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Between The Buried And Me Destructo Spin

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Between The Buried And Me Destructo Spin

  • Destructo Spin - Between The Buried And Me
    "King Kong illusion...destruction! Crumble this place of existence. Let's bow down to the king of the masculine, the macho redneck lord. Killing innocent for the revenge of the innocent...turning this"
  • Destructo! - Lemon Demon
    "Hammer to the nail, orca to the sea. Anybody there, anyone but me? Titans on the run, haunted candle shop. Embrionoclast, fifty mile drop. On the telephone, dialing, dialing. At the carnival, smiling,"
  • Spin - Vanessa Amorosi
    "friday night, i jumped the line clubbing with my girlfriends it's our time to shine throw a few bones, wlk a few dogs hanging in the corner, drink and laugh a lot suddenly there's you and my heart starts"
  • Spin - Kara
    "Well, I've been moving in a new direction Don't you know that something's gonna change I've been infected by God's injection Now I don't say the things I used to say, 'cause Now I'm changed I'm not the"
  • Spin - Taking Back Sunday
    "That look was priceless, don't let me get carried away I've seen it before, and it still suits you the same You catch on quick (You catch on quick) The cynics stop before they give the same reviews (You"
  • Spin - Revis
    "I can see your inner motive When you wear it on your face Indisposed to the world You won't let yourself be saved You're the hand that spins my revolver around when You push me away (Repeat) On the waves"
  • Spin - Cinder
    "Its late in the day, your minds flown away. Your tongue hangs out, youre crawling. Your east is west, you thought that you knew best. Shadow man says you needed this. Take me, take me over. When youre"
  • Spin - Firevision
    "I can see your inner motive When you wear it on your face Indisposed to the world You won't let yourself be saved You're the hand that spins my revovler around When You push me away You're the hand that"
  • Spin - Gladyss Patches
    "Hear the noise Feel the break Near the edge Take the plunge I'm broken So we remain afloat at sea I'm broken Breathe and release See me spin... Never look back All the while Lost the day Feel all"
  • Spin - Aerodrone
    "Aerodrone The Spin EP Spin I put the effort in I get nothing back I don't mind it It's all a matter of chance I was way too nice and now I pay the price I'm not really your friend I just wanna hook up! Someday"
  • Spin - Darren Hayes
    "Governments elected nobody votes Politically correct isn't that a joke? We censor music then give children guns On CNN Still fightin' to death over Jerusalem Four letter disease still makes us run Can't"
  • Spin, Spin - Gordon Lightfoot
    "So fine, so fine the web you spin, I come too close and I'm caught again! In the web of wild design, I do not know what fate is mine! All the day sit and spin, Spin your web and you draw me in. Spin, spin,"
  • Spin - Kind Of Like Spitting
    "Bird swings, sing blue, my Paris fling Out the screen door, off and old cassette My mind was tight and ran like a demon, When you showed up it was the darkest of dark nights The saddest of sad sights I"
  • Spin - Lifehouse
    "Why would i chase your shadow all my life And be afraid of my own I'd rather be with you I'd rather not know Where I'll be than be alone and convinced that I know And when the world keeps spinning round My"
  • Buried - Until The End
    "You can cover my eyes I will never be blind I will never be decieved You're gonna be buried and blind Take these words to heart Theres nothing more pure than this Watch me fall apart, I've failed And"
  • Buried - Embrace Today
    "you've twisted words, you've broken bonds, another day you'll bury me your words are pointed like the fucking teeth, the teeth you'll dig into my neck and if you had the chance, would you fucking kill?"
  • Buried - Dying Wish
    "I've lived buried all my life Waiting for a sign To get to know you better To see if you're divine. Each and every promise Is a hypocritical lie Without seeing your real face I just don't want to die. R: Years"
  • Buried - Persephone
    "Calm and sweet is my sleep My body starts to decay Earth covers my mortal remains Darkness No matter if it's night or day Insidious the death sneaks in I can hardly breath Maggots try my skeleton Oblivion"
  • Buried - Alkaline Trio
    "I'm awake It was a half bad dream That was way too long My whole life it seemed That someone started digging me up Turned my headstone into dust The sun was swallowed by the trees The night was here for"
  • Buried - Jakalope
    "You see the world through a strained window Or maybe I just don't see at all It never makes any sense When you choose not to use your head You believe that your heart will lead to reality We give in every"

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