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Becoming young tripping

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Becoming young tripping

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Becoming young tripping
  • Robbie Williams Tripping
    "First they ignore you Then laugh at you and hate you Then they fight you Then you win When the truth dies very bad things happen They're being heartless again I know it's coming and there's going to be"
  • Pantera Becoming
    "A long time ago I never knew myself. Then the memory Of shame birthed its gift. No more. The small one, the weak one, the frightened one. Running from beatings, deflating. I'm becoming more Than a man."
  • Tree63 Becoming
    "Does anybody feel a change coming? Does anybody feel like up and running? Does anybody here want to volunteer To break through into a new atmosphere? CHORUS Here we go, here we go Were becoming the One"
  • Christine Dente Becoming
    "These are my sidewalks They wounds around the neighborhood Always led me straight and safely home But now they're uneven 'Cause roots move beneath them And time won't leave well enough alone And I had"
  • Jewel Becoming
    "Listen, heart Listen close-listen 2 the melancholy Melody of your own voice I am weary of my own dreaming I am tired of waiting So this time, I'm leaping I reach-beyond myself 2 see What I find, beyond"
  • Quindon Tarver Becoming
    "Listen, HeartListen Close-listen2 the MelancholyMelody of Your Own VoiceI Am Weary of My Own DreamingI Am Tired of WaitingSo This Time, I'm Leaping I Reach-beyond Myself 2 SeeWhat I Find, Beyond My Mind,"
  • Milky Chance Becoming
    "Only jealousy is blind But there's a light that brings me back It takes me to the right horizon Takes me where i want to be Blood is running down the river I feel like fond of destruction Is destiny"
  • Bruno Mars Tripping Out
    "I’m tripping out I’m tripping out We met in a crowded place Expression on her face The look in her eyes says she wanted me So I played it cool But inside I knew If I made my move Then hand it for,"
  • The Queers You're Tripping
    "You suck Motherfucker I hate "White Power" I hate you band Can't you see This ain't Nazi Germany Bring on the beers 'Cause we are the Queers You're Tripping You're Tripping Oh yeah (x4) You suck Motherfucker Your"
  • Deranged Death Tripping
    "To hunt and lurk in the dark is to kill the light, to fear the day and penetrate the night Decay, left the corpse in ruins Randomize killing Another revival of that mortal flesh Facing the mirror, staring"
  • Fatboy Slim Gangster Tripping
    "We got to We got to We got to We got to Kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that, kick that gangster"
  • Jamie Cullum Tripping Up
    "I see my life running in cycles Except the other day I felt like a change Watch as I break this vicious circle You gone and made me see some things in different ways Now need not explain it See with"
  • Dave Matthews Band Tripping billies
    "We were above You were standing underneath us We were not yet lovers Dragons were smoked Bumblebees were stinging us I was soon to be crazy Eat, drink, and be merry For tomorrow we die Eat, drink, and"
  • Michael Nesmith Life Becoming
    "Life becoming life Becoming life Becoming love Love becoming love Becoming love Becoming one Love becoming life And life becoming one Growing in the garden Water springs above Love becoming life Becoming"
  • Sam Phillips Tripping Over Gravity
    "black niagara of control spilling down to culture mock you can tell me feet will land on the ground, safe, and walk tripping over gravity missing logic tripping over gravity hicks on fire commuter virus"
  • Jamelia Tripping Over You
    "Alone Why am I alone What I have I done to deserve Being out here on my own It's cold Even in the sun It's like every freak has got somebody Or I am the only one Bridge: So where you at (where you at) Show"
  • Aluminum Group Tripping Over Boxes
    "I don't wanna go down those stairs And trip over the boxes that are lying At the bottom of the stairs just sitting there Mocking the things that I gave You coulda been a little kinder and I, brave I don't"
  • Eisley Becoming You
    "Becoming You Ha ha ha, we float our way through this lonely world, again you say "It's funny how the years go by when you never stop singing" Well it gets so easy riding on your shadow my ideas get"
  • Infected Mushroom Becoming Insane
    "De me todo lo que paso No me di cuenta ni que me pego Todo da vueltas como un carrusel Locura recorre todita mi piel Wake me up before I change again Remind me the story that I wont get insane Tell me"
  • His Hero Is Gone Becoming Soil
    "Wasting away A life spent boiled by Fear and Death and Christian Turmoil Souls, years Long gone form a soulless life and a withered body rotting numb... and what remains? A decaying body a brainwashed"

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