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Be misunderstood

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Be misunderstood

  • Misunderstood - Richie Kotzen
    "You think your so misunderstood You tell your lies And to my eyes you look so good In your disguise And the more you talk about the more I start to believe in The line that feeds the lies will keep me"
  • Misunderstood - Mickey Harte
    "Right from the start I thought, that she would never be Someone who would have expressed an interest in me And I know that she'll never ever be my lover Still I've learned never to read a book by its cover She's"
  • Misunderstood - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "I'm not courageous I'm everything that they say Fame is outrageous I'm really wasting away I'm your man I'm your genie I'm your junkie I'm your man I'm your maybe I'm your must be Life's a little to intense I'm"
  • Misunderstood - Jon Bon Jovi
    "Should I? Could I? Have said the wrong things right a thousand times If I could just rewind, I see it in my mind If I could turn back time, you'd still be mine You cried, I died I should have shut my mouth,"
  • Misunderstood - Bon Jovi
    "Should I? Could I? Have said the wrong things right a thousand times If I could just rewind, I see it in my mind If I could turn back time, you'd still be mine You cried, I died I should have shut my"
  • Misunderstood - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick) Rejection tars the roads where I have been Still I'm holding on to the same dream Came through fire and the pouring rain To be told that I'm the one to blame Chorus: Misunderstood (Never"
  • Misunderstood - Common
    "Intro(Sample):Baby, you understand me now (applause) Sometimes you see that I'm mad No one can always be an angel When everything goes wrong you see something bad I'm just a soul who's intention's are"
  • Misunderstood - Motley Crue
    "Little old man contemplates suicide twice a day. Life's passed him by. Little old woman scared and blind, left alone in desparate times. Life's passed her by. Oh, life, it's misunderstood them, so they"
  • Misunderstood - Wilco
    "Well,you're back in your old neighborhood The cigarettes taste so good But you're so misunderstood You're so misunderstood There's something there that you can't find Honest when you're tellin' a lie You're"
  • Misunderstood - Robbie Williams
    "Trying to be misunderstood, But it doesnt do me any good, Love the way they smiled at me Held that face for eternity Now let them all fly off, When it comes down, It all comes down, And you will not"
  • Misunderstood - Better Than Ezra
    "Talking in her sleep again Reciting lines start to end But she's not crazy (Knock on wood) Just a little misunderstood She takes a walk at 4AM Wakes the neighborhood again And I find myself recalling everything"
  • Misunderstood - Bee Gees
    "Have you come to say it's over Is it something I have failed to do There is only you to blame You're not the same one that I knew Can there be no conversation Any animation if you please Do you know I'm"
  • Misunderstood - Pete Townshend
    "Just wanna be misunderstood Wanna be feared in my neighborhood Just wanna be a moody man Say things that nobody can understand I wanna be obscure and oblique Inscrutable and vague So hard to pin down I"
  • Misunderstood - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "there's a riot in the street and no one seems to care the kids are all at home they're glued to their TV's revolution now now I don't got time I've got to meet my friends they're at the bar waiting for"
  • Misunderstood - Kavana
    "How many time do I have to say, I didn't mean the things I said, I'm sorry for the way that I was messing with your head. I always seemed to put you down, But I didn't understand, I needed time to find"
  • Misunderstood - Kottonmouth Kings
    "I said my momma don't understand me Daddy never really cared Fuck the rest I've failed their test I guess life just ain't fair A preacher man done told me, said your ways you better change But forgive"
  • Misunderstood - DreamDoll
    "Uh Can I talk my shit Can I holla at y'all for a minute You think you know Dream, but you have no idea So can I break down how I did it The credit cards chargin', swipe em regardless The project heat,"
  • Misunderstood - Screw 32
    "Dark is you 'cause you won't see and its us too and its always me My penalty is feeling underfoot Time again and its gone away Strange looks no matter what I say We try and fall and don't think its much Get"
  • Misunderstood - Mest
    "I know you're not exactly crazy About the way I have been lately And I don't know when I should say All the things I want to say Cause I know that it would hurt you And I don't want that Cause after all"
  • I misunderstood - Richard Thompson
    "She said "Darling I'm in love with your mind. The way you care for me, it's so kind. Love to see you again, I wish I had more time". She was laughing as she brushed my cheek "Why don't you call me, angel,"

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