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Better in time IRA

  • Ira - Hidea
    "Fly under the sun... Attimi in cui non sono qui, istanti indecifrabili, inutili. Conseguenzialmente perdi l'equilibrio, tu cos distante dal resto del delirio. Semplicemente l'attimo in cui sei distante"
  • Better in time - Lisa Lavie
    "It's been the longest winter without you I didn't know where to turn to See somehow I can't forget you After all that we've been through Going coming thought I heard a knock Who's there no one Thinking"
  • Better in Time - Leona Lewis
    "It's been the longest winter without you I didn't know where to turn to See somehow I can't forget you After all that we've been through Going, coming, thought I heard a knock Who's there, no one"
  • Ira Hayes - Townes Van Zandt
    "Ira Hayes, Ira Hayes CHORUS: Call him drunken Ira Hayes He won't answer anymore Not the whiskey drinkin' Indian Nor the Marine that went to war Gather round me people there's a story I would tell About"
  • Ira incensus - Rotting Christ
    "Let the silence talk Let my life walk The path of despair Confess your sins if you dare I play with fear Guilt is coming near Challenge me But don't judge me The tree of my pride Has grown up so wild I'm"
  • Better - Chicago
    "You can count on a number of things Like tomorrow the sun's gonna shine There'll be flowers in spring time Poets will make rhymes Couples in moonlight are so ripe to fall Fallin' in love, such a natural"
  • Better - Ananya Birla
    "10 minutes in I’m knees deep remind myself that I got to breathe been talking for hours now can’t get you off my mind could stay for days just you and me I wanna to stay all night talk the things we like catching"
  • Better - Boyzone
    "Our love has changed It's not the same And the only way to say it is say's better I can't conceal This way I feel For all the times we spend together Forever just gets better Seem what I'm try"
  • Better - OneRepublic
    "I don't set alarms Lately I don't set alarms But that's because of the ringing that's happening inside my head Inside my head It keeps me safe from harm At least I tell myself I'm safe from harm But really"
  • Better - Wishing Chair
    "Friends tell me I'm crazy That I've lost my mind I keep giving you my sympathy My comfort and my time I've been waiting here two hours You think that I don't mind But I think that we know better Maybe"
  • Better - Johnta Austin
    "Yea Uh Say What Right About This Time Ya'll Know What This Is So So Def Is In The Building Johnta Austin Is In The Building There's No Crew Stronger Then Us There's No Crew That Runs The Charts The"
  • Better - Zayn Malik
    "Hope i only leave good vibes On your living room floor It hurt so bad that i didn’t when you asked for more Your dad probably loves me more then b ever did now Caus ei finnally got out Yaeh, we finnally"
  • Better - Sugababes
    "World, where I am drowning I sink so slow The under tow Dragging me down just like all my fears Trying so hard not to disappear There's nothing clear Want something to believe in Nearly crushed"
  • Better - T.M.Revolution
    "So you want to tie both my arms off and force feed me to sharks Just for the sake of releasing me from a memory Of when you slept in the serpent's den Showed me what lurks in the hearts of man Left me"
  • Better better - Mis Teeq
    "Intro: Make you feel V1: Do you ever get restless Don't you ever want to chase a thrill Well you'll find in the spring It's a natural thing - so very understandable That your eyes will stray And in an"
  • Better Better - Mis-Teeq
    "Make you feel Don't you ever get restless Don't you ever wanna chase a thrill When you find in the spring Is a natural thing So very understandable That your eyes will stray And in an innocent way You'll"
  • I. The Dark Secret Ii. Ira Divina - Rhapsody Of Fire
    "I. THE ANCIENT PROPHECY "It was a good time for all creatures of the earth, but fate decreed that the dark prophecy of a demon knight could bring a tragic end to this peace scarring their lives forever."
  • Ira di dio - Emma Shapplin
    "Nisi disieritFuneris auctorNulli desinatAptus eritSignor che 'n questo carcerM'i rin-chu-isa,Tramene,Vo piangendoE 'l mio fallo, non scuso, ma,Signor, come sai tuoi affani,Se sapessi...'L mio stato sconsolato,Re"
  • Ira Di Dio - Shapplin Emma
    "(Gastone di Murta/Marie-Ange Chapelain - Jean-Patrick Capdevielle) Nisi disierit Funeris auctor Nulli desinat Aptus erit Signor che 'n questo carcer M'i rinchuisa Tramene Vo piangendo 'L mio fallo, non"
  • Better Next Time - Louise
    "(by douglas, louise and 4mandu) It will be better next time baby It will be better next time baby (wait and see) It will be better next time baby It will be better next time baby (comfort me) (I see"

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