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BeMy - Oxygen

  • Oxygen - BEMY
    "When live keeps spinning me No air upon the chest Like a love face Our business When live keeps spinning me I pick me up from the ground And give you Oxygen That you could fly again I’m the sound who"
  • Oxygen - Visitors
    "There's something i just feel i have to tell you I don't feel right I've been tossing and turning through the night I can't get these thoughts from my mind Oh They're in my head Cause now its coming,"
  • Oxygen - Bryan Adams
    "My hands are shakin' - My heart skips a beat, I can't focus - I can't speak, It's like i'm underwater, I'm going deep - I need you around me. Oxygen - Every moment, Oxygen - Everyday, I can't live without"
  • Oxygen - Suede
    "Picking poppies in the sky Dripping as the world went by Licking lollies in the sun Melting like your sugar love, oh You, you were my oxygen You, were my winter sun You were my only one Oh, you, you were"
  • Oxygen - Marie Serneholt
    "Oxygen You touch my skin Change the mood I'm in Teach me how to fly Just by looking in my eyes Every word you say Sets my heart on fire Every move you make Takes me higher I get so high up here When I"
  • Oxygen - Afterhours
    "I feel so prisoner babe and I don't know why but the thing that keeps me here It's my addiction in or out baby love couldn't define us all in or out baby love it's not what we caressing on your smell's"
  • Oxygen - Jesse McCartney
    "Baby you're a star Unrolling out the red carpet for you on the floorCuz independent everything I'm gonna give you when you come to my doorAnd I made you the air I'm taking Without you I'm suffocating I"
  • Oxygen - Feeder
    "We all ferment A face can change But souls stay young We're all connected So take a journey with someone Learn to be as one Still living, sinking, falling, twisting, But I'm breathing you in, breathing"
  • Oxygen - Avalon
    "I take each breath as if it is my first I hold it there, so deep inside me 'Til I'm about to burst I speak each word as if it is Your name I move my lips ... I see the whisper Stir the gentle flame"
  • Oxygen - Jason Donovan
    "I take each breath as if it is my first. I hold it there so deep inside me until Im fit to burst. I speak each word as if it is your name. I move my lips, i taste the moment and still it sounds the same."
  • Oxygen - New Found Glory
    "Constantly connected to the total unexpected I'm a con, a stealer of hearts I only keep this facade To keep you on your toes I'll take a glance while you sleep at night Right from under your nose So don't"
  • Oxygen - The Echoing Green
    "I have something that I wanna share with you I find it so hard to make the words explain If there was one thing left I could embrace It'd be your face, it'd be your grace I take you in Like... Oxygen"
  • Oxygen - Sleater Kinney
    "I wanna run away I wanna get away but I will never get up oh won't you help me up I rely on oxygen I depend on bitter snow I rely on oxygen I depend on bitter cold I want to know why it hurts to stay and"
  • Oxygen - Soul Asylum
    "Wishin' upon a mattress Fallin' off the excess Slippin' the stillness Flippin' the bird I walk you home when you're wasted I can almost taste it All this oxygen is for you But it's a couple more volts"
  • Oxygen - Spice Girls
    "There will come a time I know I'm gonna need Someone I can trust, someone who'll fight for me That's the way I love This is my time to work things out What I want from this life There will be someone"
  • Oxygen - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Chante Plamondon Oxygen Comme tous les matins Le soleil se lve Entre les buildings As every morning The sun rises up Between the buildings Vers sept heure et demie J'ouvre ma fentre Toujours"
  • Oxygen - JJ72
    "short sleeves and warm skin losing coins calling next of kin dropping words about the city we're in ponds compressed by heavy air us without care just sprawling there god's in our world airports and undergrounds waiting"
  • Oxygen - God Or Julie
    "I found a home alone in a world that left you out on your own but your not the same when you were too tired to grow it's in the way i've seen that you never know your still afraid of running all by yourself"
  • Oxygen - Big 10-4
    "Standing at my door, You float like smoke across my floor, 'Cause you're in the air, Your chemicals are everywhere, You flow throw me, Sound waves and energies, I channeled in your frequencies, And your"
  • Oxygen - Pedestrian
    "How do I answer you? How do I respond to you? I offer you exigence I take away consequence Where do we go from here? What do I do with this? I offer you oxygen In hopes that you'll breathe again I'll stare"

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