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Bert Jansch

  • Q Bert - System Of A Down
    "Mis-shapen CrownLife in a bubble JungleI wouldn't frownIt showed another jungleStaying in the crownBut I was in there for youNow leaving townLife in a bubble jungleSeeing you, believing the satiric, with"
  • Bert Can't Sleep - Sesame Street
    "Bert: "18 .... 19 ..... 20 .... Boy, those exercises are great, Ernie, I'm gonna turn the light off now though." Ernie: "OK, Bert." Bert: (yawns) "OK, Ernie ... G'night now sleep tight.." Ernie: "G'night"
  • Bert And The Beanstalk - Sesame Street
    "Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Bert. One day Bert traded the family bicycle for a bag of magic beans. But Bert's buddy, Ernie, looked in the bag and said, "Beans? Blah! How boring." And he"
  • Bert And Ernie's Blackout - Sesame Street
    "Bert: Ernie .... Ernie .... Ernie, I'm tired of that program .... Ernie, we've been watching television all day and I'd like to play a record now .... Ernie? Ernie: Shh, Bert! Keep it down, I'm trying"
  • Bert And Ernie's Other Blackout - Sesame Street
    "Ernie: Bert? Bert, it's dark. Bert (rolls over): Ernie, did you wake me up just to tell me it's dark? Ernie: Yeah, Bert, it's really dark. Bert: Well, of course it's dark, Ernie. It's supposed to"
  • Ernie And Bert Share A Cookie - Sesame Street
    "Bert is examining a cookie in his hand Bert: "Mmmmmmm, mmmm." Ernie: (barging in) "A cookie?! Oh boy a cookie! I love cookies and oh boy am I hungry!" (He grabs Bert's hand and starts bringing the cookie"
  • Bert And Ernie And The Fan - Sesame Street
    "Bert (writing a letter with a pencil): "Dear Mister Rogers, I wish you would send me ..." Ernie (entering): Boy, it's a hot one today, Bert! (Bert doesn't answer) Bert? Oh, he's writing a letter. I won't"
  • Ernie And Bert And The Binoculars - Sesame Street
    "Ernie: (quietly) Bum-bum, bum-bum, bum-bum, mmmmmmm. (Ernie slips behind the chair and Bert looks over his shoulder too late. Ernie comes up at the top of the chair then slips behind before Bert looks.)"
  • Ernie Helps Bert With His Sneeze - Sesame Street
    "Bert: "Ahhhh....ahhhh...." Ernie: "Hey Bert, what's wrong?" Bert: "I think I'm going to sneeze." Ernie: "Bert, you can't sneeze, you don't have a hanky. You can't sneeze without a hanky." Bert:"
  • Ernie And Bert Have A Snack - Sesame Street
    "Ernie and Bert are sitting down with pizza and juice. Ernie's serving is noticably larger than Bert's. Ernie: "Okay, Bert, here's your glass of ice-cold delicious grape juice, and here's my glass of"
  • Ernie And Bert Do The Laundry - Sesame Street
    "Scene: A rather elaborate room, wallpapered and rather cluttered, a grandfather clock stands in the corner. In fact the Cluttered Room was only in a few skits, was it an early attempt at redecorating?"
  • Poison - Bert Jansch
    "I once thought I did know all about it Since the rain falls, the wind blows and the sun shines Don't you know that your creator is a'running out of ideas? I know that I might die from poison Invisible"
  • Do You Hear Me Now - Bert Jansch
    "Freedom fighters, speak with your tongues Sing with the might of the wind In your lungs, do you hear me now? My mama told me, papa said it too "Son, the world's divided and you know Your cause is true","
  • Moonshine - Bert Jansch
    "Hearken to the sweet leaves That dance so merrily I wish the wind would do the same for me. But rooted here like a withered tree am I, And I watch both day and night pass by. It was a cruel and wicked"
  • The January Man - Bert Jansch
    "Oh the January man, He walks the road in woollen coat And boots of leather; The February man still shakes the snow from off his hair And blows his hands; Oh the man of March, he sees the spring And wonders"
  • Gruba Berta - słoń
    ""- Brak pulsu, Ciśnienie 0 na 0, brak reakcji źrenic i odruchów, temperatura ciała 21 stopni. - Co to znaczy? - No właśnie, formalnie nie żyjecie, ale jesteście świadomi, więc nie wiemy, co się dzieje. -"
  • Berts Blues - Donovan
    "As a pilgrim I did go To a land that I did know, To the shores of Trist la Cal, To see if I still felt The same. And the sun blazed madly insane, But the seagulls they have gone, The seagulls they have"
  • Mercedes Benz - Loredana Bert?
    "Mercedes Benz Tutta rossa fiammante una cabriolet sar pure infantile l'amo dal 73' ... oh si! Penso a Nostro Signore con amore e mi metto a pregare con il cuore hai la mia conversione in cambio del"
  • Professore - Loredana Bert?
    "Professore Guardala professore quanto bionda questa stellata che buia fonda guardala bene mentre se ne corre via proprio cos come guardi quell'amica mia lo so che un tempo hai fatto strage di signore"
  • Sei Bellissima - Loredana Bert?
    "Che strano uomo avevo io/ con gli occhi dolci quanto basta/ per farmi dire sempre "Sono ancora tua"/ e mi mancava il terreno/ quando si addormentava sul mio seno/ e lo scaldavo al fuoco umano della gelosia/"

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