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Beloved Mooji Baba

  • Baba Blues - Pete Townshend
    "Oh Baba, some day I'll write you a love song, but now I'll just sing the blues. Some day I'll write you a love song, but now though, I'll just sing the blues. I suffer in the day, and the night time runs, and"
  • Beloved - Minnie Driver
    "The late light of the desert made The mountains a silhouette As curved as a woman's side As far off as I feel inside This gravity that used to feel like fear Pulls me to a new conclusion The light of you"
  • Beloved - Virgin Black
    "How many times will I look at you? Allured by the scent of your death And the savage priests, to a suffering soul Exult in a strangled song I am soothed from anger into sorrow As they knot their wreaths"
  • Beloved - Melissa Etheridge
    "They say that they don't know me Never saw my face And if they've never been there Can they be sure there's such a place They think if they don't answer The world will pass them by But there's a fire in"
  • Beloved - Working Title
    "Come to me like in my dreams Spinning everything And all the while my bones fight Not to crash down Now that I know you can be Everything I need And anything I'd do to Find your name 'cos in my subconscious I"
  • Beloved - Caedmon's Call
    "Beloved these are dangerous times Because you are weightless like a leaf from the vine and the wind has blown you all over town Because there is nothing holding you to the groundSo now you would rather"
  • Beloved - A.R. Kane
    "A.r. Kane Miscellaneous Beloved Yes i want you And i need you The angel just passed me by, oh! I feel like i could change inside I feel like i can change inside Breeze flicker through my mind Feel your"
  • Beloved - The Working Title
    "Come to me like in my dreams Spinning everything And all the while my bones fight Not to crash down Now that I know you can be Everything I need And anything I'd do to Find your name Because in my subconscious I"
  • Beloved - Nehemiah
    "Once upon a midnight sky, the darkness calls my name. From this day forth the calling will prevail eternal. Let this be the last time that you come for me, as we become one. I can't envision the temptation"
  • Beloved - Wendy Matthews
    "Here I am, I'm right here Oh I wish you could feel me Standing so close I'm right beside you dear I fly around this old man house I float through our walls I scream and I call While I watch you without"
  • Beloved - Offset
    "Is it so wrong to want everything? Sometimes so close I had it in my grasp. But I choked, I took all you could give I tried so hard to make you proud Its just not my fault, Its just my time to let go Things"
  • Beloved - Paolo Santos
    "I'm so tired of being here Supressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't leave me alone These wounds"
  • Beloved - Glay
    "mou dorekurai aruitekitanoka machikadoni natsuwo kazaru himawari mendouna koiwo nagedashita kako omoidasutabini setsunasa tsunoru isogashii mainichini oborete sunaoni narenu nakade wasureteta taisetsuna"
  • Beloved - Switchfoot
    "Maybe all the world is insecure Maybe all of us are looking for a cure Maybe, something that can finally reassure, maybe We're chasing after money like a drug But the money's never gonna be enough No,"
  • Baba - OT.TO
    "BABA - PIOSENKA LIRYCZNA Nie ważne, skąd się wzięłaś, jak miałaś na imię,Pamiętam tylko tyle, że było to w zimie Baba Baba Po dwóch dniach właściwie nic już nie istniało Oprócz mnie i ciebie, lat tyle,"
  • Baba - Maria Sadowska
    "Być dziewczyną na zakręcie To nie taka prosta sprawa. Rzuć w nią okiem w złym momencie. A zakończy się zabawa, hej! Być dziewczyną na zakręcie Karuzeli błyski, lśnienie Twoje bluzgi jak zaklęcie Wystrzelają"
  • Baba - Alanis Morissette
    "i've seen them kneel with baited breath for the ritual i've watched this experience raise them to pseudo higher levels i've watched them leave their families in pursuit of your nirvana i've seen them coming"
  • Baba - Vito Bambino
    "Ostatnio siedzę z młodym w wannie i śpiewamy sobie pieśni o miłości Tak się składa, że akurat znam je. ich połowę napisałem sam On nagle do słuchawki od prysznica że do babci będzie dzwonił Nie śpiewamy"
  • Baba Saad - Baba Saad
    "Sag mir wo bist du hart du verlogener Hund Kuck, wie jeder Ganster bounct wenn ich rap Und ich werd aktzeptieren, weil mein Sound ist perfekt, yeah Du bist out, keck und selber Schuld Ich hab soviel zu"
  • Beloved One - Ben Harper
    "We have both been here before Knocking upon love's door Begging for someone to let us in Knowing this we can agree To keep each other company Never to go down that road again My beloved one My beloved"

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