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Biełyje rod

  • Bielyje rozy - Jurij Shatunov
    "Niemnogo tiepleje za stiekłom, no w złyje morozy Wchożu w eti dwieri słowno w sad ijulskich cwietow Ja ich tak choczu sogriet' tiepłom, no biełyje rozy U wsiech na głazach ja celowat' i gładit' gotow Refren: Biełyje"
  • Rod Weiler - Funny Van Dannen
    "Rod Weiler war ein Rde. Er lebte irgendwo. In einer morschen Htte mit plattgedrcktem Stroh. Sein Herrchen war schon lange tot, auchs Frauchen gabs nicht mehr. Das Huschen stand vernagelt und stand da kalt"
  • Lightning Rod - Guster
    "Standing on a building I am a lightning rod And all these clouds are so familiar Descending from the mountain tops The gods are threatening But I will return an honest soldier Home... Steady on this"
  • Hot Rod - Peaches
    "You like it when I like you less No caress Just undress You like it when we play hardcore The panty-war You get pussy galore You like it when I turn your back Give you no slack The slack attack You like"
  • Lightning Rod - Jenny Owen Youngs
    "Heart attack Jack-in-the-box I've been here so long I'm starting to rot And you're taking my fear Selling it in jars Back on the playground My knee socks are bloody I need someone to toss the confetti"
  • Lightning Rod - The Offspring
    "I am waiting On a mountaintop For the moment that the sky will strike My apologies Are forever lost Soon to ashes in a flash of light Miles from away from me Hope is fading soon Gone forever it's"
  • God Rod - PIG
    "Anytime that you want anything Everything you will lose Anything that you choose Anything you say you believe Ask and you will receive You will receive, so close your eyes and believe Mistress of the"
  • Rod Beck - Stroke 9
    "So I woke up this morning with this weird feeling And it was kind of like I was not really myself anymore So I ran to the mirror and it was still me That same cynical, doubtful, unshaven, dirty look Unshaven,"
  • Lightning Rod - Zebrahead
    "So you say you like the way I look So you say you like the way I look When I fall and no one's there to catch me So you say you like the way I move So you say you like the way I move Into every storm"
  • Lighting rod - The Offspring
    "I am waiting on a mountaintopFor the moment that the sky will strikeMy apologies are forever lostSoon two ashes in a flash of lightMiles away from meHope is fading soonGone forever is a waste of timeMy"
  • Rod loves you - Die Aerzte
    "Du, das ist ein ganz bser, bser BengelDer Typ, von dem wir hier erzhlnist wirklich jedem zu empfehlnist wirklich wunderbardieser Typ ist voll korrektja, aus Wasser macht er Sektund aus Kot, da macht er"
  • Lightning Rod, Run - Deerhoof
    "Stuck to the roof, Skinny man smiles to the skies and Waits for a new day. Dots and a dash, Warning flash, Energy surging; Costly vitality. Lightning rod, run. Lightning rod, Still tied down to the"
  • Hey Hot Rod - Clint Black
    "Out on the highway flyin' by me Headlights and tail lights are all I could see Down at the junction another flies by They come and go in the blink of an eye. Down at the strip you see 'em waitin' in line Lay"
  • Factory Hot Rod - Bif Naked
    "You're a goddamn factory hot rod Everything about you is premeditated You're really loud and you're really fast You're hung soo proud butwill ya last? You think when they made you they broke the mold You're"
  • Rod And Staff - 2nd Chapter Of Acts
    "Love the skies are shining so bright today That a miracle could happen Just don't let those dark clouds get into the way And don't let your faith get dampened Let one of His teardrops touch your pain And"
  • Hot Rod Heart - John Fogerty
    "Ooh, let's go ridin' Cruisin' down the open road We can put the top down Listen to the radio Big ol' Buick And a big ol' sky Wheels on fire And I'll tell you why I got a hot rod heart Ooh, let's go prowlin' Sneakin'"
  • Hot Rod Racing - Obibox
    "Jadą samochody ich kierowcy są szaleni Pędzą samochody tu życia się nie ceni Rajdowcy z niebezpieczeństwa sobie kpią Ich auta w płomienie pomalowane są Ref: To jest to właśnie to Hot Rod Racing To jest"
  • Hot Rod Lincoln - Kenny Price
    "Hot Rod Lincoln My pappy said, son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin' If you don't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln [ guitar ] Now you've heard the story of the hot-rod race When the Ford and Lincoln"
  • Hot Rod Mama - T. Rex
    "Hot rod mama moving like a motor cycle devil in a race Blown out my mind, I can't keep up the pace I'm selling all my midnight, still broke and living on the ground My gone little mama cut out without"
  • Hot Rod Mama - Marc Bolan
    "Hot rod mama moving like a motor cycle devil in a race Blown out my mind, I can't keep up the pace I'm selling all my midnight, still broke and living on the ground My gone little mama cut out without"

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