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Belinda Carlisle

  • Belinda - Belinda
    "aii aiii aiii..... Dime tu si me miras a mi no soy la nia que antes fui me aleje de tu amor Quiero pensar que se puede cambiar la luna llena por el sol en un eclipse total. Pooooooorque acabo aiiiaiiii"
  • Belinda - Eurythmics
    "Belinda the rain is falling Belinda your love is calling Belinda he'd never leave you Belinda he won't deceive you Belinda your mind is dreaming Belinda it's so misleading Belinda he'd never leave you Belinda"
  • Belinda - Roy Orbison
    "(Dennis Linde) Oh sweet, sweet Belinda They say that you are looking for a home Fresh out of a love affair Fresh out of hope Fresh out of dreams I know you're as strong as any human can be But you need"
  • Belinda - Gianni Morandi
    "Bella belinda e' innamorataparla da sola con l'insalatanon guarda il piatto ma la finestrascende una lacrima nella minestragioca col pane bella belindafa le palline con la mollicanel uo bicchiere bella"
  • Danny Carlisle - Vic Chesnutt
    "He wanted a treefort more than anythingyes, he wanted to build and defend one on his ownbut the neighbour boys BB seige was overwhelmingso he won't be building his dream treefort anymoreHe received a five-speed"
  • Carlisle Road - New Model Army
    "Pushing up on Carlisle Road into the seething shadows Through the plastic visor " a hail of broken kerbstone Fire-lit-faces, all the noise " so much hatred What I remember thinking " I can't believe this"
  • Carlisle Wheeling - The Monkees
    "In a long and involved conversation with myself I saw a precious thing come into view When I poured through the files taken off my mental shelf I dusted off some memories of you Then I thought about the"
  • Belinda (Be Fr33) - Belinda
    "What happened to me? I'm just a man only a man wanting to be someone and if I try...cloh...oh...oh and if I dream...cloh...oh...oh and if I see my heart inside of the bathroom Let's go riding together. Let's"
  • Pretty Belinda - Chris Roberts
    ""She lived on a boathouse down by the river everyone called her Pretty Belinda went to the boathouse down by the river just for a look at Pretty Belinda! All of my loving wanted to give her as soon as"
  • Belinda Redwood - Arapaho
    "Arapaho 1, 2 Mile From Eden Belinda Redwood Why the trees must fall Another bit of junk mail through the wall Why the trees must always fall So your rave trainers come boxed and all So why the treesmust"
  • Belinda Bye Bye - Barbies Cradle
    "Bake a cake to my taste you dance away Belinda Disappear in the light smile like that Belinda But i will not follow you tonight i will go home You are tremors in my heart you are my Belinda You will"
  • De Nina A Mujer By Belinda - Belinda
    "No se que pasa pero siento que algo esta cambiando cuando lo veo qreo que mi corazon estalla no puedo concentrarme siempre lo estoy pensando sera que siento algo mas por el No se que pasa pero no puedo"
  • The Rise & Fall Of Belinda & Ivan - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him Until the very end He believed what she said When she said that she would For better or for worse That was the oath decreed Two years later divorced 'cause of speed Pull"
  • The Rise And Fall Of Belinda And Ivan - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him, Until the very end. He believed what she said, When she said that she would. For better or for worse, That was the oath decreed, Two years later divorced 'cause of speed. Pull"
  • The rise and fall of Ivan and Belinda - Dogwood
    "She said she'd stick with him, Until the very end He believed what she said, When she said that she would For better or for worse That was the oath decreed, Two years later divorced 'cause of speed Pull"
  • California - Belinda Carlisle
    "I remember I was In the tanning salon When I heard that River Phoenix was gone They say that only the good die young But that ain't true where I come from California...California It took a lot for me"
  • A Woman And A Man - Belinda Carlisle
    "I took a walk today to where the ocean meets the sky I thought about the way They always say love never dies And as the sun went down I saw a lovers silhouette A woman and a man in a dance I envied"
  • Remember September - Belinda Carlisle
    "I can see you when the rains come In a flood of memory And I go back To that place where love was new To those days of me and you We thought would never end... Remember September And the promise of love"
  • Listen To Love - Belinda Carlisle
    "Baby close your eyes, listen to love See what dreams are made of Oh, and if one kiss Speaks to us like this Why resist it, baby, listen to love The voices of reason Say not to leap in They tell me 'Be"
  • Always Breaking My Heart - Belinda Carlisle
    "Is this what you want? Every finger points at me This might be funny if it wasnt such a tragedy After a while It gets hard to smile And pretend that things are OK So when you need me in the middle of"

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