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Becky Hil

  • Becky - Jupiter Coyote
    "Well now look at me Becky Yeah I'm wasted again And your valley is laughing At the fool I've been The fool I've been Well now look at me Becky Cause you're all I see And if there is something you've been"
  • Becky - Freak Kitchen
    "Becky, my Becky, you're one of a kind I don't understand how you made up your mind When everyone around you seem to be A full-blown racist pig Don't give in! Don't give in! Don't give in! Don't give"
  • Becky - Be Your Own Pet
    "We're BFF and you're such a good friend, but I knew it couldn't last 'til summer's end. You signed my yearbook, and that was pretty rad, but now I'm getting sick of you and it's just too bad. I heard you"
  • Walking Down The Hil - Travis
    "Walking down this hill tonight I had a thought all to myself As I contemplated the moonlight We've got it all, we've got it made I don't know how I got here But I'm holding on for the crash Pull myself"
  • Becky Starz - Forever The Sickest Kids
    "That party, that party was the worst thing That has ever happened to me Black eye and bleeding, but I'm breathing by myself Those girls, those guys, they all want me They all want me dead I should've"
  • Becky from The Block - Becky G
    "(Ref.) I won’t stop til I get to the top I’m so I’m so Becky from the block Always had a little, but I want a lot no matter where I go I know where I came from I won’t stop til I get to the top I’m so"
  • Me and Becky - Chris Rice
    "Becky has a house on abundant life Boulevard A good name, a good family, and butterflies in her yard Becky loves Jesus and really wants to make Him proud She tears up in church and she sings her harmonies"
  • Powerless (Feat. Becky Hill) - Rudimental
    "Bury my ghost Start my glory days Infiltrate my heart And take the pain away Took me time To see through your eyes Oh I’m not scared My words aren’t lies Powerless love, your love Powerless love, your"
  • Oath (feat. Becky G) - Cher Lloyd
    "Yo! My best friend, best friend til the very end Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend You need a hand, And I'm right there right beside you You in the dark, I'll be the bright light"
  • HISTORY (feat. Becky Hill) - Joel Corry
    "We got so much history Wrapped up in these memories We got so much history I'll never let go We got so much history Wrapped up in these memories We got so much history I'll never let go We tried to walk"
  • People - Ft. Becky G - Libianca
    "Oh-oh-oh-oh Mhmm, mhmm From Bamenda, it's Libianca Oh-oh (A-yo, Mage, it's yo' beat) I've been drinking more alcohol for the past five days Did you check on me? Now, did you look for me? I walked in the"
  • Mad Love (Ft. Becky G) - Sean Paul, David Guetta
    "Jiggle up your body jiggle up your swing love me love me like that love me like we never let go love me love me like that love me like we never let go watch the tempo /5x baby girl got me lovin on your"
  • Como No (ft. Becky G) - Akon
    "me dijeron que tu querias conversar entre tu y to no hay nada que hablar sebemos los dos que va a pasar aqui vamo directo a la cama me vuelvo loco yo cada vez que yo te toco, oy se me esta partiendo el"
  • La Loto (feat. Becky G, Anitta) - TINI
    "Un poquitito, un poquitito te podés emborrachar Dos copas de vino Estamo' hablando de voltaje Hoy estamos sudando todo el maquillaje Me tenés volando alto sin pasaje La que está contigo no quiere que baje Pero"
  • Mala (feat. Becky G & De La Ghetto) - Pitbull
    "Portate Portate bien mal Becky Portate Portate bien mal Becky Mr. Worldwide Portate Portate bien mal Becky Mr 305 Portate Portate bien mal Becky G Let’s ride Yo no soy mala mala No soy tan mala"
  • Excuse My Rude (ft. Becky G) - Jessie J
    "Let's Go! Me, me, me, me, me That's all you ever talk about Me, me, me, me, me Sick of when you scream and shout Me, me, me, me, me So baby go and run your mouth Run your mouth, run your mouth I, I,"
  • I'm Gonna Fly By: Becky Baeling - 50 Cent
    "If you looked inside of me Would it be the same thing that I see? A heart of endless dreams, so much I wanna give Now I'm dancing in the light, I finally feel alive(finally feel alive) It's what I need"
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G) - j-hope
    "let it rain and clear it out let it rain and clear it out let it rain and clear it out let it rain and clear it out let it rain and clear it out Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Noodle"
  • Down To Miami (feat. Becky G) - Emotional Oranges
    "Brown skin on the white sand I look good with a nice tan Need a MAN With the right plan And i was Laid back Smoking ganja Dodging karma I’ve been tied up Fellas violennt When i play games with you Switch"
  • Wish U Were Here (ft. Becky G) - Cody Simpson
    "Lately I got this feeling I don't know what's the meaning But I know it's strong And it's over you All I want is to be home with you Oh oh oh I'm coming right back Oh oh oh Livin' without you is (no, no) I'm"

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