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Be friends again

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Be friends again

  • Friends again - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Now theres two people that I have known Inspirations as Ive grown There was a time when they couldnt talk Always walkin out But they was more than just husband and wife And the love that shone was warm"
  • Friends Again (We Can't Be) - The Swellers
    "Remember when we danced to Louisiana band the whole night through And I thought you were never coming back? The needle's off the track. Finally came clean but you've got nothing that I need. To be honest,"
  • Friends - Jody Watley
    "Friends Jody Watley featuring Eric B. & Rakim (Andre Cymon?Jody Watley) Have you ever been stabbed in the back By someone you thought was really cool Did they steal your lover or was it money Or was"
  • Friends - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, how many of us have them? (How many of us have them?) Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, ones you can depend on? (Ones you can depend on?) Friends, Friends, Friends,"
  • Friends - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Chorus: Bone Thugs Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, how many of us have them? (How many of us have them?) Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends, ones you can depend on? (Ones you can depend on?) Friends,"
  • Friends - Youth Brigade
    "this is a story of so-called friends, just opportunist, take what they can trust and honour are words to them they smile while they stab you in the back me i got my reasons, you really want to know theres"
  • Friends - Benefit
    "((Verse 1)) I was walkin' down the street, Adidas on my feet. This kid started sweaten and it wasn't from, the heat. Started gettin real loud, attractin a crowd. His boys were all around so I guess it"
  • Friends - Red Car Wire
    "You're a mess Your life's off track but your heart beats still And you push away like I know you will You go through the motions and lose motivation You're lost and exhausted but wont stop fighting"
  • Friends - The Buzzcocks
    "Well, I've been up all night Couldn't get to dream at all Trying hard not to make a decision You know it doesn't seem right When your back's to the wall To be accused of sensationalism But the way things"
  • Friends - Lisa Left Eye Lopes
    "This one right here Goes out to everybody And it doesn't matter who you are Cuz I know that everybody Has a friend (friend) What defines a friend The meaning where does it lie? In the mind In the money"
  • Friends - Z-RO
    "I thought I had a lot of partnas, but I've only got some Since I can't depend on my niggaz, I put my faith up in my shotgun Rolling around in my '78, reminiscing on the past 16 years old trying to get"
  • Friends - Mike Francis
    "Come on my friend and leave your caution to the wind I know we use to keep that feeling out of sight It's getting stronger I feel it burning in my mind slowly teasing me it's growing deep inside Come"
  • Friends - Mary J. Blige
    "What is a friend Could it be that it's just a word Or something in your life that you've heard Or just another one of those big fat lies Because many nights this word has made me cry So hard my stomach"
  • Friends Will Be Friends - Return
    "Since the end of our glory days, i've been feeling down and out They just don't make 'em like they did I've been hanging out on our street hoping there's a chance We'd meet as if i knew just what to say I"
  • Let's Be Friends - Carly Rae Jepsen
    "call out your persuasions I got the feeling that you don’t know what to say it’s a black dress occasion nobody’s dying it’s a dinner not a date but i feel young and inspired that this is over and I am"
  • Let's Be Friends - Bruce Springsteen
    "I been watchin' you a long time Trying to figure out where and when We been moving down that same line The time is now maybe we could get skin to skin Don't know when this chance might come again Good"
  • Friends Again - General Public
    "Sitting there, making out that it's just not fair at all Cold stares, nose in the air Both pretending that we just don't care, but Every time you leave the room I'd start to worry and I'd wonder where... Where"
  • We Will Be Friends - Lazy Town
    "What if your friends Just dont wanna be friends But you need to beleive It's not really the end And you've been pulled apart But you know in your heart That you wanna reach out But dont know where to start I"
  • Can't we be friends - Stacie Orrico
    "I thought I'd found the man of my dreams.Now it seems, This is how the story ends:He's going to turn me down and say,"Can't We Be Friends?"I thought for once it couldn't go wrong.Not for long! I can see"
  • Can't We Be Friends? - Jamie Cullum
    "I thought I'd found the girl of my dreams So it seems this is how the story ends: She's goin'to turn me down and say "Can't we be Friends?" I thought for once it couldn't go wrong Not for long! I can"

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