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Best Beat Eve

  • Beat - Bad Astronaut
    "Save your best moves. It gets weird Billions of cops, smoke and mirrors Carrying creed cards we all race for death Hope to be saved by our next breath Walk the beat. It takes years You'll drive a mustache"
  • Neva Eva (Remix) - Trillville
    "featuring Twista What, What Get on my level ho (What) Get on my level ho (You Can't) Get on my level ho (You Can't) Get on my level ho (It's Trillville ho) Get on my level ho (It's Trillville ho) Get"
  • Eve F/ The Lox - Double R What - Eve
    "(Intro) Jadakiss: What up what up what up, yea! Styles: Eve let's do it again! Hahaha... (Verse 1: Styles) Yea it's the ghost Jada and Eve I squeeze my shit, I don't wave it and leave Y'all motherf**kin'"
  • Late Christmas Eve - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie/Billy Aerts) The kids are finally in bed Visions in their heads The gifts are laid out Where they can see Placed there by you and me We're holding hands by the fire Both so happily tired This"
  • Never Feat. Eve - Keyshia Cole
    "Keyshia Cole feat. Eve - Never Never too much Never too much (Verse 1) You telling me we're cool but that just ain't enough, cuz Everything that you do makes me want you more Feelings that I have for"
  • Hit That Perfect Beat - Bronski Beat
    "Sell me your soul And I'll make you a star Fantasies turned realities And a Cadillac car Watch them hero worship The boys at the bar You they idolise The all boy America We will make them be your doggies We"
  • Best Meets Best - Ms. Jade
    "(feat. Lady Luck) B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best) It's about time, don't you think? (Hey) Some real chicks Doin' real shit (Concern yaself) It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo) You can't"
  • Love Beat - Guided By Voices
    "I can feel your love beat I can feel your love beat Beating like a hammer in my brain Beating like a heartbeat in my brain Can't you feel my heartbeat? Emotion I give you is strangely exotic It brings"
  • Neva Eva - Lil' Jon
    "(What, ugh) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (It's Trillville ho!) Get on my level ho (Lil' Scrappy"
  • Neva Eva - Trillville
    ""Neva Eva" (Intro: Trillville (Lil Jon) (What, ugh) Get on my level (What!) Get on my level (You can't!) Get on my level (You can't!) Get on my level (What!) Get on my level (It's Trillville ho!) Get"
  • Neva Eva' - Lil Scrappy
    "(Intro: Trillville (Lil Jon)) (What, ugh) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (You can't!) Get on my level ho (What!) Get on my level ho (It's Trillville ho!) Get"
  • Beat Biters - Missy Elliott
    "She's ah......uh uh....bitch Yo...I'ma tell yall straight up and down It's like this for real, it's goin' down like this foreal She's ah....bitch (tell 'em) I'm sick of yall fake Timbaland beat bitin',"
  • Funky Beat - Everlast
    "Check Uh huh Check check, y'all Everlast: Yo Whitey Ford's the name The Hunchback of Notre Dame Couldn't get more bent When it's time to represent I control it like rent In a slum tenement Life's hard"
  • Beat Boy - Die Antwoord
    "Yo DJ Hi-Tek Drop the motherfuckin' beatbox dog Bring that next-level shit Uh, yo, for real That's what I'm talking about Check it out Totally psychic, open your mind quick as the vibe kicks Moederfok"
  • Oriental Beat - Hanoi Rocks
    "I'm gonna take a holiday, Be somewhere far away, I won't be back for awhile For a long long time, I wanna get away from the west To the place that I like best, And where the nights are long And the girls"
  • Beat inside - Inspirial Carpets
    "Lift the scab off the sore Rub another lump of salt in the wound Word is out that you're gonna get reasonable soon Yes a man is no man if he doesn't have the beast inside (2) Take the head off my neck"
  • Another New Years Eve - Barry Manilow
    "Don't look so sad It's not so bad you know It's just another night That's all it is It's not the first It's not the worst you know We've come through all the rest We'll get through this We've made mistakes But"
  • Eve - Annett Louisan
    "Meine Freundin Eve ist aktiv denkt immer positiv kennt kein Stimmungstief ihr Freund Steve ist sportiv sie ist porentief rein und attraktiv sie ist kreativ, dekorativ sensitiv, sie lebt intensiv fr die"
  • Eve - The Carpenters
    "Eve I can't believe That you could mean What you just said Think of what you are How very far you are from being real Look into the mirror Nothing there to see Eve I can't believe You'd really leave him (*)"
  • Eve - Jimmy Somerville

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