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Best thing anthem lights

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Best thing anthem lights

  • Anthem - Naked Aggression
    "They say that I'm a loser cause I don't have fancy things I don't have a fancy job don't wear no diamond rigs Well they'll never know that the joke is on them Cause I'm lucky go free don't got no worryin' You"
  • The Best Thing - Louise
    "Let's creep inside the face to a woman's mind A million years of history is a what you'll find A loving sister, sexy mother Your best friend whilst still your lover Take it from me I know what's best About"
  • Dipset Anthem - The Diplomats
    "(Juelz Santana) Oh, come on, fuck with your boy It's Santana, Heatmakers, where we at? Let me see you through this Killa, Jones, Freakay Yeah man, I'm back at it Today's a new day, got the boo-lay up"
  • Dipset Anthem - Diplomats
    "(Juelz Santana) Oh, come on, f**k with your boy It's Santana, Heatmakers, where we at? Let me see you through this Killa, Jones, Freakay Yeah man, I'm back at it Today's a new day, got the boo-lay up"
  • Anthem - Kamelot
    "What's a miracle If life itself is not? Who am I to praise its worth With a hymn I may stumble Over words that I forgot, Just as life itself May slowly begin. Sing me a song for the mountains to move, Sing"
  • Anthem - Zebrahead
    "I got a girlfriend Only she don't know it yet I got a six string best friend Who sleeps with a broken neck I want to make my mark change the world, with this flow But, all this doubt in my head It"
  • Best thing - Usher
    "Feat - Jay-ZWhats up Baby,Look, i know you don't want me to call you baby right now,But i just gotta talk to you about sumat real quick,Suprise you even took my call..I just gotta few things i gotta, gotta"
  • Best Thing - Graham Colton Band
    "You're ready to go I fake a smile all thats between us now is just 3,000 miles I move closer to you, you cover your face you tried for months to make me notice that you'd rather stay So why is it so hard"
  • Best Thing. - Dropline
    "-Verse 1- I dont wanna talk about it, because it means im thinkin of you I dont wanna think it over, because it means im thinkin its true I'm trying to catch the falling peices, but ur always in the way I'm"
  • Best Thing - Bob Mould
    "This would be the sound of me Looking for some kind of closure You so sad, you just lost The best thing you never had All those dreams I believed I woke up and it's over You so sad, you just lost The"
  • Best Thing - Jenna G
    "You are the best thing (x2) Oh Yeah (x3) Yes I've got my share of wrong But still you always treat me right You gotta know There's nobody else that I'd rather have by my side It's all the little things"
  • Best thing - Opus
    "Thinking a lot is talking much time Sometimes you feel youre losing your mind Sometimes you feel youre losing your mind Thinking too much is making you blind Try a deliverance of your mind Try a deliverance"
  • Best Thing - Sarah Sadler
    "You lift me up You take me high You hung the stars, the moon, and my sky I love everything about You The way that You move, the way that You are You'll always be the king of my heart I love everything"
  • Anthem - Jughead's Revenge
    "We just try to go through life bold and unafraid we do our best so we'll never regret all the choices that we have made we're not exactly where we want to be we just try to take it day by day"
  • Anthem - Five Iron Frenzy
    "A nation stands with heart in hand To sing their anthem proudly Voices raised to sing their praise Of their hollow country All this talk of freedom And some talk of liberty From your plastic podium You"
  • Anthem - Wildhearts
    "The lights are on The ships have gone I'm fine and dry and much to my relief I'm flying high To beat the sky And One by One my blues lie underneath A time to live A time to die A time to open up your"
  • Anthem - Red Animal War
    "draw the flag line our dove's in the sky this war is over build your bridges up tall replant your seeds and pray for rain tell me is it lonely in the bottle the foundation slid down sand dunes 'til it"
  • Anthem - J Dilla
    "Me seven? Yeah, yeah, yeah! Twenty-eight It’s time! Who is it? Make nasty niggas from the block To the ball from the .. on the rocks ..be straight to the back …shake for the stacks I place with the kick"
  • Red Lights - RINI
    "Driving with my windows down tonight on my way to you yeah I’m rolling while I’m whippin in this ride, I’ll be there real soon She said don’t rush, the night’s still young oh we can take our time I just"
  • Lights Out - Kardinal Offishall
    "(feat. Rah Digga) (Kardinal) Again, again, agian, again, again Yo! This is Kardinal on the past two Yeah, uhh you all know how we go Mastermind tape five 0 T dot O Oh start to the bricks Kardinal and"

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