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Beyonce forward

  • Forward - Conchita Wurst
    "Forward Forward Forward here we are in the dark and .. hold down here and you truth you look at me with a frozen heart you out for blood but you and me will never be the same you and me further gonna"
  • Forward - No Innocent Victim
    "Forward (moving forward) Now I walk as I'm waiting for eternity Attained in time but beyond my own ability My will, my will is broken Makes the beginning easier to see Why are your eyes so fixed So hard"
  • Forward - Constancy
    "We were standing ten feet tall, with our shadows on the wall Invincible, young and refined, awaiting some relevance Or opportunity, the tension is here but no sign of chances Take what's inside cause"
  • Forward - Focused
    "Im always making things out to be more than what they really are. Without questioning, seeking, and changing, how can we be expected to move too far? I cant sit content or conditioned by what others may"
  • Forward - Reba McEntire
    "Have you ever made a quilt? I have. it's one of the most therapeutic and calming things I've ever done. and I had a huge sense of accomplishment when I finished. Both of my grandmothers made quilts, my"
  • Forward - Back-On
    "itsumo miteita kono sora nomukouwa mirai eto tsudui te irukara tatoe tsurai koto de ochikon dari shitemo tada mae o miteikouyo dokomade dokomade dokomade ikeba wakaru no ka sou tooku made sou tooku made"
  • Angel (Beyonce & Kelly) - Everything But The Girl
    "Show me something worse Than a child outside a church Begging with a cardboard box In a heartless town that hurts and mocks And on a chair anywhere I will sit down and cry And close my eyes Against"
  • Angel (Beyonce & Kelly) - Destiny's Child
    "This is for my fans uh huh uh huh This is for my destiny uh huh uh huh This is for my fans uh huh uh uh This is for my future manuh huh uh huh This is for my best friend uh huh uh huh This is for my future"
  • Listen (feat. Beyonce) - Alexandra Burke
    "Listen To the song here in my heart A melody I start but can't complete Listen To the sound from deep within It's only beginning to find release Oh the time has come for my dreams to be heard They"
  • Rewind Forward - Ringo Starr
    "Piosenka 'Rewind Forward' to nowość od Ringo Starra. Premiera wkrótce."
  • Forward Jah - The Abyssinians
    "Forward Jah Jah forward Forward Jah Jah forward Forward Jah Jah And look at what you see A lot of happenings now On earth, earth these days Forward Jah Jah Forward I praise You've already told"
  • Moving Forward - Hoobastank
    "At least I'm moving forward. At least I'm moving forward. At least I'm moving forward. At least I'm moving forward... I stand before, a road that will lead, Into the unknown. At least unknown to"
  • Fast Forward - Vice Squad
    "Circles, ever decreasing circles Ninth circle of hell noose tightens round my neck Closed in, closing the lid i'm closed in Tighter, tighter fight for every breath Fast forward, step backwards Fast"
  • Falling Forward - Julia Fordham
    "(written by Julia Fordham/John Watkin) I've been living on wishes, living on wishes all my life And I wish I could make one To make everything in your world right I'm falling forward while you wait behind Lost"
  • Move forward - Bethany Dillon
    "My name is Foreigner From a far away land My feet are covered in earth They've been here and back again And I have seen Great things from a distance They beckon me I follow them And I move forward I move"
  • Lookin' forward - Over The Rhine
    "Walking out in the freezing rainI feel nothing 'cause I numbed the painI'm lookin' forward to lookin' backOn this dayPrayed last nightDear God please noBut I was never good at letting goI'm lookin' forward"
  • Forward Motion - Relient K
    "whoa-o...i've been banging my head against the wall whoa-o...for so long it seems i knocked it down, yeah it got knocked down whoa-o...and the heating bill went through the roof whoa-o...and the wall i"
  • Upright, Forward - Amazulu
    "Oh, yeah Some people seem to take life for a joke Going around and playing foolish games You hear say once man built his house on firm ground Well, same applies to life, you got to have a nation Oh,"
  • Falling Forward - Tinman Jones
    "Face is in the dirt again Seems to be a normal trend I wash in with the tide You take my fault in stride Even though I fall so fast Your love for me has never past Tripped again I'm stumbling to the ground But"
  • Running Forward - The Bates
    "too many things are left to nowhere. too many tears are cried for this. time doesn't stop (is) just running forward the things I miss I do remember all the old times. the times of laughter adn of pain. these"

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