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Beady Eye - Millionaire (30

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Beady Eye - Millionaire (30

  • Millionaire - Arsonists
    "(Chorus: Swel Boogie + Q-Unique) WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? Don't worry now just take your time You have your water, your wife, plus three life lines WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? Get it right and"
  • 30 - The 69 Eyes
    "do you know the feeling when you wake up find your way to the bathroom stare at youself from eye to eye feeling relieved the innocence is still there time to turn over baby time to turn loose no limits"
  • 30 Minutes - Tatu
    "Out of sight Out of mind Out of time To decide Do we run? Should I hide? For the rest Of my life Can we fly? Do I stay? We could lose We could fail In the moment It takes To make plans Or mistakes 30"
  • 5:30 - Robert Downey Jr.
    "I'm around I figure it out So far, so sad There's a thorn A cupid's eye No sides In landside That's my love All falls down That's why I won't fold Under fire Under ground That's why love don't wash Been"
  • Millionaire - The Tiger Lillies
    "Baby is just a millionaire He's 'orrible and unkind Baby is just a millionaire and he will rob you blind And he'll have you on Monday He'll have you on Tuesday He'll have you on Wednesday as well Baby"
  • Millionaire - Lloyd Cole
    "Well she's a girl in a million And I'm a millionaire She wants to mother my children I think I wanna marry her Well I haven't got a lot of money Got a full head of hair? But she's a girl in a million And"
  • Millionaire - The Cross
    "Trash my guitar - I got a lot to spare Well I can do what I want - it just don't seem fair Let your fingers do the walking What you hear is money talking So love me now Love me here Love me good honey I'm"
  • Millionaire - Leo Sayer
    "I got your postcard it made me lonelyI'm out of money and no one really caresthe south of france has sunny weatherpretty boats and lots of millionaires now you're not coming homeyou like the style and"
  • Millionaire - Scouting For Girls
    "The best things in life don't come with a price Forget what they say cause I know they ain't right All that I need is you It is you it is you it is you A walk in the park, a kiss in the dark The way she"
  • Millionaire - Kelis
    "(feat. Andre 3000) I said her from the city so her got to witty, witty She said him from the country so him got to be funky, funky Mama i'ma Millionaire but I feel like a bum. Mama i'ma Millionaire"
  • Millionaire - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Can you read the determination on my face; I'm as solid as the gravel now. Cause I kept getting on my feet after all the times you knocked me down. Went back to see the place I came from and I began"
  • Millionaire - Push Star
    "I'm tired of getting ripped off taking minnimum wage from a boss who's got brains that are soft and I'm tired of mopping the floor, counting my drawer I get my check and wonder "What did I work for?" I"
  • Millionaire - Musiq Soulchild
    "I could've bought me a G4 by now So I would never have to wait at the gate I could've checked in a 5-star palace And would've got the whol floor for my stay And if I really really wanted to Print my own"
  • Millionaire - FFH
    "I may never be the reason That people come from miles around Just to hear that beautiful sound I may never see the season Where people love to hear me speak And everybody wants to be me Dare I go where"
  • Millionaire - Hot Boys
    "Damn I got platinum on both of my wrists and my pinky and my album went platinum too Man you know I'm a stunt' All these other rappers, look.. *NEW CASH MONEYYYYYYY* I'm sick of it, niggaz illliterate and"
  • Millionaire - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Dead bull with the life from the low Ill be massive conquistador Give me soul and show me the door Metal heavy, soft at the core Gimme toro, gimme some more Pressurize, neutralize Deep fried, gimme some"
  • Millionaire - Hot Boy$
    "Damn I got platinum on both of my wrists and my pinky and my album went platinum too Man you know I'm a stunt' All these other rappers, look.. *NEW CASH MONEYYYYYYY* I'm sick of it, niggaz illliterate and"
  • Beady eyed buzzard - Perry Como
    "I don't mind the sparrows stealin' my seed the crow gettin' fat on my corn but that beady eyed buzzard hangin' 'round my gal is gonna wish he never was born ( never was born! ) Let the hungry old hawk"
  • 30 Mins To Talk - Eugene Wilde
    "Life is a race...I Meditate Cause I can't live a life of crime. So night and day I kneel and pray begging my boss for overtime. I'm barely making a dime Some cop just.. gave me a fine But, still i'm strong"
  • 30 - PJ Harvey
    "Over my body the shadows played It wasn't night and it wasn't day Counting something what have I found Thirty diamonds in my hand Thirty miles The world unfolds Thirty miles A pot of gold I often think"

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