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Basada get get down

  • Get Down - Gyroscope
    "Take aim before you shoot for you should This game has an issue With me I'll set it straight set it straight You guessed I meant it Watch me get down get down get down get down Watch me get down, I'll"
  • Get down - 50 Cent
    "Feat: Tony Yayo & Hot Rod When its on you better, Get-Get-Get-Get-Get downGet-Get-Get-Get-Get downI pull out you better, Get downI let off you better, Get downGet-Get-Get-Get-Get down, Get-Get-Get-Get-Get"
  • Get Down - Audio Adrenaline
    "Lavishly our lives are wasted Humbleness is left untasted You can't live your life To please yourself, yeah That's a tip from my mistake Exactly what it doesn't take To win you've got to come In last"
  • Get Down - So Many Dynamos
    "Let's start at the bare roots and make our way to the fresh fruits. Let's start so we can get down, get down. Let's start at basics and make our way to the championships. Let's start so we can get down,"
  • Get down - Grits
    "Get down, get down, get downGet down (are you listening?)Get down, get down, get downGet down (listen to this)When I start I master the art of getting down to the heartAnd set apart to spark emotion a"
  • Get down - The Servant
    "Desperate men are coming round to make you safer Theyll take you into the past Later on Ill come to turn you into paper It makes you wanna run so fast Get down Get down Oooooo Desperately theyll come to"
  • Get Down - Badfinger
    "Get down, baby Get down Get down to my heart Be around, baby Be 'round Be 'round when I call You say your name is Mary But I got my point of view Got the time to show you that it's true Yes I do Thrill"
  • Get Down - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Told you once before And I won't tell you no more Get down, get down, get down You're a bad dog, baby But I still want you around You give me the creeps When you jump on your feet So get down, get down,"
  • Get Down - Beanie Sigel
    "ayo,I'm beanie sigel and i came to get down and rock tha mic wit my ****** freeway okay so i'm *** oh *** ** you got da way free way yes y'all i came to get down and get **** and tryin' my luck and not"
  • Get Down - All Saints
    "The way you're movin' your body, Ain't showin me nothing (work that body, work that body) Gotta loosen the tie, don't be shy We can do this I know this ain't a place you've been before (excuse me, nice"
  • Get Down - Rhymefest
    "{*scratched: "Get down!"*} (Chorus One: female singer) + (male voice) You need to get down You need to get down (and I'm gon' get down) You need to get down (and I'm gon' get down) (D-down d-down down)"
  • Get Down - One Fine Day
    "I'm passing out to the street again and try to tame the beast inside my head distant voices now and then call the greedy angels turning bad everybody is making fun of me anybody could be my enemy yeah"
  • Get Down - Gotthard
    "Baby, is it right to fantasize I said lady, I can't get this out of my mind Yes I'm smoking I'm burning I'm twisting I'm turning Got to give a lot of love Woman I'm learning Baby, you let me run all night And"
  • Get Down - Akos
    "Turn a blind eye on sin That's creeping deep within No more words to say This is more than you might think It's a love song you might sing Get on your knees and pray How can a strong man be Just as weak"
  • Get Down - Butch Walker
    "So you had a lot of friends, big black Benz, Rockin' like "Dokken" til the party ends. Pink champagne, can't complain, everyone's there for you. Messed up hair, messed up nose, Cocaine habit that no one"
  • Get Down - B4-4
    "I will be the one to love and comfort you From now until the day I die I will take you places that you only think About when you're asleep at night Let me take the time to understand And I will, set your"
  • Get Down - Xscape
    "Baby, don't worry 'bout what they say, Maybe, you and I can do our own thing, All I want is for you and I to get down. Baby I know just what your thinking, I've got what you need but can you handle it, All"
  • Get down - Monica
    "Verse 1: I don't want to make this sound so cold But every now and then I'm gonna let you know, ohh There's gotta be something givin' to me All you need to know is that I'm a fly young lady So do what"
  • Get Down - Blue
    "Yo C'mon C'mon That's right C'mon C'mon Check this out I'm not the kind of guy you can take for granted But if you treat me right I'll give you what you wanted It's not the way I am to tell you what I'm"
  • Get Down - Big Daddy Kane
    "It ain't hard to tell The flow of the Kane is movin em real well I build and excel and plus I rap like hell Lyrics generate, break through and penetrate Connect like an interstate, now let me demonstrate I"

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