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Between The Buried And Me The Primer

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Between The Buried And Me The Primer

  • The Primer - Between The Buried And Me
    "Prescribe me: Corrupt me Put your guns in my hands In the hands of the young Let's kill Let's die We're all equal tonight Prescribe me: I don't want to feel what is happening I don't want to know"
  • Primer - Atmosphere
    "Hey Daly, Get the fuck away from my sister you punk motherfocker. (intro) I do....I do....I do...Hey wassup, can i kiss the bitch yet?.....I do.... First of all bitch, i never promised i'd be rich so fuck"
  • Buried - Until The End
    "You can cover my eyes I will never be blind I will never be decieved You're gonna be buried and blind Take these words to heart Theres nothing more pure than this Watch me fall apart, I've failed And"
  • Buried - Embrace Today
    "you've twisted words, you've broken bonds, another day you'll bury me your words are pointed like the fucking teeth, the teeth you'll dig into my neck and if you had the chance, would you fucking kill?"
  • Buried - Dying Wish
    "I've lived buried all my life Waiting for a sign To get to know you better To see if you're divine. Each and every promise Is a hypocritical lie Without seeing your real face I just don't want to die. R: Years"
  • Buried - Persephone
    "Calm and sweet is my sleep My body starts to decay Earth covers my mortal remains Darkness No matter if it's night or day Insidious the death sneaks in I can hardly breath Maggots try my skeleton Oblivion"
  • Buried - Alkaline Trio
    "I'm awake It was a half bad dream That was way too long My whole life it seemed That someone started digging me up Turned my headstone into dust The sun was swallowed by the trees The night was here for"
  • Buried - Jakalope
    "You see the world through a strained window Or maybe I just don't see at all It never makes any sense When you choose not to use your head You believe that your heart will lead to reality We give in every"
  • Buried Alive - Mercyful Fate
    "The poison is still in your veins The poison I slipped in your drink Cannot see me, I am but a ghost Never saw your dangerous host Wake up! You're still alive, wake up and die All you can see in the"
  • Buried - Hypocrisy
    "??? Another change of flesh You arent awake to pay for death nothing lies..??? ??? You will drown and bleed to death One down And more to kill To clean up this world To ??? ??? To get the adrenalin pumping Your"
  • Buried - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "I've Been Looking For Answers To Set You Free Black Are The Reasons You Gave Me Never, Never Look Back Just Move, Move Ahead You Were Lucky, Friend You Could Be Dead Ignore The Future Or Bury Your Head"
  • Buried Alive - The Creepshow
    "It'll catch you by surprise And have you drowning in the night When you open your eyes you will soon realize that from this you can't hide So it's your choice now and you know And as you feel your breath"
  • Buried Alive - Alter Bridge
    "I twist and turn In the darkest space Can't find my worth As I numb the pain Glass to the sky With a black tooth grin This whiskey smile Takes me down again I'm cold and I'm so afraid That I'm too weak And"
  • Buried Treasure - Kenny Rogers
    "Now if the aim in your life is to settle me down I couldn't change my point of view I got a lady in red at the back of my head But the woman in white is you. Do you wanna be the only one, Fade away in"
  • Buried Treasure - Bee Gees
    "Now if the aim in your life is to settle me down I couldn't change my point of view I got a lady in red at the back of my head But the women in white is you Do you wanna be the only one Fade away in the"
  • Buried alive - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Nowhere left for me to hide.Waiting for my paranoia.Way too late to change my mind.No-one wants to beat me.Locked away no place to go.Everything is disappearing.Angels rush to meet the foolish.No-one comes"
  • Buried Alive - Tegan & Sara
    "She said she'd live her life more wisely And so I let her wake up beside me He says he'd give up almost anything If I let him live his life next to me I'm not hungry, baby I am starving And I'll not forget"
  • Buried Alive - Avenged Sevenfold
    "Take the time just to listen When the voices screaming are much too loud, Take a look in the distance Try and see it all Chances are that ya might find, That we share a common discomfort now I feel"
  • Buried Again - Dreadful Shadows
    "I can't drive my thoughts away The depths of heaven haunt me And I see no excuse for my mistakes I'll never see the sun again The clouds will darken everything inside No way to get me out of this"
  • Buried Alive - Motorhead
    "Times are hard and times are bad, Nobody is innocent, Say just what you want to see, Tell me who you want to be, See the only friend you got, Open throat and money shot. Gone for day, out for a ride, Can't"

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