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Benga - I Will Never Change

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Benga - I Will Never Change

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Benga - I Will Never Change
  • Gainsae Never Change
    "The sun rises on a new day And I can't see you through the haze And if I know you I know you will never change Until you subside, subdued and rearranged You'll never change I know you'll be there"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Never Change
    "Someone's always tellin me i'm no good well I don't care what you say someone's always giving me a hard time well I live day to day someone's always puttin me in my place like I don't know where I am so"
  • Everlea Never change
    "When you said "life becomes so simple when you're near," did you mean complications are what you really need? And I just end up in the way. Why is this so hard? Why is this so hard? Let's find the thrill"
  • Dear Juliet Never Change
    "If you hear this, wherever you are, just know I need you here, I need you near me now You were brighter than the pale white moon reflected in your eyes So I guess it's no surprise, I can't forget you,"
  • David Ruffin Never Change
    "i have dream a dream there a common man ah hoping to rise to the top i have sworn by my blood as your man my love that one day i promise one day your hurting stop but i never never never never change(i"
  • Sharon Van Etten Nothing Will Change
    "Maybe something will change Maybe something will change Remember when you saw me on the street And then you looked in my eyes? You helped me with the tire change It had been a while and I thought that"
  • Superheist Will The Change
    "Why does the score have to be like this? Come see the blood on the edge of my finger tips, On the edge of the world I am waiting for you. Ha! Care for a taste of this? Its gonna get you high, Eyes that"
  • Dead Moon Cast Will Change
    "Wish I'd been born on a Georgia farm Wish I'd never seen the city's harm Wish I'd been sown like an innocent seed Stranded in the country 'stead of on the street Sooner or later the cast will change Watched"
  • Daniel Merriweather Change
    "i saw a dried up withered old rich man turning on a garden hose, i see a young man picking up a gun i guess thats where the money goes (yeah), am i just as good as a bad man sleeping when the rest are"
  • Dolly Parton Change
    "(Dolly Parton) Someday when I'm over you And when I think I'm able to Well, I might try to be Your friend again But your restless heart And rovin' eyes My jealousy, these endless fights I've got to get"
  • T-Pain Change
    "('''Intro, Diddy''') I'll do anything for you For you I'll change the world No more wars No more poverty No more hurt No more pain You showed me how to love again For you I'll change the world Pain Sing ('''Chorus''') If"
  • Oingo Boingo Change
    "Don't you ever wonder why, nothing ever seems to change If it does it's for the worse, seems it's just a modern curse Sometimes when I take a peek outside of my little cage, Everyone looks so asleep, will"
  • Anthem Change
    "I am lost in the see-thru, I think you lost yourself too, Throughout all of this confusion, I hope I somehow get to you, I practiced all the things I'd say, To tell you how I feel, And when I finally get"
  • Taylor Swift Change
    "And its a sad picture, the final blow hits you Somebody else gets what you wanted again and You know its all the same, another time and place Repeating history and youre getting sick of it But I believe"
  • Good Charlotte Change
    "Oooooooh On and on and on and on and on On and on and on and on and on On and on and on and on and on I am lost in the see-through I think you lost yourself too Throughout all of this confusion I hope"
  • Black 47 Change
    "I remember you back in 1992 When they were putting us down Trying to tramp us into the ground You exploded like a flame in the night With a righteous indignation Told us "everything gonna be alright" Change"
  • Between The Buried And Me Change
    "(Blind Melon cover) I don't feel the suns comin' out today It's staying in, it's gonna find another way. As I sit here in this misery, I don't think I'll ever (no Lord) see the sun from here. And"
  • Akwid Change
    "~ChOrUs~ Even though you don't want me, I will wait for you And I know this is your world, you're gonna do what you wanna do Just becuase the things I did I'm always put to shame So if you let me in your"
  • BROODS Never Gonna Change
    "You’re pushing down on my shoulders And emptying my lungs An in a moment I’m older In a moment, you’ve won And you will escape me Like it’s nothing Like words that never should have said Now the stress"
  • E-40 Things'll Never Change
    "Ah yeah..(ah yeah)'s real. gonna put it down. all these little crime thangs homeless the world is crazy bwoy it's like this it's the way it is Heavy out there.. it's heavy. Verse 1 Was I really"

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