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Be mine airplane

  • Airplane - Indigo Girls
    "Up on the airplane nearer my god to thee i start making a deal inspired by gravity if i did wrong i won't do it again i can be sweet and good and nice and if i had enemies they're friends i hold onto my"
  • Airplane - The Beach Boys
    "Over the city in an airplane I can see everything below The houses they look so tiny The cars look like dots We've only got fifteen minutes to go The clouds in the sky caress my mind so tenderly The sun"
  • Airplane - Widespread Panic
    "sitting around, waiting for an airplane don't know how to fly that's ok i got me a pilot, she's going my way she's got wings, she's got wings... sitting around, waiting for the mailman don't know how"
  • Airplane - Crucial Conflict
    "(hook: repeat 2X) Keep on taking me high, so high If they say we fly, we fly (Who dat?) Flict' and Do or Die (Who dat?) Coming from the Chi Bring in the bidness, shut em' down cause their raw Making you"
  • Airplane - Imogen Heap
    "Drifting through the atmosphere And up on into space Leave behind the morning city In it's special place Some flutterbies they enter and they Play around in my soul And once again part of me Fills up"
  • Airplane - Belvedere
    "Overhead to my surprise a plane was flying by While I contemplated diving in the pool But you'd think I'd see that my thoughts have gone awry And I can't explain why I feel like a fool I'm singing"
  • Airplane - Janis Joplin
    "Overhead to my surprise a plane was flying by While I contemplated diving in the pool But you'd think I'd see that my thoughts have gone awry And I can't explain why I feel like a fool I'm singing I know"
  • Airplane - Bethany Dillon
    "In an airplaneI take the window seatA thousand feet and all I knowShrinks in minutesAnd when the sky is grayI want to believe thatWhen the sun is hidingIt still existsMhmmm, yehIn an airplaneAre kings"
  • Airplane - Beach Boys
    "Over the city in an airplaneI can see everything belowThe houses they look so tinyThe cars look like dotsWe've only got fifteen minutes to goThe clouds in the sky caress my mind so tenderlyThe sun shines"
  • Orange Airplane - Screaming Trees
    "Can't take a train you know they move too slow Gotta take to the airport where I wanna go Heart beating like a million miles an hour Listening the wind is turning sweet to sour Orange airplane Take me"
  • Airplane blues - PJ Harvey
    "My man's a pilot on the Birmingham airplane line I say my man's a pilot on the Birmingham airplane line When he comes to see me, my man sure comes a flying I know that my flying man ain't true to me I"
  • Airplane '96 - Pizzicato Five
    "(konishi) Translators: sound of music l.n., corrected by t.m. Kodomo mitai na hanashi kata de Kodomo mitai na aruki kata de Kodomo mitai ni tsume o kandari Kodomo mitai ni wagamama o ru Kodomo mitai"
  • Jefferson airplane - Relient K
    "If it hurts,Kiss it betterYou wear skirts,I write nice lettersNever said nothing with flowersThough we always talked for hoursAnd it seems to get much colderWhen you cry on your own shoulderAnd we know"
  • Blues from an Airplane - Jefferson Airplane
    "Do you know, how sad it is to be a man alone.I feel so, solitary even in my home.Without you, don't know what to do,And I don't know where you go.I can see, my life is meant to fall apart someday.Just"
  • Jefferson Airplane (Demo) - Relient K
    "If it hurts, kiss it better. You wear skirts, I write nice letters. Never said nothing with flowers Though we always talked for hours. And I know it gets much colder when I cry on my own shoulder But we"
  • Mr. Airplane Man - Howlin' Wolf
    "Mr. Airplane man, will you fly down to Jackson for me Mr. Airplane man, will you fly to Jackson for me I want you fly to my baby, and give her this here message for me Ahhoooo, ahhoooo, ahhhoooo, ahhhoooo My"
  • Great Airplane Strike - Paul Revere & The Raiders
    "Him Or Me, What's It Going To Be Paul Revere & The Raiders Chorus Now have you got yourself a brand new baby, don't tell me maybe. Is it so, I got to know? What's it gonna be? Him or me? Him"
  • Talking Airplane Disaster - Phil Ochs
    "Pre> G c d7 Well, once I heard some people say, "if you gotta travel G c There's just one way, you gotta leave the ground, gotta go D7 g Through the air, gotta find a pilot and pay your"
  • Airplane - Arai Akino
    "BERANDA wa BURUU no yuugata ame no sora Hikouki ga tobu tooku no harema no machi Airplane! Airplane! Airplane! Airplane! Kumo no kirema tesuri ni motarete Nishi e miokuru umi o koeru hikouki Danchi no"
  • Be mine - Ian Van Dahl
    "I wanna know, where you are! If only you could tell! i wanna know, where you are, the one and everything you need. And tell me, will you ever change your mind? And maybe oneday your heart will be mine!"

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