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Between The Buried And Me Backwards Marathon

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Between The Buried And Me Backwards Marathon

  • Backwards Marathon - Between The Buried And Me
    "The early love seems to become jaded I'm never expecting this Glance towards the mirror, Imagination towards the stars The endless desire for my one and only true love This will never change I predict"
  • Marathon - Kelis
    "Love is this marathon, I'm running for you baby And you don't know me yet but faith is all I have, see And I'm gonnnaaaaa Win this race Since I were a little girl My eyes were fixed on you I knew"
  • Marathon - Saga
    "The die was cast the day we passed The point of no return Once through the maze & past the haze The prize for which we yearn This is more than a childhood passion This is more like a dream come true It"
  • Marathon - Dilated Peoples
    "Make-Make-Make-em-Make-em clap to this To show our appreciation for your support Make-Make-Make-em-Make-em clap to this Thank you DJs Dilated! Clap your hands! (x6) Yo, first up, I stay updated Stay"
  • Backwards - Apartment 26
    "Finished looking for the answers Now I'm looking for the questions I can look into your mirror and see inside your head See my reflections and this is what I've bled I look right into your mirror but I"
  • Backwards - Mobb Deep
    "Da-da-da.. Right there, yea, spin that back Drop it, drop it, yea, uhhh, straight out the lab Chemistry made, you know, yo I don't wanna wild, I just wanna chill But yet still gettin' confronted by"
  • Backwards - Rascal Flatts
    "I was sitting on a bar stool In a barbecue joint in Tennessee When this old boy walked in And he sat right down next to me I could tell he'd been through some hard times There were tearstains on his old"
  • Backwards - Delight
    "I remember that warmth Which I felt inside Awaken to a new life The temple of unborn child Hollow sounds of world Like an ancient tales Were the prophecies Of great Judgement Day On that shiny day The"
  • Buried - Until The End
    "You can cover my eyes I will never be blind I will never be decieved You're gonna be buried and blind Take these words to heart Theres nothing more pure than this Watch me fall apart, I've failed And"
  • Marathon - Leeway
    "Getting off on catastrophes to run away from reality Scores of people in writhing pain This is the country that has to reign See an end to all of our hopes Put every fool on the end of a rope A rising"
  • Marathon - Rush
    "It's not how fast you can go The force goes into the flow If you pick up the beat You can forget about the heat More than just survival More than just a flash More than just a dotted line More than just"
  • Buried - Embrace Today
    "you've twisted words, you've broken bonds, another day you'll bury me your words are pointed like the fucking teeth, the teeth you'll dig into my neck and if you had the chance, would you fucking kill?"
  • Buried - Dying Wish
    "I've lived buried all my life Waiting for a sign To get to know you better To see if you're divine. Each and every promise Is a hypocritical lie Without seeing your real face I just don't want to die. R: Years"
  • Buried - Persephone
    "Calm and sweet is my sleep My body starts to decay Earth covers my mortal remains Darkness No matter if it's night or day Insidious the death sneaks in I can hardly breath Maggots try my skeleton Oblivion"
  • Buried - Alkaline Trio
    "I'm awake It was a half bad dream That was way too long My whole life it seemed That someone started digging me up Turned my headstone into dust The sun was swallowed by the trees The night was here for"
  • Buried - Jakalope
    "You see the world through a strained window Or maybe I just don't see at all It never makes any sense When you choose not to use your head You believe that your heart will lead to reality We give in every"
  • Backwards Walk - Frightened Rabbit
    "i'm working on my backwards walk walking with no shoes or socks and the time rewinds to the end of may i wish we'd never met then met today i'm working on my faults and cracks filling in the blanks and"
  • Marathon Man - Jeff Finlin
    "Getting tired of talking about it You turn your dreams to rage Pack your day dreams, run home to papa And live in a sugar-coated cage Don't you think I get tired dear When these ragged days never"
  • Marathon Shirt - Self
    "tell me who's to blame for the ink spot, question mark blood-stained sleeves in the parking lot i've had it since i was twelve and i wear it like hell wash it when it gets worn dirty tattered and torn fell"
  • Marathon Man - Lack
    "Refrain: Running, nothing but running Just running, nothing but running Running, nothing but running Just running, nothing but running (3x) We are the guards, we are the sentinels Running, nothing but"

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