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Bia��as halo zio.

  • Halo - King Konga
    "what have I done to get you down? has my heartache turned your smile around? 'round, 'round, down, gone look up halo. size me up now before I'm dead believe what you see, burn what you've read maybe,"
  • Halo - New End Original
    "I could go to the middle of the desert, I could go to there all alone. I could sit for hours, I could fast for weeks. I'll never know what you know. I'll give you all the water, give everything that matters. And"
  • Halo - Porcupine Tree
    "God is in my fingers God is in my head God is in the trigger God is in the lead God is freedom, God is truth God is power and God is proof God is fashion, God is fame God gives meaning, God gives pain You"
  • Halo - Haley James Scott
    "Verse 1 I never promised you a ray of light, I never promised there'd be sunshine everyday, I give you everything I have, the good, the bad. Why do you put me on a pedestal, I'm so up high that I can't"
  • Halo - Bethany Joy Lenz(Haley James Scott)
    "I never promised you a ray of light I never promised thered be sunshine everyday I'll give you everything I have The good the bad... Why do you put me on a pedestal? Im so up high that I cant see"
  • Halo - Bethany Joy Lenz
    "I never promised you a ray of lightI never promised thered be sunshine everydayI give you everything I haveThe good the badWhy do you put me on a pedestal?Im so up high that I cant see the ground belowSo"
  • Halo - Deep Blue Something
    "Souls Suffer the landscape In,shrouds of dew, as ghosts. Their eternity is for searching But a certin dissension grows. I've seen them wander, Voices raised in prayer Consorting in whisper, They curse"
  • Dim Halo - Greenwheel
    "Imagine no daylight only the moon as your guide When ours is to darkness what forgotten sun is too bright Eyes wide open now taking it all in stride I can see your eyes when the stars hang low Like"
  • Space Halo - Olivia Lufkin
    "You tell me you love me I watch you look out the window Into the luminous blue sky With eyes of loneliness As if you had to go What will it take to win your smile? Does it help for you to know That nothing"
  • Halo dies - Orphaned Land
    ""Father thou art in heaven Thy kingdom cries hallow lives The sacred halo dies You defied and turned your back Upon our lord of Wrath All faith you lack You walk (upon) this beaten path" All man shall"
  • Crooked Halo - Candlebox
    "Eyes to you, every hand I see. Eyes to you, very heavy in my hands. Eyes raised up to your hand, my arms diseased. Eyes fall, eyes follow you, and I'll be, Something's not ready for... My love for you."
  • Liferaft Halo - Ultimate Fakebook
    "I'm down to no more patience lack of sentiment liferaft sit down the large-heart slave will see you now don't try to play it all down around me you know I see right through enough not to take it all the"
  • Lo Zio - Paolo Conte
    "Shoe shiner, sho shiner, shoe shiner, Come back to my Chinatown I sing for you, shoe shiner I show a memorys clown I shoe a memorys clown Shoe shiner, sho shiner Come back to my Chinatown I sing for you,"
  • Senne zio - Magda Umer
    "A jak mnie życie znudzi utrudzi zbyt To uciekam jak najdalej od myśli złych Bo przecież najlepiej jest, gdy senne zioła Pomogą znieść wszystko dokoła Sen z jawą się przemiesza jawa ze snem I zapomnę po"
  • Jak zio - Akurat
    "Gdy chciałem usłyszeć Twój głos Wiatr uczynił mnie głuchym Kiedy chciałem Cię ujrzeć Mgła zamknęła mi oczy A kiedy chciałem Cie dotknąć Moje dłonie oplotły powoje A nic tak nie koi jak wiatr A nic"
  • Rusty Old Halo - Hoyt Axton
    "I know a man as rich as a king Still he just won't give his neighbors a thing His day will come, I'll make a bet He'll get to heaven and here's what he'll get A rusty old halo skinny white cloud second"
  • Halo Of Flies - Impaled Nazarene
    "Welcome to your Hell Where all fears are reality Paranoia strikes hard Harder, beyond your wildest dreams Halo of Flies Over my Head I am decaying Satan's Wrath The to walk planet earth alone Spreading"
  • Halo Godess Bone - Danzig
    "Feel the hunger, as it burns inside Feel the hunger, you forgotten child There's no one like you, as you wander blind There's no one like you, can't you wonder why Halo Goddess Bone Halo Goddess Bone You're"
  • Halo Of Ashes - Screaming Trees
    "She wears a halo of ashes Specter on the wind Waits on me so patiently I no longer can pretend Sky lies a thousand mile below Stars shine and the moon is clear With nothing I can only warn Won't you be"
  • Halo Of Flies - Alice Cooper
    "I got the answers to all of your questions If you've got the money to pay me in gold I will be living in old Monte Carlo And you will be reading the secrets of soul Daggers and contacts and bright shiny"

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