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Beautiful Russian Song by

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Beautiful Russian Song by

  • Beautiful - Mali Music
    "It’s a blessing to see people With their heads up to the sky still Cos honestly for the same people Life can be so real I’m amazed by all your strength, I am And I’m grateful you come through yeah, yeah So"
  • Beautiful - P.O.D.
    "you stand with the gun in your hand staring at the wall with a look so sad thinking about who really cares and will they even notice if I just disappeared in one bang, blood rushed to the head shed rather"
  • Beautiful - Blackstar
    "(yes you areee, you're so beautiful) fantastic (on your knees) absolutely fantastic (in my life) absolutely fantastic (on my feet) all the world fantastic (beautiful) absolutely fantastic (come to meee) *quietly*(scientifically,"
  • Russian Girls - Arlo Guthrie
    "words and Music by Arlo Guthrie Too many women growing up wrong Get an education thinking thoughts on their own Making decisions telling men what to do Look at the trouble that we're all going through Russian"
  • Russian Roulette - Triumvirat
    "By the time you're grown and use your brain Your childhood dreams will fade away You learn to argue, learn to fight And get a little colder every day When you get married for the second time You're taking"
  • Russian Forrest - Origa
    ", , , , , ==Romanized Russian== Solnca luch pervym kosnulsya ust I ya ego snova daryu neby Zapax poz veter v okno prinyos Utrennie sny"
  • Russian Roulette - Hot Water Music
    "(She lives like russian roulette. Barrel up to the head. Where every sweet young move is belonging to a sickness.) Now enter special things to detour all the pain, like a brand new, solid mess. But"
  • Russian Roulette - Tsunami Bomb
    "Something isn't right, something's got you down You feel mechanical, a lost soul in the crowd You're one of us so none of us are going to listen to you complain You better shut shut shut your mouth, or"
  • Russian Roulette - Mc Ice
    "Band: Ice Mc Album: Ice 'n' Green Song: Russian Roulette It's a roussian roulette it's a game and you are playing with fire so don't be crazy be at peace of mind when you go with the one you desire your"
  • Black Russian - Koniec Świata
    "Podpalili domy, miasta i kościoły Poderżnęli gardło i ochrzcili nas krwią I nad rzeką w środku dnia Wiem nie spotkam Ciebie tam Zrzucili kotwice i zamarzła mgła Wyprodukowali bomby i wytresowali psa"
  • Russian Waltz - UnSuNg ZeRoS
    "dressed all in white silk a pale ghost she floats till the snow is forgotten outside by soft light of candlestick step two three four five six two pairs of feat slowly glide wake up(!!!) wakeup(!!!)"
  • Car Song (Russian Version) - Ani Lorak
    ", . - . , . , . , . . ,"
  • Beautiful By Christina Aguilara - Lil' Romeo
    "Don't look at me Ooh, oh, oh, ooh, Everyday is so wonderful, then suddenly, it's hard to breathe Now and then I get insecure, from all the pain I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words"
  • Russian Autumn Heart - The Church
    "Combustion, suggestions, roaring engines Jewels and lathes that build a world Titanic Howard Hughes, an aimless king Always spoiling the best things you done So red squares and wavy leaves Delicate glass"
  • The Beautiful Dead Song - Viored
    "This dark sky and the town which loses the color now. If it waits for tomorrow A field of view is taken up. Love is already burned out now. Long way returning. She laughed it for the way as solitary"
  • Russian autumn heart - Church
    "Combustion, suggestions, roaring enginesJewels and lathes that build a worldA Titanic, and Howard Hughes, an aimless kingAlways spoilin' the best things you doneSo red squares and wavy leavesDelicate glass"
  • The most beautiful love song - Debbie Gibson
    "VERSE 1: I wanted to write the most beautiful love song Because we have the most beautiful love But words never came harder It's not as blatant as days has gone by It's hard to be as unique as you But"
  • Beautiful Song - Willard Grant Conspiracy
    "It all looks beautiful to me It all looks beautiful to me It all looks beautiful to me It all looks beautiful to me The rusted cars The battle scars I wonder where you are tonight The road signs say There"
  • Beautiful Song - Jennifer Nettles
    "I danced with beautiful. Lived with her for a while. She was so damn simple. Like the color of a smile. I thought we were beautiful. At least we mirrored that way. But we got too complicated. And beautiful"
  • Beautiful Song - CSS
    "Fly high on the rug With the ones you know With the ones you love With the ones you trust Riding the van, the bus, the plane again And hear the sounds Little air to breathe Little work to kill"

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