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Beat in freestyle

  • Freestyle - Limbomaniacs
    "Feet high up in the air get your feet high up in the air Feet high up in the air get your feet high up in the air Freestyle My mind is reelin' I got a funny feelin' Sayin' this ain't the place to be I'm"
  • Freestyle - Redman
    "Yo yo yo I got the, forty acres, without the effin mule Doc Ike Turner, givin mics audio abuse I smack a big mouth trick, and her babysitter and her lesbian friend, and that brother with her I don't give"
  • Freestyle - DJ Kayslay
    "(feat. Eminem) I'd be a horrible mixtape DJ I would be really fuckin bad THIS IS MOTHERFUCKIN EMINEM! Or just Eminem Whatever you want to call me And your listenin to the motherfuckin easy listenin"
  • Freestyle - Black Star
    "Uh, this is Side 2, Evil Dee in your area Rawkus, every four minutes of dump flavored Now and Laters and ass-crack Oreos (ready, ready) Throw your hands in the air, and wave em like you just"
  • Freestyle - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Noreaga) Tony Touch, Iraq, Iraq, 50 MC's... A little bit a thugs is all it takes to make this industry just brake *repeat* What, what, what poison arrows Swords and lords, yo, but really My Mac-milly,"
  • Freestyle - Kanye West
    "(Ad libs) Yo Hip-Hop Is niggaz still talkin bout I can't rap Come On Now Look for me Young K Took Tupac beat and got paid My favorite rapper is Makaveli, Nas and Jay-Z Eminem, Mase, Biggie Smalls and"
  • Freestyle - Ludacris
    "I live a life filled with chicken and malt liquor, And women that are real life scratch-and-sniff stickers. I shoot videos and get mobs slobbed in trailers, I hit stage and break a leg like Lawrence Taylor."
  • Catch That Beat Freestyle - Remy Ma
    "Said, I got it and Imma take it an give it to these bitches. And once I start, ain't no stoppin, Im talkin no intermission. I know these bitches be listenin, steady think Im dissin them. But they pussy,"
  • Freestyle (The Real Slim Shady Beat) - Swishahouse
    "wat it dew dis paul wall swishahouse baby we bringin yall somethin new for this 2000 its after da kappa baby yall aint ready for us yall frontin like yall me this the real paul wall ya feel me check this"
  • Freestyle 2 - Freestyle
    "lok at this crazy ass vato trying to say he's tuff trying to say he ruff i lie, cheat, and steal not to mention kill and deal look in the mirrior and tell me what u see a nother bitch trying to be me one"
  • Brads Freestyle - Eminem
    "aight i'ma spit dis shit ya pussy ass bitch ur a broke ass gunna who lives in a ditch ur like microsoft always wit da glitch son of a bitch wish i could be that rich sounds easy doesn't it i could"
  • Rockafella Freestyle - Apathy
    "I just copped 5 G's from a show, but I'm probably gonna blow it You'll find me in the Acura driving it like I stole it You wanna diss like you got a trick up your sleve? Fuck spittin' you would need my"
  • Freestyle V - Eminem
    "I don't figure this rap shit out I map shit out strategically Timing is everything and it seems to be the key To my success That has worked for me repeatedly THE EVIL GENIUS! Got the beat to beat"
  • Pills (freestyle) - Eminem
    "Well, I do pup pills I keep my tube socks filled And pop the same shit that got tupac killed Spit game to these hos Like a soap opera epsisod Then punch a bitch in the nose Until her whole face explodes"
  • Soundbombing Freestyle - Talib Kweli
    "Uh, this is Side 2, Evil Dee in your area Rawkus, every four minutes of dump flavored Now and Laters *laughs* and ass-crack Oreos (ready, ready) -interlude- *laughs* Throw your hands in the air, and"
  • Freestyle - Redman - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Redman) This is Funk Doctor Spot, K-Solo, comin to ya' live 1996 to 97', Funkmaster Flex! I got tic tacs in my mouth with a big dick but it dont matter, we representin, on some real shit,"
  • Halftime Freestyle - Kollegah
    "Ey kuck mal Johnny Ey kuck mal ich hr nicht so hippeldie hoppeldie hop Weisst du ich hr nur so normalerweise klassische Musik h Johann Sebastian Bach Ey wer kommt bei Nacht und Wind durch die Stadt gefahren? Es"
  • Westwood Freestyle - D12
    "Yo its Kuniva, I'll cuss hoes out like a drunk sailor And cock the hammer back like tim the two man tailor You best be on your best behavior before I slay ya And watch the video of your life with your"
  • Artifacts Freestyle - Canibus
    "If im hawking you it ain't because I respect you god, Its because im trying to find a perfect place for me to sh*t on, N*ggas hear about me and discreetly set up a date to me, to see if they can defeat"
  • Guru Freestyle - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Guru) Yeah, Gurizzi up in the house, Gang Starr forever (Gang Starr) New York City. Mm-hmm Fuck the fame and the bright lights and all that (Yeah them fuckin chicken-head bitches) I'ma do this"

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