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Beatsteaks Mirrored

  • Mirrored - Beatsteaks
    "When everything in you is collapsing I'm feeling well and when you lose the game you know you're in hell and if you need me most I'll be there and hold your hand with firegloves how I used to say anyway"
  • Mirrored In Time - Winds
    "If there is only this one existence Be this the darkest of my days If I am meant to endure Let the world falter Beyond the confines of man Too bound to see the light of the world In this earthly paradise Where"
  • Mirrored In Your Eyes - Sandra
    "(Cretu-Cornelius/Cretu) Hey babe I'm mirrored in your eyes Don't say you don't know why Oh babe I'm mirrored in your eyes I feel that it's love It's love you can't denie Remember times you touched my"
  • Mirrored in scarry skies - Carpe Tenebrum
    "Dimensions of entities between the light perceived,A gazing maze in creations plane, the mirrored sea unleashed,Chaos divine with evil behind, a serpents mind crystallised,Caressing the shadows with mind"
  • The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia - Alghazanth
    "Alghazanth Miscellaneous The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia Hidden horrors strive from the inner mind And all life is altered to sadness Rapture is now the painted crime Images are enriched"
  • Wer A Sagt Muss Auch B Zahlen - Beatsteaks
    "Du spuckst ja ganz schn groe Tne mein Freund Du machst dein Ding du kommst ans Ziel Du hast wohl gestern Nacht was schnes getrumt Wahrscheinlich ging da sonst nicht viel. Doch deine Taten flstern und wetten"
  • Excited (Demo Version) - Beatsteaks
    "I'd sell myself to get excited. There ain't no car I can't get started. And if you want to be a part of it you can share my dream and get lost. There ain't no way to stay a smart boy. If you crack up who's"
  • Indifferent (DeMo Version) - Beatsteaks
    "I see an old man on the street, without shoes and nothing to eat. I ask myself, can this happen to me, whose's the one, who cares about these threat? what a fuck is going on? ignorance and take it"
  • Hey Du! - Beatsteaks
    "Hey, hey du, hey du! Hr mir mal, hr mir mal zu! Ick will dir mal was erzhln, von mir... Dat hab ick noch nie jemacht, auer bei dir! Vielleicht bringt et ja wat. Ick kenn dich ja nich.. Ich seh nur wie"
  • Why You Not... - Beatsteaks
    "Fucking religion is a bloody trail, a promise which will fail, it's the way of torture the way of pain, desease in your brain they say the church's poor but she's rich, more rich than you know for money"
  • As I Please - Beatsteaks
    "you don't guess my name but i've come to rearrange gotta put yourself at ease i do exactly as I please and I know you can be whole so don't you ever forget that listen it up and take the town forget"
  • Jane Became Insane - Beatsteaks
    "jane became insane she's a high class fellow there's something about her that you don't understand she's got me revved up and ready to go she's got everything under control see her now she starts"
  • Sharp, Cool & Collected - Beatsteaks
    "i light the stars the city calls i guarantee my heart i get along i can't go wrong And now i am above it all cause when it comes to love i stay sharp, cool and collected if the whole world goes"
  • Meantime - Beatsteaks
    "watch me overcome what i'm running from and change the tune so i let it go what matters now is story soon i get up - try my luck it starts to call on me never sure how it feels so let it rain on me"
  • Demons Galore - Beatsteaks
    "this is mine it will never be yours stay away from what i love cause it's the only thing i've got won't stick to those i can not trust no matter how you gonna try i never sell and you can't buy so"
  • Cut Off The Top - Beatsteaks
    "check the meaning don't stop the teasing now watch the ceiling crashing down to the floor if you want it get it coming after dark guess we'll make it faster than you ever thought climb this mountain"
  • Bad Brain - Beatsteaks
    "everyone is so kind as they waste my time i will trade my mind for another rip my ticket to get over you i feel sicker every time i try to prove grab my pocket while i stagger ahead can't you see"
  • She Was Great - Beatsteaks
    "a lot of tears a lot of hate there it goes all the magic but that's alright And it's her on the phone pretending everything is just tragic i've been counting the years trying to fake my way all around"
  • Soljanka - Beatsteaks
    "fuck oh no you tried this hanging upside down but dig it again too far out to be heard it's hit and miss guess you found a place to dream your dreams someone will be there to kiss you in between too"
  • Hail To The Freaks - Beatsteaks
    "hail to the freaks i can't get enough so the words hit the boy who can never be tough if somebody needs to compromise hashing out deals to cover lies i predict a world that keeps you hanging on i've"

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