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Beneath the Brine

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Beneath the Brine

  • Palace of the brine - The Pixies
    "In a place they say is dead in the lake that's like an ocean i count about a billion head all the time there's a motion palace of the brine i saw the cloning of the famous family i heard the droning in"
  • Palace Of The Brine - Pixies
    "In a place they say is dead In the lake that's like an ocean I count about a billion head All the time There's a motion Palace of the brine I saw the cloning Of the famous family I heard the droning"
  • Tuna in the brine - Silverchair
    "I fondle keys to my heart when everyone's heartSeems so calmAnd you found the lockTo my dorm and opened the door to my trustFund my vestryThe light in my darkest hour is fearDenies me of anything good"
  • Beneath - Ride
    "Rise above the rain, For all our sins we're not to blame, This time will pass away not yours or mine. And what we tried so hard to find, Is already in our mind. Stand beneath the sun, And know that soon"
  • Beneath - My Shameful
    "Should the sun hurt my eyes Then should I close them Should I seek hide from under Under soothing rock so heavy Beneath the world will I hide till the end Beneath this soil will I find A resting place,"
  • Beneath - After Forever
    "Bewildered by silence Stuck by its questions and lucid ways to make us aware I did not know how cruel that could be That so many cases will never be solved That so many stories will never be told I did"
  • Beneath - Meshuggah
    "It's time to go into the me belowMy morbid self beneathA peril trip the last way outI spin as I let goIn spirals down the narrow linesPassing through my auraSpit me out into my mindA journey through diseaseI'm"
  • Beneath - Nothingface
    "Telling time is hard when it rewinds Painting circles around your crimes What if I told you to die Would you hate me and burn up inside No traces, no picture No sacred glowing scriptures So control your"
  • Beneath The Howling Stars - Cradle of Filth
    "Midwinter wrongs the rites of Spring Her spinal chill rakes the earth Whilst pensive souls at zero sing Woebetidings of rebirth Under cold stares of Mars maligned Near-suicides cross their hearts And unborns"
  • Not Beneath - Living Sacrifice
    "To provide Christ the entrance Forsaking the empty way of life Sure of the Spirit's fulfillment And absence of strife God's child of the incorruptible seed, in which the world abides Firmly rooted, established"
  • Buried Beneath - Rose Funeral
    "When the hour is struck, the dead will rise. They'll dig up from below, they'll feed tonight. Terror through the streets, hunting for the weak. They shall reign supreme until we're all dead. The skies"
  • City Beneath - Revis
    "The city underneath That passes by The city on top of the world Is the victem to Whatever we do Everywhere we turn away To find another to never return As were passing through The city we view Way"
  • City Beneath - Firevision
    "The city underneath That passes by The city on top of the world Is the victem to Whatever we do Everywhere we turn away To find another to never return As were passing through The city we view Way"
  • Dying Beneath - Zavorash
    "With Evil In Eye They Arise At Night Spreading Wings Over Moonshine Skies When They Ascend With Winds To Flight Then It Is Time For The Darkened Tide To Arrive Desecrated Domains Dying Beneath Delighted"
  • Death Beneath - Buried Dreams
    "(Lyrics: Valdespino) (Music: Valdespino) "I want to confess As honest as I can But my heart es empty Turned to my being " My face causes me fear I live in a disturbing world Traped in my dreams and"
  • Crushed Beneath - By A Thread
    "So far away, I can still touch you, So much to understand here, But you take another step, And I'll be there, You might fall, You might fall, turn a light, You might fall, You might fall, turn a light"
  • Beneath Contempt - Flesh Field
    "I can only take so much before my back will break. So tell me what you've learned from your thousands of mistakes. I don't want to be anything like you are. New strains of apathy infecting all the old"
  • Beneath The Living - Scum Of The Earth
    "Haunted by hatred {Haunted by hatred} Hating ever I will I will get you I will I will bury you So I put you in your place Down down Beneath the living Down down Beneath the living Hate! Go! Haunted"
  • Beneath The Blue - The 69 Eyes
    "Some were born to light Some into the endless night baby Every man's got to find What's there behind The silver side now baby Would you take me tonight Back into the garden of delight Don't let"
  • Beneath The Skin - Queen Adreena
    "Beneath the Skin a caustic red river Beneath the Skin corrosive abuser Beneath the Skin genetic in rupture Beneath the Skin all cold and hungered Beneath the Skin a still born forgiveness Beneath the Skin"

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