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Bee Gees Whisper Whisper

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Bee Gees Whisper Whisper

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Bee Gees Whisper Whisper
  • Bee Gees Whisper Whisper
    "Whisper, whisper. What have you got ? I got something that you need a lot . Stop me and buy one. You can see better but you better not. Listen mister can you help me ? It's my sister . Show her how to"
  • Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju Bee Gees
    "Przed nosem gdy nam wyrasta w poprzek płot Szlaban jakiś lub wielki napis stop My rwiemy w przód, z przodu mamy głód Omijamy kłody robiąc lekki zwód Idziemy bo, bo byle co Nie zatrzyma w drodze nas Rów"
  • Above & Beyond Bee Gees
    "Woman in a million to me I never loved so much Is it any wonder I'm alive No one ever knows what makes a Virtue or a vice Let it be the spell I'm under (These naked eyes) Let it be the rain and"
  • Catherine Whisper
    "Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear Softly whisper in your ear I want it all but it's not here You've changed a lot in a year Bye, bye Broken pain does never"
  • Milk Inc. Whisper
    "Hush now, let's not end before we start Hush now, lay a whisper on my heart Time flies, when you're lying next to me Your eyes, are the only thing I see Let's make this moment last Try not to move too"
  • Milk Inc Whisper
    "Hush now! Let's not end before we start Hush now! Lay your whisper on my heart Time flies- when you're lying next to me, Your eyes- are the only thing I see, Let's make this moment last, try not to move"
  • Gary Numan Whisper
    "I wonder if at times You ever think of me Or even call my name. I don't suppose you do. They talk of rain They talk of time They talk of pain They talk of mine. They whisper names They whisper news They"
  • Tamia Whisper
    "Whisper Hey hey oh Now we almost blew it had a thing so perfect I was scared, I wanted to find something wrong, oh So I, put you through it and I made excuses tried to turn you away I knew I was wrong,"
  • Dc Cooper Whisper
    "Feeling in my bones As a chill is running down my spine Is it when I asked you: are you the divine? Said what I had to say Did what I had to do waiting for a sign As she dances among us With a feel that's"
  • morphine Whisper
    "Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue Don't worry I'm not looking at you Gorgeous and dressed in blue I know it drives you crazy When I pretend you don't exist When I'd like to"
  • A Fine Frenzy Whisper
    "Running the race like a mouse in a cage Getting nowhere, but I'm trying Forging ahead but I'm stuck in the bed That I made, so I'm lying But if you keep real close Yeah, you stay real close I will reach"
  • Common Children Whisper
    "In this festival of time When I seek but will not find Would you shine some feelings into my eyes Could you climb with healing into my tired mind Into my own mind In this revelry of days When I'm trapped"
  • Dreamtale Whisper
    "Fading moment, fading memory A faint wraith of the past (yesterdays fainting ghost) Grieving nation, weeping love Shattering dream of the past (yesterdays fragile dream) Forever crying for it's pain Eternally"
  • Ernie Halter Whisper
    "How do I ask her to come back to me After I told her goodbye How do I love her so desperely And for so long I pushed her for side How do I walk back into her life Now don't wanna walk away How do I ask"
  • Bang Gang Whisper
    "( Live MCM Caf ) Whisper in my dream to you I want you closer to me Can you see the raindrops fall They are the tears of my eyes Watching you go far away I want you closer to me How does it feel to be,"
  • Headstone Epitaph Whisper
    "will I follow words I've ever known will I leave you here leave you now alone my dear will I always know whisper my aim and let me know the same let me know what I don't know and what I always"
  • Slovo Whisper
    "I think I should go now I must leave before my red eyes match the sunrise No more coffee will put off today I've stood too long In the shadow of a doubt I need some sun It seems that time returns to"
  • Oval Opus Whisper
    "Said a whisper last night while I held you, and I told you that I needed you forever I told you everything I want to live for, and how we could be When the words come to me and it's magic you know, and"
  • Alien Ant Farm Whisper
    "It my arms that wrap you up nice It my arms, it my arms baby Small rooms with record exec types Whisper away my future lately Il introduce you to producers Il write your songs and make them way damn"
  • Ying Yang Twins Whisper
    "Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear Tell you sunthing that you might like to hear You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft Mind if i touch it? and see if its soft Naw i'm jus"

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