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Beady Belle Wounded Pride

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Beady Belle Wounded Pride

  • Wounded Pride - Beady Belle
    "I'll kill your peace of mind And your dignity Your good name will decline Incredibility What I need is revenge For the wounds you made This is our delay defense I punish your betrayel Who is the victim Who"
  • Wounded - Third Eye Blind
    "The guy who put his hands on you Has got nothing to do with me And the bruises that you feel will heal And I hope you'll come around 'Cause we're missing you And you used to speak so easy Now you're"
  • Wounded - He Is Legend
    "The guy who put his hands on you Has got nothing to do with me And the bruises that you feel will heal And I hope you'll come around 'Cuz we're missing you And you used to speak so easy Now you're"
  • Pride - Manchester Orchestra
    "Finally I felt the calming breeze Stepping out to watch the finale scene After all its you, my pride, and me I can't speak whatever I can speak You see Now I found the ways to meet the means Faker"
  • Belle - Al Green
    "Belle... The Lord and I have been friends for a mighty long time Belle... Leaving him has never ever really crossed my mind Let me say just one thing... I'd never go so far cause it's Him no matter who"
  • Wounded Bird - Graham Nash
    "I've watched you go through changes that no man should face alone Take to heel or tame the horse, the choice is still your own But arm yourself against the pain a wounded bird can give And in the end remember"
  • Bella - Beady Belle
    "When bella came home she wasn't recognized She must have changed a lot she realized She feels new She feels strong She feels young She can do What she wants 'Cause her past Has disappeared Her"
  • Our Wounded Soldiers - Stars Hide Fire
    "These days we're ruled by our apathetic tendencies to turn our cheeks and hide Believe in something Because we don't believe in anything We don't question why we're sensitized Who's soul's for sale Not"
  • Beady eyed buzzard - Perry Como
    "I don't mind the sparrows stealin' my seed the crow gettin' fat on my corn but that beady eyed buzzard hangin' 'round my gal is gonna wish he never was born ( never was born! ) Let the hungry old hawk"
  • Wounded - Donna Summer
    "Well there's a whole lot of hurting being going onwell I've been wounded, wounded, woundedthis ain't no way to be carrying onyou see me wounded, wounded, woundedI'm taken like a stonethat you've thrown"
  • Wounded - Honeymoon Suite
    "We try so hard to hold the pain It goes away, but it comes back again I remember the night Everything was so right It's hard to know when to give or take But I learn each day by each mistake When"
  • Wounded - Little Big Town
    "You plowed over me like a tractor You used me up and put me out to pasture I'm left to eat your dust Guess you're thinkin' that we must be done You said you got my back every minute Well you do You've"
  • Wounded - Lefty
    "all along put the blame on you devil in the mirror don't know who i am hardened by time a little less than you detrimental fear you were once to me just the one now it's split in two tell me don't you"
  • Wounded - Nik Kershaw
    "We're wounded but walking, dumbstruck but talking still And I don't think we've made it, don't think we ever will We're radio rental, so accidental too And I don't think we've made it don't care if we"
  • Wounded - Symphorce
    "Everything closer, all memories are there Your point of view, what sin, who cares Nothing is sacred, we play by your rules Faster instinct, you're dead , you fool Brothers of mercy, what do you say pray"
  • Wounded - Good Charlotte
    "Lost and broken Hopeless and lonely Smiling on the outside A hurt beneath my skin My eyes are fading My soul is bleeding I'll try to make it seem okay But my faith is wearing thin So help me heal these"
  • Wounded - Dial
    "You're my mission impossible That look on your face it hurts There is this wound inside my heart As deep as a hole in the ground Heal me I'm bleeding! (Therems this wound inside my heart) Heal me I'm"
  • Wounded - JJ72
    "the rain impinges upon the earth again blissfully the trees sigh in the wind and sway with distilled purity stench of relevance permeates the talk of love cloudless skies of blue,anaemic now, think of"
  • Wounded - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "You, the walking woundedYou, the hopeless victimYou, who craved new feelingsRisked it all to get themI thought you may be strongerThought your fight was greaterWhen I watched you fallingHow I pitied what"
  • Wounded - Beseech
    "I heard some noice, it was pounding on my door And then came voices, told me I will see some more I close my eyes now, hoping all was just a dream I am alright now, but then came all the chanting screams What"

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