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Big Country East Of Eden

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Big Country East Of Eden

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Big Country East Of Eden
  • Big Country East Of Eden
    "A score of years this line has run Above the crests that drown the sun A mile high the turbines turned The stokers sweat the monkeys burned I will carry you home with the gods in my eyes I will carry you"
  • Mason Jennings East of eden
    "I'm just a student of this life, just like my fatherI am a stranger to this heart, just like my motherOh, and brother you should knowThat this heart's still filled with sadness and regretBut i'm learning"
  • Michael McDonald East Of Eden
    "(Michael McDonald) The world goes mad around us As I stand by and watch you sleep In the hope that harm won't find us I pray the lord our souls to keep Does he see us here? Are we precious in his sight? Or"
  • Babyshambles East of eden
    "I've been wandering east of EdenBeen lost, cold, lonesome as a sparrow in the rainI found myself tumbling to a sinking feelingWhen someone said I done gone wrong,Couldn't feel no shameI'll be leaving town"
  • Dead Can Dance East Of Eden
    "I was told this in a distant land where tortured Souls have to fight together in anguish And the scenes of the show are of a cruel and violent nature Scenes of pain and cruelty are there to be seen The"
  • Enchant East Of Eden
    "I'll soon use my hands To carve paths through this caged world Locked up by them I must hold my courage Whether their kind will ever give Whether in life they'll ever live Flaming eyes burn far above A"
  • Alpha Band East Of East
    "I was standing in the lobby Counting all the ladies Passing the palm trees I was taking chances Not to make them nervous Ladies are my business They know that they can trust me I forgive them instantly I"
  • Spock's Beard East Of Eden, West Of Memphis
    "Once a lost soul raced his shadow Down a dark road out of town Tried to leave himself behind him EAST OF EDEN WEST OF MEMPHIS Like a dagger through the heartland Over gravel dust and glass Storm-dark clouds"
  • Lamya East Of Anywhere
    "Feelin lost - in familiar places Havin fallen from a few good graces So many sandy years Dusted and wasted How from there did i get here I wanna be east of anywhere (take me) out of the everywhere Into"
  • Dave Dudley Big Country
    "From a hill I look down at the lights of a town that lured me and trapped me a while But I broke away now I'm on my way so happy carefree like a child Headed for my big country Well I need lots of room"
  • Big Country Fields Of Fire
    "East of Eden By Big Country. ---------------------------- I feel the way the wind blows It tells me where you've been through I watch the way the sun sets Until the night's inside you Some"
  • Chris Whitley Big Sky Country
    "Now when this is over Over and through And all them changes have come and passed I want to meet you in the big sky country I just want to prove, mama, love can last, yeah Like hallelujah in the big sky"
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Big Green Country
    "Across the plain flew the lone grey rider Leather bang pounding on his back Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher A pack of wolves wanted their money back With folded arms the chief stood watching Painted"
  • Neil Young Big Green Country
    "Across the plain flew the lone grey rider Leather bag pounding on his back Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher A pack of wolves wanted their money back With folded arms the chief stood watching Painted"
  • Talking Heads The Big Country
    "I see the shapes, I remember from maps. I see the shoreline. I see the whitecaps. A baseball diamond, nice weather down there. I see the school and the houses where the kids are. Places to park by the"
  • Guns N' Roses Garden Of Eden
    "It's a critical solution And the east coast got the blues It's a mass of confusion Like the lies they sell to you You got a glass jawed toothache Of a mental disease An they be runnin' round back See"
  • John Cafferty Garden Of Eden
    "It was the garden of eden; the beginning of time Adam said to Eve, "Little girl, I wanna make you mine!" She said, "Wait a minute, big boy, not so fast! I wanna think this over; I wanna love that's gonna"
  • Beaver Brown Band Garden Of Eden
    "It was the garden of edan The beginning of time Adam said to eve Little girl I wanna make you mine Eve said now wait a minute Big boy Not so fast I wanna think this over I want a love that's gonna last Then"
  • Jackson Browne Looking East
    "Standing in the ocean with the sun burning low in the west Like a fire in the cavernous darkness at the heart of the beast With my beliefs and possessions, stopped at the frontier in my chest At the edge"
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony East 1999
    "East ninteen ninety nine my niggas.... Thinkin' bout back in the days when the year was '89 Little nigga on da grind Gotta get mine doing my crime, Wid two in here, Steady stackin' my ends Puttin' my"

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