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Beyond mirrors

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Beyond mirrors

  • Beyond Mirrors - Yello
    "The age of science has failed to explain our universe in rational terms. Consequently, the power of magic has gradually emerged from our conscious minds to fathom the unfathomable. Our most distinguished"
  • Mirrors - Natalia Kills
    "Shut up Shut your mouth and close the door I wanna watch you while you take it off I'm gonna take the blindfold put it on And then I drop the leather to the floor I said shut up Turning the lights out Burning"
  • Mirrors - Sandi Thom
    "I used to see a ballerina staring back at me A beauty queen a singing star was all I longed to be Id dress up in my mothers clothes and dance the days away When nothing was torn and tattered broken"
  • Mirrors - Mainstay
    "Decide nothing I depend for everything You don't need me You don't need anything Remedies were bankrupt like the rest of these Forget what they told you - there's no self-help Taken by Your glory - don't"
  • Mirrors - Sally Oldfield
    "Oh we are mirrors in the sun and we brightly shine We are singing and dancing in perfect time There is nothing in the world that we can do To stop the light of love come shining through And the fire of"
  • Mirrors - The Apex Theory
    "bite wants to sink into trouble in the dumb-side of your heart like a fiend reaching for you it's just inches from your war run to live under mirrors taste the sunspots of your words like a pen leads to"
  • Mirrors - My Insanity
    "Standing before a mirror And I put a gun to my head Day by day a step further into nothingness But now the cask is overflown It seems to be that there's a voice Speaking to me from within the glass"
  • Mirrors - Days Away
    "If this is what life brings If God has his plans for me Then I will Find out how to die and avoid it As far as I can see The whole world is sleeping But not me I am lying here in a million pieces I can't"
  • Mirrors - Angel
    "Magic swords with many lords for treasures that abound me. Battle cries that fill the skies with pain. Images I see, make my destiny. Reflecting back to me, that which is to be. At first I smelt the blood"
  • Mirrors - Blue
    "A mirror is a negative spaceWith a frame and a place for your faceIt reveals what the rest of us seeIt conceals what youd like it to bePretty girls cant look awayPretty girls cant look awayPretty girls"
  • Mirrors - Constancy
    "So I wait another time with this poison in my skin And Im never turning back to old cause Ive seen what its like there, Where lonely hearts spell tragedy and hate controls peace On this cold and lonely"
  • Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
    "Aren't you somethin' to admire, cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror And I can't help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find Just"
  • Smoke & Mirrors - Bee Gees
    "When I was a boy, all the books I read I followed like a blind man To heed the words my father said Those golden summers faded into night Words become a dream The echoes of my childhood and where the path"
  • Making Mirrors - Gotye
    "Dreamt of a doorway That opened to everything And I'm reaching towards it Drifting backwards Drawing the curtains Windows inside my head Maybe I'm only making mirrors"
  • 1000 Mirrors - Asian Dub Foundation
    "A Thousand Broken Mirrors A scream a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor Curtains colouring the windows Never see behind closed doors A silent siege behind politeness Domestic harmony"
  • Magic Mirrors - Eloy
    "follow a faint reflecting light to the core of all consciousness that mirrors what is not in sight or lost somewhere in carelessness thought in it's purest form, focused here's reborn leading to higher"
  • Broken mirrors - Natalia Lesz
    "I’m stuck in my head To tight to open Always black and white Not much left unspoken Secrets twisted minds Vivid and unkind Broken mirrors Shards of glass Hearts get broken Now it’s past In those pieces"
  • Beyond - Eternal Decision
    "All I am and all That I will ever be Kill my flesh I'll Live for all eternity Beyond I fly with eagles wings Beyond by hands that Eyes have never seen Tear me down Try to stop these words Of life"
  • Beyond - Freedom Call
    "Where is the hand that leads us Passing the darkness by Who is the one who shows The dragon child to fly Where can we find the land Where the rainbow can touch the sky Who is the one who knows What's right"
  • 1000 Mirrors - Sinead O' Connor
    "A scream a shout far in the distance Maybe the first or second floor Curtains colouring the windows Never see behind closed doors A silent siege behind politeness Domestic harmony for show Lost in the"

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