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Be-Bop Deluxe - Ships In The Night

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Be-Bop Deluxe - Ships In The Night

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Be-Bop Deluxe - Ships In The Night
  • Lead Night Deluxe
    "daremo ga KIMI wo neratteru party people in the place to be hohoemi kakeru munasawagu jikan wa MIRA-BO-RU kono yubi tomare kono naka de soudatsusen kiss or die yo ni mo fushigi na kurai You make me hot saishou"
  • Big Country Ships
    "Look at him now, another used man Wearing the passing of his dignity with all the courage that he can He stood in the storm, carved out in stone He said I've worn my honesty with pride in everything I've"
  • Patty Loveless Ships
    "(Gretchen Peters) Eddie had a few days comin' So he took a Las Vegas jaunt Out to the land of supply and demand Where you can get anything you want He wasn't lookin' for true love No, he didn't believe"
  • Brazilian Girls Ships In The Night
    "Now that your leave is over Lets down our drinks and say goodnight to this illusion Bell-bottom Casanova The silhouettes that pass us by Are ships in the night Ships in the night, in the night, in"
  • Ian Hunter Ships
    "(Ian Hunter) We walked to the sea, just my father and me and the dogs played around on the sand. Winter cold cut the air, hanging still everywhere dressed in gray did he say hold my hand? I said love's"
  • Barry Manilow Ships
    "We walked to the sea Just my father and me And the dogs played around on the sand Winter cold cut the air Hangin' still everywhere Dressed in gray, did he say Hold my hand I said, love's easier when it's"
  • Brooks & Dunn Hillbilly Deluxe
    "Hey, up in the backwoods, down in the holler, Old boys feelin' like a dog on a collar, Keepin' that chain pulled tight, Waitin' on Saturday night. Put on the smell-good, put on skinner'n, Head into to"
  • Bruce Springsteen Chevrolet Deluxe
    "I had a wife and kid, and I tried to settle down I just wanted to live an honest life on the edge of an honest town. But in the end they left me danglin' danglin (in the night?) "
  • Skulker Strawberry Deluxe
    "Driving down the highway With the wind in my hair Lots of friends everywhere I don't want to change (& I wonder) I want it all back (how it's gonna be between you & me) Driving down the highway With"
  • Milburn Sinking Ships
    "dont want to talk to you and, You dont want to talk to me, So Ill shut my eyes and think of England, While I speak, You dont want my photograph, And I dont want to know your name, You say we look the"
  • Jack Bruce Ships In The Night
    "Ships in the night Searching for day Beckoning lips So far away Shadows adrift Hiding from light Ships in the night Sometimes you feel Then again you can't Morning comes down Soon after the dance Time"
  • 10CC Ships don't disappear in the night
    "Ships don't just disappear in the nightDo they?People don't really die of frightDo they?We all know it just ain't soSo don't be afraid when the table shakesDon't youDon't be amazed when your shadow quakesDon't"
  • Umbrellas Ships
    "Just like ships We float through each other's lives Through the waters of beauty and grace We will one day dock at the same port And give rest to our weary legs There is a light placed up in the sky Like"
  • Greg Brown Ships
    "Mariyln Monroe was so tired,she was so tired, she was so tiredCity girl lost in a field of ryeand see what she has doneNow she's out on a boat on the oceanturning around and aroundSail for a dress and"
  • Axxis Ships Are Sailing
    "The wall has fallen down tonight I can't believe this dream Tears of joy - everywhere We celebrate this day I hope we'll always be free I pray on my knees Paper ships sailing Just as a sign To"
  • Chaka Khan Be Bop Medley
    "Ooh baby, ooh baby Ooh baby, ooh baby You've got me reelin' You've got me swingin' to your melody Oh yeah I never knew a man Could love me this way I never knew it Now I'm happy to say I'm gonna get"
  • Airway Lanes Ships Are Sinking
    "Don't want you to see me in the state I'm in Don't want you to know exactly where I've been Know I'll be feeling better in a day or two Then I'm coming 'round to make it up to you Somebody said the future"
  • The Anniversary 100 Ships
    "recorded before Designing a Nervous Breakdown released in April 2000 on a 7" by Devil in the Woods magazine Well I know feeling strange - sometimes you're feeling strange Outside she waits So you know"
  • Shaggy Intoxication (Deluxe Edition)
    "Yo, I like crazy hangover, yo I think you put some'n in my drink Listen gal, me nah ina nah freaky stuff Me nah make no old woman come trip me up Look, you send a naked woman and feel me up Buy me drinks"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Imaginary Ships
    "Same wind that blew your house down was the breath of life to me. Cruel words brought your galaxy to the ground. Made a universe for me. You can't get what you're asking for now lady. You only get"

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