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Beta Radio

  • The Beta Band Rap - The Beta Band
    "We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean We're always polite and hardly ever mean Times have changed, we used to be smelly, We lived in a squat 'til a punk nicked our telly Since we've been signed"
  • Beta - Doll Factory
    "I don't mind When you take it from me Well, I just got my reprieve Now you're a long way in Think it can't get better than this But still it itch, your cancer itch Think it never touch you Think it never"
  • Radio - Kurupt
    "Hey DJ (I'm your radio) It's a brand new day Whatchu say baby? You wanna get down? You gotta get up And I'm your wake-up man The Gargamill is in your ear Rappin' in your ear On WBALL (Balls) It's not on"
    "tylko nie mów mi że nasz nie znasz puszczam nowy hit na osiedla szminki patrzą się jak na breaka robię sobie cash, czarna beta z kartelem sos robię sajperek sztos hip-hop nigdy stop, robimy nowy pop nowy"
  • Beta-Rhythm - Stem
    "Divine hypnotic spiral fall Electric cell interaction combined Find means of interpretation Polyrhythmic get away Left alone with your instinctive creation Reflection of the sight beneath your eyes Individual"
  • Beta Carotene - Modest Mouse
    "You didn't dye your hair and oh my hair went black Now what you knew you knew you knew you know what the fuck Take all the way you get down I'll get them down Couldn't thought, getting all the Kryptonyte"
  • Beta Complex - Ayria
    "I've wasted time I've wasted this mind A superficial life With apathy I know we have not won I know this all because When we have everything It will not change a thing Just leave me alone today Because"
  • Magenta Radio - Rusted Root
    "Went down to a second hand store to buy some clothes like I used to wear before Curly haired Sally says she likes me a little better this way Everthing I wish for I know I could Only if everything"
  • Satellite radio - Dilated Peoples
    "{"Satellite radio"} Fuck the minors, this here's the major leagues Where more chicks call you "Papi" than Dave Ortiz Stand in the booth, barely at ease Right shoulder 'gainst the wall 'til my rhymes"
  • Bad Radio - Dom Pachino
    "(Intro: Dom Pachino (L.E.S.)) ...what the fuck the deal, huh? (you know) L.E.S., what's going, on, baby? (word up, word) I'm right here, youknowhatimean, Bad Radio Dred & Star, Smooth and the rest of the"
  • Radio Cambodia - Glassjaw
    "I'm not impressed, I guess I'm not impressed. With which dialect, which dialect marches best,And who reaches heaven in what order When our kids are baptized in mortar.It's a shame that our messiahs move"
  • Radio Freestyle - Eminem
    "I dont really want to battle you because this is a rappin feast battlin me youll get fucked worst than a lil boy in the catholic church getting a private service with a priest A true lyrical magican a"
  • Beta w Benzie - FASTER
    "Twórcy przeboju "Audi w LPG” przygotowali nową piosenkę. Będzie nosić tytuł "Beta w Benzie". Data premiery nie jest jeszcze znana."
  • Chiron Beta Prime - Jonathan Coulton
    "This year has been a little crazy for the Andersons. You may recall we had some trouble last year. The robot council had us banished to an asteroid. That hasn't undermined our holiday cheer. And we know"
  • On the radio - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Big up to anyone who's been involved in care & community'Cos it's the GLC back againWith another rave anthem for you to feast on, ya bastardsI nick stereos, videos and TVsBut when I'm feeling nice I helps"
  • Radio - Danny Saucedo
    "Radio, the radio, radio...Radio, the radio, radio...He looks like a million dollars to you,Tell me does he heat your heart like I doI know he's everything I'm not...You say he makes your life completebut"
  • Radio - NOFX
    "Never fell in love 'til i fell in love with you Never knew what a good time was 'til i had a good time with you If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right Then the music got to be loud for"
  • Radio - Rancid
    "Never fell in love 'til I fell in love with you Never know what a good time was until I had a good time with you If you wanna get the feelin' and you wanna get it right Then the music's gotta be loud For"
  • Radio - The Radios
    "Radio My my radio oh no ulla ulla ugha ugha Pop chuari yeah come on ! My girl my girl my girl Won't listen won't listen to my radio She says "Now big deal ! Big deal ! Wanna see the picture show" She"
  • Radio - Jeff Buckley
    "You mind us of beeing crippled Mass appear to watch devil Radio why youre so late You turn to make your brain Its a shame Theres no blood to bleed , no sex to seeing with I wish that you will never ()to"

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