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Beatiful madnes

  • Beatiful - Status Quo
    "Right from the time when we first said hello Everything's been what it should and even more I couldn't ask for a much sweeter time Then when I wake up everytime my head hits the ceiling Then spinning"
  • Beatiful sound - Newboys
    "Turn the pageCan't turn the light outEvery word every lineCarries to my soulDark letters on a pageSinging so loudWhere did I go wrongnot to hear You.....Eighteen yearsI guess it was alrightI let You do"
  • Stay beatiful - Makowiecki Band
    "Find your faith in your security All broken up at seventeen Jam your brain with broken heroes Love your masks and adore your failure We're a mess of eyeliner and spraypaint DIY destruction on Chanel chic In"
  • Nothing's Free - Lion's Share
    "Lost in the faces, part of the street, half empty pockets and draggin your feet the man with the answers,gives you a rise half way to heaven you don't ask the price Now you have what it takes to be famous you're"
  • Scooter Del Mar - Scooter
    "chorus when i was young the world seemed so woderful, so beatiful, all the birds in the tree were singin so woderful joyfully with me i said 1.......2.......3 scooter you goin so well sing it again"
  • The Edge Of Heaven - Candlemass
    "A shapeless form A mindless soul Senseless with no control Eyes so closed A heart that sleeps A memory, a thought that is gone I am born Still I'm no more A dying illusion In the dream I am fading "Oh"
  • Greensleeves - Ray Price
    "I walked one day neath the summer sky and my heart was young and alone was I She came along and I fancied heard the beatiful music of greensleeves She held my hand happiness complete and we kissed that"
  • If This Is All - Spiritual Beggars
    "Woke up this morning from a wonderful dream A dream about a beatiful land where I could breathe The only thing I wanted was to go back to sleep and dream all day long... I was feeling rather down CHORUS: If"
  • Beautiful - Carole King
    "You've got to get up every morning With a smile in your face And show the world all the love in your heart The people gonna treat you better You're gonna find, yes you will That you're beatiful as you"
  • My Eyes Adore You - Robi Rosa
    "my eyes adore you so many of them always say tomorrows is before you all of us musnt play the game so many days, so many nights of love, sweet love hold on dont wake up hold on to your life tomorrows"
  • Beautiful Days - Nick Kamarera & Deepside DJs
    "I'm addicted to the beatiful days And beautiful smiles This is my life. When I see the sun I'm feeling so high I'm addicetd to life You should better try-y-y I'm addicted to the beatiful days And beautiful"
  • Beautiful Days - Nick Kamarera & Deepside Deejays
    "I'm addicted to the beatiful days And beautiful smiles This is my life. When I see the sun I'm feeling so high I'm addicetd to life You should better try-y-y I'm addicted to the beatiful days And beautiful"
  • Miss Impossible - Poets Of The Fall
    "She can see about four satellites Every minute of the hour And find a four leaf clover Where you never saw a flower She's habitually paradoxical a parallel perpendicular Barefoot in nightgowns That's"
  • Beautiful Morning - Grits
    "I think I see it now... You see it, you see it, A beautiful morning You see it, you see it, A beautiful morning Its a beautiful morning Have a nice day Its a beatiful morning Have a nice day You see"
  • All That's Sweet - Bleach
    "I will strike the chord Thats honey to your ears All thats sweet is yours I will hum a verse Of melodies rehearsed All thats sweet is yours So here is my offering Just a downbeat and a string But to you"
  • Go Back To Your Life - Angie Stone
    "Go on back to your life, the way it used to be before you met me. Stop holding on. Baby let it go, casue it ain't gon be different. We don't want to. And you. You've got so much goin' on. And i"
  • Embryo of lies - A Canorous Quintent
    "Hidden thoughts of hateTrying to manipulate the fateUnseen is the power of every manThey who see they don't understand(blind, blinded by fear)Truth they will not hearNeverending sadnessTurn into pure madness"
  • Cockroach Cafe - Blatz
    "Im in the corner of the cockroach cafe a man hums and it makes me mad I want to cry, but I want attention more and I need to cry but no one would listen if only i could lose ten punds, the man humming"
  • Soledad - Negra Mano
    "Nobody's coming through my way I'm drowing in the crown with nothin to say Waitin for a better day This is another beatiful Sunday It's alway the same old show When trouble is comin by the door Love"
  • Beauty Through Broken Glass - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Glass hailed from the sky tonight I couldn't hide to save my life. Standing drenched from open wounds. You took my hand, and pulled me through. I want to give you everything Ill give you my all"

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