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Bellamy Brothers '

  • Mr. Bellamy - Paul McCartney
    "I'm not coming downNo matter what youI like it up hereWithout youAll right Mr. BellamyWe'll have you down soonNo one to tell me what to doNo one to hold my handBellamy's got a lot to doAnd I hope that"
  • Brothers - John Mellencamp
    "Let's get to the point now Just because we've got the same mom & dad That don't mean I'm your keeper That don't mean I owe anything to you You don't care for me And man, I don't think that much of you "
  • Brothers - Ola
    "Like a shelter in the storm, Ill keep you warm Know that you always can count on me When everything fails, Ill be the wind in your sails Know that you always can count on me With you I am strong I"
  • Brothers - Gamma Ray
    "My life, not yoursIs that alright no fightI don't wanna quit itNo way, is that okayNo don't you dare, don't you dareto touch it with your fingersYou sneak around, pull me downGimme no, gimme no, gimme"
  • Brothers - Kim Wilde
    "Written by Ricky & Marty Wilde Here we are Late in the hours that start another day Here am I Skirting around what I really want to say Brothers Well they hold a place in your heart They're something apart But"
  • Brothers - Tiga
    "Well its true youre a bit like me But youre a lot like you And Im not like you And youre not like me But Im the same as you And youre the same as me And youre a lot like you But youre a bit like"
  • Brothers - Brand New
    "So the airs getting colder and the news keeps us scared. I still wrestle this summer in the bones of our tired and blistered hands, cause tonight we got drinks with just a couple of friends and the girl"
  • Brothers - Iron Savior
    "(Of The Past)Devastation - radiation - paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising - termination's here Stratospheric - energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation inside the machine Reborn in"
  • Brothers - Ms.Dynamite
    "When we were young life was so unjustAt timesw I felt it was just usMumma workin hard 2 put food on the tableAll on her own she sacrificedEven wen my sisters and brothers diedSomehow she stayed strong"
  • Brothers - Capone-N-Noreaga
    "(Troy Outlaw) Lets get this shit perculating son u know Thugged Out entertainment coming at your motherfucking neighborhood Know what I'm saying, like a theater near you Troy Outlaw, Goldfingaz Capone-N-Noreaga"
  • Brothers - Vic Mignogna
    "(Edward) How can I repay you, brother mine? How can I expect you to forgive? Clinging to the past I shed our blood, and shattered your chance to live Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed How can I return"
  • You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie (1979) - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie (1979) The pines trees grow so tall in the bright sunshine A young boy steals his daddy's fishing line Alligator lays on the banks of the river"
  • Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams) - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Highway 2-18 (Hang On To Your Dreams) Lyrics & Music: Howard Bellamy / David Bellamy Turn the radio up, it's time to get down Feeling high on the hopes in the wind Your"
  • Inside Of My Guitar - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Inside Of My Guitar Now, there`s a place I want to show you And don`t you know it`s not too far and there`s a place I want to know you Inside of my guitar In my guitar there"
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous More Of You Hearts burning like sable on fire flames changing my love to desire You, you can see light of the day girl, we got to go on the way Ref.: I need more of you,"
  • Satin Sheets - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Satin Sheets Lyrics & Music: Willis Alan Ramsey I wish I was a millionaire I'd play rock music and grow long hair I tell you boys I'd buy a new Rolls Royce. Pretty women'd"
  • Get Into Reggae Cowboy - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Get Into Reggae Cowboy I was walking down Broadway New York, New York Tony Llama boots and a Stetson hat Proud to be a country boy Just then a messenger called me Rasta"
  • Crossfire - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Crossfire Music & Lyrics: Jerry Careaga / Dick Holler Sleep some nights it just don't show When you've pushed and life won't go Your dreams get lost and your sorrows grow You"
  • Beautiful Body - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Beautiful Body If I said you have a beautiful Body would you hold it against me? If I swore you were an angel would you treat me like the devil tonight? If I was dying"
  • Dancing Cowboys - BELLAMY BROTHERS
    "Bellamy Brothers Miscellaneous Dancing Cowboys We like boots and saddles We love girls and guitars We let romance and passion turn our heads and rule our homes Old bandanas and blue jeans Campfires burnin'"

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