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Becoming young

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Becoming young

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Becoming young
  • Pantera Becoming
    "A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory Of shame birthed its gift. No more. The small one, the weak one, the frightened one. Running from beatings, deflating. I'm becoming more Than a man."
  • Tree63 Becoming
    "Does anybody feel a change coming? Does anybody feel like up and running? Does anybody here want to volunteer To break through into a new atmosphere? CHORUS Here we go, here we go Were becoming the One"
  • Christine Dente Becoming
    "These are my sidewalks They wounds around the neighborhood Always led me straight and safely home But now they're uneven 'Cause roots move beneath them And time won't leave well enough alone And I had"
  • Jewel Becoming
    "Listen, heart Listen close-listen 2 the melancholy Melody of your own voice I am weary of my own dreaming I am tired of waiting So this time, I'm leaping I reach-beyond myself 2 see What I find, beyond"
  • Quindon Tarver Becoming
    "Listen, HeartListen Close-listen2 the MelancholyMelody of Your Own VoiceI Am Weary of My Own DreamingI Am Tired of WaitingSo This Time, I'm Leaping I Reach-beyond Myself 2 SeeWhat I Find, Beyond My Mind,"
  • Milky Chance Becoming
    "Only jealousy is blind But there's a light that brings me back It takes me to the right horizon Takes me where i want to be Blood is running down the river I feel like fond of destruction Is destiny"
  • Michael Nesmith Life Becoming
    "Life becoming life Becoming life Becoming love Love becoming love Becoming love Becoming one Love becoming life And life becoming one Growing in the garden Water springs above Love becoming life Becoming"
  • Eisley Becoming You
    "Becoming You Ha ha ha, we float our way through this lonely world, again you say "It's funny how the years go by when you never stop singing" Well it gets so easy riding on your shadow my ideas get"
  • Infected Mushroom Becoming Insane
    "De me todo lo que paso No me di cuenta ni que me pego Todo da vueltas como un carrusel Locura recorre todita mi piel Wake me up before I change again Remind me the story that I wont get insane Tell me"
  • His Hero Is Gone Becoming Soil
    "Wasting away A life spent boiled by Fear and Death and Christian Turmoil Souls, years Long gone form a soulless life and a withered body rotting numb... and what remains? A decaying body a brainwashed"
  • Numic I'm Becoming
    "Consumed uninspired I will lose I may die here Into into this place I'll hide Confused for now Ill lay here When, when will this end? When can I mend All this space inside SMILES - won't change this taste It's"
  • Carnal Forge Becoming dust
    "We're marching on to the rhythm of the deadWe're marching on, our hearts pounding with rageBreak those chainsKill your fearsBreak that curseBurn your soulCrushed by the light, slayed by servants of christYou"
  • Mushroomhead Becoming cold
    "Never heard my name called Never any one at all Never in the right How ever we fold Time to write me off (teamate the anidote To ressue this stranded soul Cast away the last you know That the dream is"
  • Nine Inch Nails The Becoming
    "I beat my machine it's a part of me it's inside of me I'm stuck in this dream it's changing me I am becoming the me that you know had some second thoughts he's covered with scabs and he is broken and sore the"
  • Augie March Becoming Bryn
    "I dreamt I got a snakebite Just a dream but upon waking up my head felt light My arm felt tight Where the serpent struck A mark so faintly There upon me With very little warning the end And if you think"
  • unloco Becoming I
    "Sunlight warms my face It's hard to take in An overwhelming grace From the way that I live So close to you I feel so ashamed This must be new 'Cause I've fallen again The stench smells so real Like I've"
  • Sneaker Pimps Becoming X
    "you can keep breathing i only fall when you are near me incomplete i only talk when you can hear me keep dreaming can't wake up until i'm sleeping lost on me close to something i'd never be () if i"
  • Amoeba Becoming Nothing
    "A summer wind is drifting through my hair With it goes all of me that is there There's nothing left of me but flesh and blood and bones I'm alone I'm alone Memories come and go like dust in wind and rain Enjoying"
  • Pale Forest Becoming One
    "Patterns lull me in to sleep still I can not reach your keep My ship lies still upon the sea and yet no harbour can I see Sunsweet voices call my name sweeter pictures calm my shame Realm of sanctum"
  • Fractured Becoming One
    "The Stench of rotting flesh, in my butchers room of death. Play the god, of our facade choking on your final breath. I need to skin you alive, I need to feed my mind. I need to feast on your soul, like"

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