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Because I'm me

  • Because - Jessica Mauboy
    "It's all because, I waited for so long, you showed me you were the one, I gave you my heart, right from the very start so, Every time you lied, I knew inside, Get another chance, I was hurting, I was"
  • Because I'm Forgiven - Phillips, Craig & Dean
    "There's a reason why I bring You this simple offering Pouring out my love to You And though my heart cannot express All this joy and gratefulness Still I sing this song of love and thanks and praise. (chorus) It's"
  • Because I'm Beautiful - Cinerama
    "And with so many people in the room above That was the weirdest place that I've ever made love I was so sure you were trying to impress That my heart stopped dead when you slipped out Slipped right out"
  • Because I'm Awesome - Dollyrots
    ""Uh Huh I've got the new style, uh oh And I'm walking right down your street I'm on your speed dial, you know The one everyone wants to meet I always tell you how cool you dress It's cause I'm fashionably"
  • I'm Here Because I'm Here - Fiddler's Green
    "Here I am amongst you and I'm here Because I'm Here I'm only one year older than I was This time last year Early to rise makes man wise, This I don't think true Sure how the hell can a man go to bed If"
  • Because i'm a he - Chumbawamba
    "As soon as I'm born they made me feel bigThat I was privileged without having to be richThey had a place set aside for me to help to run this societyIf I followed the paths laid down for meI could join"
  • Because I'm A Woman - Lari White
    "Twice the work for half the pay Twice as smart, but afraid to say I'm just here to provide the t & a Because I'm a woman He'll get the gig no matter how hard I bust my ass I better shimmy if the boss"
  • Just Because I'm Wrong - Gerald Levert
    "Girl I know I hurt you and I made you cry You still won't forgive me Though I said I'm sorry a thousand times Girl you're not an angle see you have faults too So why do you take me through the changes The"
  • Because i'm loving you - Venice
    "Na na Na Na,na na Na na I'm Loving YouNa na Na Na,na na Na NaBecause Loving YouBoy You Broke My Heart in TwoAnd There's Nothing I Can DoWithout You I'm Loving YouReach Out to Me LoverAnd Try and Tell Me"
  • Just because i'm a woman - Dolly Parton
    "I can see you're disappointed By the way you look at me And I'm sorry that I'm not The woman you thought I'd be Yes, I've made my mistakes But listen and understand My mistakes are no worse than yours"
  • I sing because i'm happy - Lauryn Hill
    "Why should I feel discouraged Why should the shadows come Why should my heart feel lonely And long for heaven and home When Jesus is my comfort Oh, my constant friend is He His eye is on the sparrow And"
  • Because i'm a girl (Eng) - Kiss
    "I just can`t understand the ways Of all the men and their mistakes, You give them all your heart And then they rip it all away... You told me how much you loved me, And how our love was meant to be. And"
  • Just Because - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "Now just because you think you're so pretty and you ain't pretty And just because you think you're so hot honey you ain't hot And just because you think that you got somethin' Honey you ain't got nothin'"
  • All Because - Matt Wertz
    "I'm turning clouds into mountains Like water into sweet wine I'm closing the mouths of lions Just around suppertime I'm turning gravel roads into golden highways And I'm living off morning dew It keeps"
  • Just Because - Brenda Lee
    "Well now just because you think you're so pretty just because you think you're so hot Just because you think you've got something that nobody else has got Though you make me spend all my money you laugh"
  • Kiss{Because I'm a girl} - J-Entercom
    "I just cant understand the hearts of men They tell you they want you and then they leave you This is the first time, you're special I believed those words and I was so happy You should have told me you"
  • Just Because - Anita Baker
    ""Buy Anita Baker's CD Just Because Anita Baker (Micheal O'Hara, Sami McKinney & Alex Brown) When I think about how much I'm loving you No limitations, no set of regimented rules I'm amazed how much this"
  • Just Because - Ginuwine
    "Just because I'm all G'd up, doesn't mean I'm out to cut Just because,boo,I got game,doesn't mean I'll forget your name Because I push a 6, doesn't mean I'll ego trip It's hard to believe a playa like"
  • Just Because - Paul McCartney
    "Well, well, well, Just because you think you're so pretty, And just because your momma thinks you're hot, Well, just because you think you've got something That no other girl has got, You've caused me"
  • Just Because - Elvis Presley
    "(B. Shelton - J. Shelton - S. Robin) Well, well, well, Just because you think you're so pretty, And just because your momma thinks you're hot, Well, just because you think you've got something That no"

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