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Beatsteaks She Was Great

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Beatsteaks She Was Great

  • She Was Great - Beatsteaks
    "a lot of tears a lot of hate there it goes all the magic but that's alright And it's her on the phone pretending everything is just tragic i've been counting the years trying to fake my way all around"
  • She Said it Was Great - Ed O.G.
    "Coolin at a club I seen a girl I wanted to stick it to Well, I seen a few, but this one I had to kick it to So I stepped to her, threw a couple and a few of My lines to sedate her Hm... she grabbed her"
  • Great Legs - Chixdiggit
    "great teeth, great legs, great body, but she had a bad attitude all my friends thought she was snotty and my mom thought she was rude but i like, like, like, like, liked her anyway she put me in my place"
  • Great Expectation - Oui 3
    "Desperation scars her face Pushing herself to stay with the pace Kidding herself that any day now Luck is gonna help her keep the vow Somewhere down the line she got side tracked And she's far too proud To"
  • Great Escape - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) Sitting there at home, he arrived home late With no more blood cells to inebriate He lunged at her there, she fell from the couch He grabbed her body as he pulled her down She"
  • Great Escape - Kevin Rudolf
    "One night when i was asleep I had a dream i could fly I felt the cold on my skin Then i open my eyes So i jumped out of bed Went down the fire escape Now i'm laid out on the street I wasn't runnin"
  • Great Castration - Vendetta Red
    "He drew a question from a curtain of flies, 'Are there colors in the dreams of the blind?' He knew the answer when you tore out his eyes, 'Does black count?' Flaccid the severed member you clench."
  • Great Day - Madvillain
    "It never really mattered too much me Cause I was just too damn old to m.c All that really mattered is if your rhymes was ill Girl, that's all that really mattered to me, oh baby Looks like it's gonna"
  • She Was - Deep Purple
    "She was, she was She was all that she said she was She was all that she said she was I couldn't want for more but all i want is more I just want her more and more and more and more and more But she's"
  • She Was - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous She Was She started her new life ten dollars in debt That's all it took to get started back then A trip to the courthouse across that state line No-one could stop her She's"
  • She Was - Rhett Akins
    ""SHE WAS" RHETT AKINS Tuff Guy On The Outside Always Been The Story Of My Life Noone ever Got The Best Of Me Thought I Was In Control Of My Destiney But On The Inside I Was Gun Shy Never Could Look"
  • The Great Pretender - Eno, Brian
    "Monica sighed Rolled on her side She was so impressed that she just surrendered She was moved by his wheels She was just up from Wales He was fueled by her coals and he was coming to catch her Lose the"
  • The Great Pretender - Brian Eno
    "Monica sighed Rolled on her side She was so impressed that she just surrendered She was moved by his wheels She was just up from Wales He was fuelled by her coals and he was coming to catch her Lose the"
  • Great American Nude - dEUS
    "She had this thing about Aleister Crowley it was like a fascination (x2) I didn't mean to be rude... Hey, I wanna I wanna testify ! Hey, I wanna (repeated throughout the song) Burton in a salad bar"
  • The Great Divide - Tim McGraw
    "She was reading a book that she'd already read Just to pass the time He just sat there and stared at the TV set Like he was barely alive And when the local news was over They would climb the stairs And"
  • Juve the great - Juvenile
    "Uh, Uh, Uh I took my first break in seventy-five I tell the story like yesterday when(??) was alive didn't do shit with my brothers without makin e'm mad couldn't get along with nobody so I just ran with"
  • The Great Compromise - John Prine
    "I knew a girl who was almost a lady She had a way with all the men in her life Every inch of her blossomed in beauty And she was born on the fourth of July Well she lived in an aluminum house trailer And"
  • O Great City - Veni Domine
    "Fallen Fallen Is Babylon The Great She Has Become A Home For Demons For All The Nations Drank Of Her Poisonous Wine The Wine Of Her Adulteries Come Away From Her So That You Will Not Share In Her Sin So"
  • Great White Horse - Buck Owens
    "(When I was a young girl I used to dream of a lover To be my shining knight of strenght one day He carried me to a castle in the heavens And battle all my dragons on the way And he'd ride down on a great"
  • The Great Hank - Robert Earl Keen
    "Then there was the time I saw the great Hank Williams singing on the stage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and he was all dressed up in drag From his rose red lips to his rhinestone hips he belted out"

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