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Bayside Theyre Not Horses Theyre Unicorns

Wykonawcy (18)

Bayside Theyre Not Horses Theyre Unicorns

Teksty piosenek (201821)

Bayside Theyre Not Horses Theyre Unicorns
  • Abomination Theyre Dead
    "We think we're men of steel We're angry and we're fueled Commanding, they retreat Prisoners of the war Captured fallen peace Will they find the door On your knees soldier Die for peace soldier Aggrassive Upperhand Marching"
  • Bayside They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
    "You're pulling out your teeth And I'm the Novocaine you pump in your cheek. Thats why I'm still around, You've got blood running down your chin. But you suffered peacefully (suffered peacefully) She"
  • Alexander Rybak 13 horses
    "13 horses swimming in the sea Waiting for someone to find them Their ship is gone and now they are alone With water everywhere around them The men were saved from the sinking ship Right before it started"
  • Los Del Rio Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)
    "When I dance they call me Macarena and the boys they say que soy buena they all want me they can't have me so they all come and dance beside me Move with me Chant with me and if your good I'll take you"
  • Rhapsody Forest Of Unicorns
    "Run holy beloved horse on this peaceful day through these valleys kissed by light where peace is so rare So hardy trees let me hear your words about those memories please tell me all about our hold and"
  • Rahpsody Forest Of Unicorns
    "Run holy beloved horse on this peaceful day through these valleys kissed by light where peace is so rare So hardy trees let me hear your words about those memories please tell me all about our hold and"
  • Soul Coughing Horses
    "(M. Doughty) 14,000 times a second The speaker moons Magnitism pushes the impulse through But I can't keep that speed I can't generate that frequency What the sound pressure level means Wants to randomize"
  • Gemma Hayes Horses
    "Help is not needed for my back troubleYou drag out of me some messed up coloursYeahI own all of my own voicesI own all of my own voicesIt doesnt matter who you are, this is itTheres a simple life the moment"
  • June Tabor Unicorns
    "We were traveling north to sing and play For friends that we had never met Been working hard and didn't speak The sky was grey and threatened wet And I dreamed that I saw unicorns Dreamed I saw them wild"
  • Feeling Left Out Amanda's Poem About Unicorns
    "Imagine you being asleep, Lids embracing beautiful brown eyes. Wake you from your sleep, i yearn for you to look at me. Become stained with memories and pictures and these thoughts of you. I revel in"
  • Colour Unicorns
    "Trace your finger on the sky Is the image spoilt by looking twice? Make a sound if you'll agree to be my company I think I saw a unicorn Or perhaps a horse in uniform Make a sound if... Habitat Your"
  • Bayside Head On A Plate
    "Breathe kids, the mold is getting old It'll be gone any day The hipster empire of tomorrow Will fall to the common kids of today With tied wrists we're under their control With fists clenched, we're taking"
  • Bishop Briggs Wild Horses
    "You hold me down in the best way No quarter from these chains that I slapped on my heart for a feeling Why can’t I let my demons lie? Keep screaming into the pillow Cause your touch still gets me stupid"
  • Gino Vanelli Wild Horses
    "As the sun goes down on the arizona plain And the wind whistles by like a runaway train He hey it's a beautiful thing Always me and you in a flatbed truck And my heart kicking up like a whitetail buck Hu"
  • Badlands Silver Horses
    "Alright Running on like the rising sun Like a wild horse thundering on Fly, fly, fly through the wind and storm Now I'm running free Heart and soul That's my old bag I leave behind a trial of sorrow"
  • Natasha Bedingfield Wild Horses
    "Hmmm woah yea... I feel these 4 walls closing in My face up against the glass Im looking out... hmm Is this my life im wondering It happened so fast How do I turn this thing around Is this the bed I"
  • Belinda Carlisle Runaway Horses
    "Can't sleep tonight I feel so shaken Baby the wind has changed again You come to me Straight out of nowhere Taking me where I've never been Suddenly all of my fences have broken I'm cutting the"
  • Sylver Wild Horses
    "Verse 1: The strangers faces do appear I startle when they come too near But angels have no fear (angels have no fear) although my questions just aside love is strong and turn is tide you ask me not to"
  • Current 93 Passing Horses
    "Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha Emptiness Nothing rests on the mirror Nothing to rest Nowhere to rest Clouds do not obscure Passing horses White snow melting Snowflakes falling Turn back into"
  • Smash Mouth Fallen Horses
    "A long summers day Stretchin' out the cold. Searchin' for the answers And some say I'm not alone. Could you tell me, Where I might find Fallen Horses, The spirits they fly. Blinded by the whitness Starin'"

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