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Bead maikel jakson

  • A Tale of the Glass Bead - GFRIEND (여자친구)
    "we were born and raised here together we lived ordinary lives happy for being together the sun rose and set"
  • Top Of The World (The Glass Bead Game) - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon City Angels Top Of The World (The Glass Bead Game) Ah, see we both sing Get along Some of us set this treaty Because I know Set it to really purify See the more the reasoning As the stars"
  • Por Qué - Carla Fernandes, Maikel Delacalle
    "i don't know where we headed now you got caught spinning through the life i need break baby, please slow down all of this can you see it worht of work took it slow should i realize it before before don't"
  • Brother Andre's Heart - Blue Rodeo
    "Did they ever pay the ransom On Brother Andre's heart I once saw it bleed on his feast day The blood ran cold and grey From the purple satin altar To the cold green marble floor The cold green marble floor And"
  • Sellaiset Kuin Itse Olen - Apulanta
    "Olen tavannut sellaisia kuin itse olen En pitnyt heist juurikaan Heidn itsekeskeisyytens ei kiinnostanut Mahtaako ketn muutakaan? Nkemtt j se kaikki itsessn mit ei voi siet Haluan antaa monta mahdollisuutta Mun"
  • tolerate it - Taylor Swift
    "I sit and watch you reading with your Bead low I wake and watch you breathing woth your Eyes closed I sit and watch you And i notice everything you do or Don’t do You’re so much older And wiser and I I"
  • Live For This - Hatebreed
    "Let's go! Live for this, Live, Live Live for this Live for this, Live, Live If you don't live for something, You'll die for nothing. Through the best and the worst The struggle and sacrifice. For the true"
  • Song for a dead girl - Three Fish
    "And sat on beaches where children playThe mountain sky as long as dayAnd spied on people's timid dreamsAnd countless sands and endless schemesCrystal bead-words in your eyesHow the dead words made you"
  • Lofticries - Purity Ring
    "Bring, bring the thunder and the loud, loud rain Lead our walls asunder 'neath the proud, proud veins Of traits that bleed the gunmen of our pumping, earthly hearts Ween our joys in plunder Feel our shining"
  • Pictures On You - Virgin Steele
    "[1st verse:] I got pictures on you baby I'm gonna turn em loose Oh, don't you cry honey I'm gonna cook your goose, yeah. [2nd verse:] Well, I ain't mean, it's just that you've been bad. And you're makin,"
  • Spinning Back The Clocks - Diabolical Masquerade
    "Drag him down That knife, slipping flee [?] That knife, slipping flee [?] Sweet dreams my dear little child I burn for touching a bead of your own mass You will be gone now forever Try to sleep one more"
  • Scattergun - Ramones
    "Smooth bore, scattergun, you are the only one To cover me when I sleep, cover me in my dreams carry a smooth bore Scattergun, steal from me there'll be no time to run I got the bead on you, she fires true Take"
  • Scattergun - The Ramones
    "Smooth bore, scattergun, you are the only one To cover me when I sleep, cover me in my dreams carry a smooth bore Scattergun, steal from me there'll be no time to run I got the bead on you, she fires true Take"
  • Little Boy In Corduroy - Donovan
    "Little Boy In Corduroy Donovan a little boy in corduroy a little girl in lace a little coy jump for joy colour in a space little boy in corduroy after me say save a sunny wish for a rainy day how many"
  • The Masts Of Morrigan - Maddy Prior
    "I fear that bead black eye That pierces me to the bone The cruel stare The glassy glare That fingers me alone. Too cunning for a bird Her mind is warped and crooked Again and worse Her voice is harsh And"
  • A long time love song - Bruce Cockburn
    "Can't trace this conversation -- words fragment and fall into blue shadows by a white-baked wall. through shimmering spaces a single thrush calls -- a song when it's over is no song at all. (Chorus:) and"
  • Mannequin - Die Kreuzen
    "Downtown where it's cold and blue Shops and bars but nothing to do In a window to my suprize Such a gorgeous girl With cold blue eyes In my lonely bead 20'clock 3 Time can't stop, won't wait for me I think"
  • 30 Cops Or More - Boogie Down Productions
    "Boogie Down Productions Edutainment 30 Cops Or More "just let me draw a bead on his black ass and he's dead" *dogs barking* They arrest us by the hour Cause the black man in the ghetto has power If he"
  • Hurried Bloom - Powderfinger
    "She has a hand of reasons to loose him He liberates her often hidden smile She buried trust faded away He swallowed any promises they made Darkness to weave its silent track Stars decorate a shroud of"
  • Alice Said - Screaming Trees
    "Alice said to come on in now it's time for bed The hour's Quite late I need a nap to clear my head And later, down, the pillow softly calls to me I've never sent down, bounced all around Now I can't see Blind,"

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