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Beauty full madness

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Beauty full madness

  • Beauty And Madness - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "over there, just beneath the moon there's a man with a burden to keep. now sleep will fall washout rags n' paper bags. homes and lives passing by. who will see the beauty in your life? and who will be"
  • Fullmoon madness - Moonspell
    "Somos memórias de lobos que rasgam a pele Lobos que foram homens e o tornaro a ser They awake for flesh Choose pain as a path Refuse a light To blind you and me Full Moon Madness, We are as one and congregate"
  • Madness - Madness
    "Madness, madness, they call it madness Madness, madness, they call it madness It's plain to see That is what they mean to me Madness, madness, they call it gladness, ha-ha Madness, madness, they call it"
  • Beauty & Wonder - Donna Lewis
    "Fresh winds shadows lifting wide open welcoming hearts against the pink sky blackberry tangles a circle of friendship begin under the stars This is the life full of beauty and wonder beauty and wonder This"
  • Evil Beauty - Melissa
    "Dark wind tousles my hair Sorrow is spread in my soul My fear is my fate Smell of pain beyond the beautiful clouds My bleeding eyes Is your evil beauty My dreams are hidden deep inside In my mind Your"
  • Terminal Beauty - Les Rita Mitsouko
    "They settled in natural or sophisticated sceneries Where they cultivate an air of death Big broken baby dolls maybe fucked And we love them They are so meager They're scaring me They look so sour And"
  • Beauty Jackson - Ghostface Killah
    "Standing at the bus stop I heard a voice behind me saying... "Hi, baby" Ohh I just fell all apart inside Because I hadn't heard that voice in such a LONG time I turned around... That's right y'all,"
  • Terminal beauty - Serj Tankian
    "They settled in natural or sophisticated sceneriesWhere they cultivate an air of deathBig broken baby dolls maybe fuckedAnd we love themThey are so meagreThey're scaring meThey look so sourAnd full of"
  • Full Moon - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "I got washed up on an island in Memphis I got wasted in a Longbeach bungalow I took out your assassins on a plateau drunk with poison I'm hell-bent on doing the things you love I'm hell-bent on doing the"
  • Full Moon - The Kinks
    "Haven't you noticed a kind of madness in my eyes? It's only me, dear, in my midnight disguise. Pay no attention if I crawl across the room. It's just another full moon. Don't be afraid of me when"
  • Full Moon - John Hiatt
    "There's a wind inside my soul, Burnin' secrets in the cold. My spirit rages. And the faces in my field, Only flesh made out of him. My body ages. Houses made of stone and ice. Chimneys smokey"
  • Madness And Poetry - Meliah Rage
    "Science and magic Beautifully tragic Secret obsession Manic depression In the thundering distance I hear voices that say That I am the master Of all I survey Through the deafening silence Comes a message"
  • Streets of Madness - Rob Rock
    "Voices in the shadows, whispers in the night Telling him that vengeance will make everything all right Tortured as a child, condemned by all his peers Thoughts that have no reason and a heart that's"
  • Where Madness Hides - Dungeon
    "I've heard about the secret voices Claiming to be heard Their souls were lost in madness Never to return Reaching out from within the circle Dictating all our lives No feelings felt, all questions answered Too"
  • Claws Of Madness - Rebellion
    "(1) Drifting in sleepless nightmares Haunted by poisoned dreams Washing your hands in the water But the hands will never be clean (2) Now you pay the price Your dreams drenched in blood Now you realize"
  • Moon over madness - Gino Vanelli
    "There she lies, a vision in the darkInvader of my heartLook at me, behaving like a fool possessedDamned if I'll be doomedBy this woman 'neath the moon over madnessShall I kiss the mouth, stroke the hairUndress"
  • My Last Beauty - Caliban
    "A morning full of death. Beauty trapped in miserable emtiness. Offer me life. Offer me love. Don't ask me where the sunshine's gone. Offer me life. Offer me love. Offer me the moon. All my figthing in"
  • Beauty Lies Within - Edge Of Dawn
    "Everything is crashing down, Everything is falling apart, We never wanted to find out, What it's like to go up in flames, Now the world is cold and grey, It's harder to face the truth, Locked in our minds, You"
  • Beauty and family - Iron & Wine
    "Reading lettersAncient coinsAnd pockets full of earthChance I'll see youNext DecemberBathtub runningJoining handsAnd naked as a birdThat's a visionI'll rememberPull the covers of the bedThe papers of the"
  • Beauty And Family - Iron And Wine
    "Reading letters Ancient coins And pockets full of earth Chance I'll see you Next December Bathtub running Joining hands And naked as a bird That's a vision I'll remember Pull the covers of"

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