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Beyoce ox

  • Ox - Black Project
    "Eine neue Jagd beginnt Auf der Suche nach dem Ball Der Suche nach dem Ball Doch ich kann ihn nicht finden Da kommt der Mann auf schnellen Beinen Der Ball halbhoch, das kratzt mich kaum Ich bin der OX Und"
  • The Ox Strikes Back - Wckr Spgt
    "I am so tired of your verbal haranguings I am not a doormat or a wall hanging I am an ox Respected in my community And I demand impunity From your verbal haranguings So I say this to you in a breeze of"
  • Fugue For The Ox - Emmylou Harris
    "(Emmylou Harris) Call happy calling children are falling In line to ride on the merry-go-round People are passing children are laughing They want to ride on the merry-go-round Doesn't matter when you"
  • Vivo o morto ox - Ligabue
    "Nato da un sospiro o da un temporale, l'ostetrica ti batte e non ti chiede come va. Beh benvenuto qui fra luce e confusione nessuno che ti ha chiesto se volevi, se volevi uscir di l, l. T'han detto cos'"
  • Down The Old Ox Road - Bing Crosby
    "There's a famous thoroughfare, I've heard collegiates say. I'm not referring to Piccadilly. It's not 42nd Street, it's not the rue de la Paix, nor is it Market Street in Philly. Ask most any college"
  • Scissors And The Clay Ox (In) - Guided By Voices
    "All the time I think I've fallen for you You got me thinking about what I should do To tell the truth I really haven't a clue You get your scissors out You get your clay ox in I think I've fallen in love"
  • Real Earth - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vast Aire Kramer) They lied - when they said there was no air/Aire in space MC shit right here, master of ceremonies All that other garbage ("one dimensional emcees can't handle that") Yo, music is my"
  • Straight Off The D.I.C. - Cannibal Ox
    "Vast (talking; Vordul in () Yo, yo (what) Def Jux, cipher unknown (this is hard right here) Co-Flow what the deal? (this is Brooklyn right here) This on fire right now (this is east, this is west) 3rd"
  • Painkillers - Cannibal Ox
    "Yo, some nights we got so drunk Its like we miss the feeling Of a never ending headache And a spinning ceiling The sob story of an alcoholic On his hands and knees Praying to that porcelain toilet Whether"
  • Battle For Asgard - Cannibal Ox
    "Into the war of the worlds, where cities twirl L.I.F.E. Long shakin planets for the ? ? lands when I spit out and hurl words It's a Stronghold writer's guild, Cannibal Ox take over your herd We planted"
  • Pigeon - Cannibal Ox
    "Metallic wing pigeon. . . Cannibal Ox. . . Birds of the same feather flock together Congested on a majestic street corner That's a short time goal for most of 'em Cuz most of 'em Would rather expand their"
  • Vein - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vordul) Pop goes the flow of the weasel Strapped with an Ox full of diesel Trapped in the desert with eagles Thoughts of ghetto acapellas in cathedrals Spilling heavy gospels with cheaters Twisted up,"
  • The F Word - Cannibal Ox
    "It's like, I care about you, I think about you all the time it's like, we friends and shit? which means we treat each other right you'll be there for me when you gonna be there for me Verse 1: (Vast Aire"
  • Cholesterol - Cannibal Ox
    "Yeah, what, Vast Aire,; Shell Shock.. It's that gravy, you know what I'm saying? This goes out to my beloved Family of Atoms (That's my word, I love them) This goes out the Indelible MC's - you know they"
  • Ridiculoid - Cannibal Ox
    "(El-P) Shutup... Yo, yo, yo, yo My life's not right (check one) My life's not right (check two) My life's not right (check three) Are you ready? (El-P) (you know this was supposed to be for my album though...?) (Vast"
  • Iron Galaxy - Cannibal Ox
    "[ Chorus ] My shell, mechanical found ghost But my ghetto is, animal found toast My shell, mechanical found ghost But my ghetto is, animal found toast My shell, mechanical found ghost But my ghetto is,"
  • A B-Boys Alpha - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vast Aire) My mother said, "You sucked my pussy when you came out Don't ever talk back I handed ya life and I'll snatch it back" I'm just a latch key kid with a snotty nose High school drop out Space,"
  • Scream Phoenix - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vast Aire) I know cats are on some shit But we about to elevate right now Bout to scream Phoenix. . . (Vordul) Mega, Allah's stars seen only afar The physical of ma chosen, my craft is balls We rebels"
  • Raspberry Fields - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vast Aire Kramer) Yeah, know what I'm sayin Think you got it figured out by now Yo, yo If first you don't succeed try, try again Step up to the mic and die again This is the next lifetime and you wanna"
  • Stress Rap - Cannibal Ox
    "(Vordul Megalon) Yo the NY city got a nigga feelin' shitty tryin' to make it through the struggle niggas bubble in the jungle selling crack by the bundles yo these raps might hunt you like a cat in the"

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