dawn see the sunset"
  • Bonnie Pink Melody
    "Even if I am smaller than lemon Even if I am nothing like darkness I can sing to the sky there's kinda innocence left I'm sure it'll never betray me cuz it's blue as much as your eyes, yeah! Even if you"
  • Pino Daniele Melody
    "Melody il nome che ti ho dato e allora amami come se fosse il primo giorno un p morire e nascere per qualcosa di importante come questo istante che va via come un'elica e la sua scia che si perde all'orizzonte l'amore"
  • Audio Adrenaline Melody
    "For so long I've been sleeping Dead Inside In so many ways, so many ways I've tried to hide But you breathed deep into me Your melody What was life before You? I don't remember I don't remember life"
  • Serge Gainsbourg Melody
    "Les ailes de la Rolls effleuraient des pylnes Quand m'tant malgr moi gar Nous arrivmes ma Rolls et moi dans une zone Dangereuse, un endroit isol L-bas, sur le capot de cette Silver Ghost De dix-neuf cent"
  • Rolling Stones Melody
    "(Jagger/Richards) Melody, it was a second name Melody, it was a second name Came home one morning about quarter to three I'm banging on my door cause I just lost my key Open up, baby, you got someone"
  • Elk City Melody
    "When I'm driving all alone. When I'm talking on the phone. You creep up and won't let go. Whisper something I don't know. Oh, I know I'm crazy to brush you aside. Oh, I know I'm crazy cause you get me"
  • Ray J Melody
    "Yeah, Melody get me II just wish that I could hold youWhile you're slipping through my fingers, as Im playing the piano,What is that sound it sounds so beautifulAnd I just wanna be close to youClose enough"
  • Girugamesh Melody
    "kawaru keshiki no naka de ushinatteta MONO ga omosugisukima umetakute te wo nobashi te wo kegashi ibasho nakusumou mayowanakute ii yo ore ga koko ni irumachikado de futo mimi ni shiteta kyoku ga zutto"
  • Southern All Stars Melody
    "Kimi ga namida o tomenai Oh my hot strawberry woman, don't you go Wakare hanashi ni cry on Yume no naka made amaku You're my hot blueberry lady, just with you Kotoba ni naranai Honey you itsu itsumademo"

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