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Bezczel x ZBUKU - Oddech Step Records Step Records

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Bezczel x ZBUKU - Oddech Step Records Step Records

  • Rinky Dink Records - Three 6 Mafia
    ""Say ahh, not a thermometer, bitch, it's the nine inches" -- (Kingpin Skinny Pimp) (Chorus: repeat 4X) Ass and titties, ass and titties Ass and titties, and big booty bitches (DJ Paul) You dealing"
  • Shady Records Mob Squad - Eminem
    "Eminem: S-S-Shady Records, you better believe the HYPE is real... 'Yeah! Yeah! You rockin' wit the talk of New York Tony yayo Shady aftermath with the Soul Assasins. Chorus: Niggas know what i'm about"
  • Records - Waxwing
    "We don't listen to those records anymore They're all really dark they just make my day harder to Get through, but changing is such a difficult thing to do So now I'm - I'm singing - To you now Just like"
  • Oddech - Bezczel x Zbuku
    "Im więcej wrogów Ty większy sukces Im więcej hajsu Tym większy cug jest Słowa są puste Serca są z lodu Pozwól że sam wyspowiadam się Bogu Z porażek, sukcesów Choć tu sukces rodzi wrogów A nowi wrogowie"
  • Step Up - Pacewon
    "What we be tellin these cats? Yo, yo. "Step up, nigga" --Step Up-- *echoes* All them niggaz out there Tellin on all them niggaz violatin STEP UP Yo, yo; from the Himalays to the pyramids of Egypt Pace"
  • Old Records - Kitty Wells
    "Old records bring back mem'ries pictures bring back tears Do you ever think of me after all these years I found a stack of old records that we used to listen to And there beside the records were pictures"
  • Fake Records - Tres Coronas
    "(Coros) Fake-Fake Records~Records Fake-Fake Records~Records Fake-Fake Records~Records (PNO) Yeah! (Rocca) Ja-Ja-Ja (Coros) Fake-Fake Records~Records (Rocca) Ya no mas Ya no mas Ja~ (P.N.O) Yeah~ You"
  • Daily Records - The Who
    "This could be suffering This could be pleasure I'm unaware of any difference My head is aging My balls are aching But I'm not looking for deliverence This could be letting on This could be highly cut I'm"
  • Making records - Regina Spektor
    "I am braiding records into my hairneedles and record players, everythings apossible record coveror a possible name for a band thatI will never havecause I sing my songs all by myselfall to myself, by myselfI"
  • Broken Records - Bombs Over Providence
    "Well, it was all roses and wine circa 1999. Back when my mentors spoke through headphones and my victories all had soundtracks. I'm only getting back there just today by the good graces of those to whom"
  • Makin' Records - Maestro Fresh Wes
    "INTRO Yeah, yeah yeah. I got my man in the studio, Mac. What's going on money? Yo what's up? Chill Word. I remember back in the days, you know. I be thinking, you go in the studio, you drop"
  • Shady Records - Eminem
    "Let's get down to business I ain't got no time to mess around what is this? New shit coming through; I ain't got no time to mess around We coming I got 50 Cent I got G-Uni we up in this bitch With Obie"
  • Prozac (feat. Bezczel) - Michrus
    "Prozak, prozak, prozak Zapierd* sztukę I jest życie kozak Wstałem rano przeliczyłem wszystkie pliki mało, mało! Myślę, bez … -- Na piątek, 2 lutego 2018 roku, wytwórnia Step Records zapowiedziała"
  • Most Wanted (ft. Bezczel, ZBUKU, Hukos, Jopel, Cira) - White House Records
    "Ty, kto tu dziś the m Most Wanted Czy best ever jest? Wzrostu 170, a flow Mont Everest Level up Never give up To się skurwielom nie śni Bezczel i mały wielki człowiek, Leo Messi To rap z boiska Twoje"
  • Pillows And Records - Aidan Hawken
    "You said this is a used up world You follow the river and your home is in the mountains You've forgotten your questions lost your purpose The beauty is gone and this house still smells and sounds like"
  • Hall Of Records - Klaxons
    "A maples move A murder on the moon shine Modus operandi A beak on blue A bounty on Bermuda Horse in the night breaks serpent's sea Come on and dance with me Come on and dance with me Every time we leave Come"
  • Old dan's records - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Get out old Dan's recordsGet out old Dan's recordsWe will dance the whole night longIt's fun to play the old time songsIf old Dan could see us nowI know he'd be so proud Bring out old Dan's recordsBring"
  • Victory Records Sucks - Good Clean Fun
    "Back in the day in the '80s when the old bands would play (old school) They managed O.K. They did fine Although they never got paid (that's cool) 50 cent shows, no cars we walked Both ways through the"
  • Step Back - Eric B. & Rakim
    "See if you can step to this Now try to do this step ("Back to the lab") and make sure the pace is kept and this ain't as smooth as I'ma get Nice and easy but hard to catch on to Move with melodies,"
  • Step back - Rakim
    "See if you can step to this {*Eric B. cuts up the phrase "Back to the lab"*} Now try to do this step ("Back to the lab") and make sure the pace is kept and this ain't as smooth as I'ma get Nice and easy"

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